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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Word To My Male Friends

I want to use the first post of the first day of 2008 to speak to some great men in my life. For Rob, Brian and a new guy who is engaged to a great friend of mine, Gianni I want to share my gratitude for the kindness you have shown me men can have.

As a single chick past the age of 30, it can often seem exhausting to go out with new guys, keep your heart open and hopes up that he will treat you with kindness and respect and that you will also feel chemistry with that man. To know three gentlemen in my life who have shown me that there are men who know what is important to establish and care for a relationship with a woman and to continue to share comforting words to me about me as well as keep me in check with what I deserve and what I should not tolerate has been invaluable.

I realize that I have become hardened by the last couple of experiences. Having you three present in my life, has given me the opportunity to know and witness men with women in a very different role. As I watch you with my friends, your wives and partners it gives me hope that I can also find the man who was put here for me to love and be loved by in the same way you do with the women in your life.

I am a bit impatient as I of course feel I have waited so very long already. It has been 21 years since I started dating. But I also realize that I have to soften up a little so that I do not extend my waiting period even longer.

Here's to a great year for everyone!

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