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Monday, January 21, 2008

I Can't Feel My Fingers!

This was me with my BRAND NEW CAR in August. My brother arranged for me to buy it through a site called carsdirect.com. They negotiate everything for you and according to the bro, they have been shown to get the best price when studied by experts. Since I never bought a car before and really hate the hassle, and feel I have enough on my plate to take care of already I went with whatever he offered and I bought my Nisson Versa at some g-d aweful dealership in Jersey City, NJ.

Her name is Pearl!

Well, today I had to move her because I live in NYC, land of alternate side parking and metered parking. Even though it is a holiday here in the United States, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, if you are parked at a meter you still have to pay. Alternate side has been suspended.

Well, since I parked near the subway to go on my date this Saturday night, and since I drank alcohol on that date, I had to walk home from the bar, that was in my neighborhood (-- for which I DID NOT INVITE MY DATE BACK TO FOR SEX - see earlier post if you are confused about this statement)--to my apartment. That meant at some point I had to go get the car and drive it closer to my apartment before the weekend was over.

Being somewhat of a procrastinator, especially when it is winter I waited until late Sunday night to go get the car. I wore my long john underwear bottoms, a sweater top, a hoody jacket, socks, muckluck boots, winter coat, knit hat, gloves, undies of course and I ventured out. The bus stops right outside my building and drives right past where I parked near the subway. How bad could this be, right?

I waited about five minutes for that stupid bus to show up around 9PM last night. I was hopping around to keep warm. Also waiting for the bus was this cute guy who I caught staring at me doing this. He was looking at me like "what a dork that girl is" for hopping around and then all of a sudden I saw him doing the same thing, although a little more muted. HA! I saw you golden boy. You looked like a dork just like me!

By the time the bus came, I could not feel my fingers anymore.

When I got to my car and drove it the one mile back to my apartment there were no regular spots to park the car. It's freaking sub temperature cold out and I can't find a spot to put Pearl. Poor Pearl. She is so pretty. And she has to endure this cold weather outside because I can't afford to pay for off street parking. And now there are no regular non-metered spots available. I find myself following the SUV ahead of me also searching for a spot. I am scewed!

After about 15 minutes of driving I found a metered spot. I don't have to pay until 9:30AM Monday morning. It is across the street from my apartment. Done! Success. By the time I make it out of my car and back to my building I can't feel my fingers again. Thank g-d I have good heat in my apartment, unlike Drowsey.

But alas, I must move the car again in the morning...which I just did.

My fingers still hurt and I have been back home for at least 45 minutes. Even my feet hurt. I love NY. I hate the cold. But as Drowsey writes on her post today, I feel blessed for the things I do have. It ain't much but I am blessed.

I have a cute apartment in a great neighborhood and the heat is fantastic. I have good neighbors that don't bother me or make tons of noise. I have a great cat, Olivia, who is almost 17 years old! I have a warm bed and clothes on my back. I am building my career and doing work I love. I have amazing blog friends who welcomed me in the WARMEST of ways in such a short period of time! What could be better than that?????


Perplexio said...

Yeah it was pretty chilly this weekend! I was not pleased when my wife mentioned she wanted to go to Ikea on Saturday. Originally the plan was to go to the gym, then come home and stay inside our nice cozy confines for the rest of the day.

The wife however did make a soup in the crock pot that more than made up for her winter transgressions.

And I did have to venture back out on Sunday for a haircut and to drop some stuff off at Goodwill that we cleared out of our guest room closet to make room for... other things. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

all you need is a botlle of jack and life is good..having been in NYC a few times it amazes methe hassle you have to go through owning a car and driving around there..although doing it in an 18 wheeler is no picnic either...:)

Lauren said...

Darrin, That soup sound perfect. I'll email you my addy and you can have the wife FedEx some to me, HA!

Robert, did you know I had my first taste of Jack this past New Years Eve? Always thought it would be nasty and hard to swallow. It is yummy! Made sure to have a shot on my Saturday night date. I ordered two shots, one for each of us. Turned out they gave us double shots -- and for what they charged me they needed to be doubles!

Roland Hulme said...

I love naming cars.

I'm not very original, though.

I had Tiffany, Tiffany II and Tiffany III.