"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wake Up America

A rabbi was once asked by his students….“Rebbi.  Why are your sermons so stern?”  Replied the rabbi, “If a house is on fire and we chose not to wake up our children, for fear of disturbing their sleep, would that be love?  Kinderlach, ‘di hoyz brent.’  Children our house is on fire and I must arouse you from your slumber.” - Rabbi Lewis

Political Correctness IS letting your children sleep while the house is on fire. It has robbed your brain of right and wrong and replaced it with justifications to help YOU feel good about your poor choices.

ENOUGH! Nice is not the same as good.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Great Things About Being Single

I've probably done a post like this before but I think it's time to do it again.

Here goes:

1. I don't have to shave my legs.

2. I can go to any chick flick I want & eat whatever bad-for-me-food I want.

3. I can fart when I want. Yes I said/wrote it.

4. I always win in a burping contest...since there's only one person in it.

5. I don't have to fake anything.

6. There's no sides of the bed.

7. I get the last bite of everything.

8. If I cook something new and it sucks, only I know about it.

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Why Do So Many In the Rest of The World Call Us Ignorant Americans?

Most of my readers are very educated and don't fall into this category. However, the Ignorant Americans that most of the world speaks of are what is know on Twitter as #p2 short for Progressives.

Progressives are the majority voice of America. But they aren't the majority of America.

Progressives control the MSM and most of our government.

These Proggies run around telling everyone else how to live and how they should be and how horrible everyone else is, how racist. I've found from personal experience that the majority of them are very mentally sick people who should have been in therapy since they were children. In large part most have had something personally done to them that was indeed horrible. But instead of having the chance to process that experience properly they were or felt neglected in some way and have put together in their very sick minds that it is something that the world should right for the wrong that has been done to them.

For example: I met a grown man who told me just the other week that he doesn't like Islam or Judaism and when asked why about the Judaism, I got a diatribe on how he was abused by his father as a young boy and that when he went to his Rabbi to try to get help the Rabbi had a hard time believing him.

Now we have a grown man who doesn't have the sense that god gave him to realize that his experience was his own and NOT collective and that that one man is not an entire religion nor is he responsible for the religion in not helping his as a child.

Was it sad that this happened to this man as a little boy. You betcha. Should someone have helped him. Of course.

But in his sick underdeveloped mind, THE JOOOOS were responsible for not helping him.

Not once did I hear any words about the father that actually beat this man as a child or how he might be responsible for this actions. Nor did I hear about him going to the government for help. Perhaps the police. Neither of those options were spoken about. But also neither were those options a help.

Sick sick minds are at the core of Progressives. If you speak with one you will find out their own personal tragedy that ties into their beliefs of why something should be imposed on you, because of what was done to them.

It's their own personal justice. And it's sick.

So know I hope you have a idea of the mindset of these sick Proggies...let's move on.

Now we have them in the power position of running the media and our government. But do any of them even know a lick of world history?

For example, did you know that India used to be all of Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as India on the map today?

If you didn't know that but you hem and haw about religious freedom and call people like myself racist, then you have no right to talk about public policy, justice, religion and you certainly have no right to scream at anyone about someone taking lands from other people and how much of an injustice that is.

You moronic Proggies think that the Islamic issues that we in the U.S. are facing are simply about our policies in the world and you scream and hollar the propagandist garbage that they hate us because of our U.S. policies around the world.

Ah you ignorant dumb pathetic Proggies...you have no idea that the exact same things are happening in Australia, did you?

And the same things are happening Indonesia. I received a private message from a woman who is Indonesian who said to me just the other day :The priest of HKBP church in Indonesia got stabbed, when he was goin to church.. :'( if I tweet u in open tweet, they would think that I make it worse by tellin other ppl

I asked her why she didn't tweet it in the open timeline and her response was: 

I won't fight fo this country..they evill :( they hate jews n christian :(

Our radical liberal left wing Progressives always take the stance that they are the ones helping in a multicultural way yet they no SHIT NADA NUNCA about any of those other cultures or peoples.  They are pathetic shitless wastoids wasting air for the rest of us.

Wake up PROGGIES. Wake up and see how it is YOU that contributes to the world suffering. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

UN Resolution 194 & the Refugee Problem

UN Resolution the Refugee Problem
Arab Leaders Falsely Point to UN Resolution 194 as Proof that
Arab Refugees Have a "Right to Return"

September 12, 2010 | Eli E. Hertz

Resolution 194, adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 11, 1948, addressed a host of issues, but only one paragraph out of 15 dealt with refugees created by the conflict. Resolution 194 attempted to create the tools required to reach a truce in the region. It established a conciliation commission with representatives from the United States, France and Turkey to replace the UN mediator. The commission was charged with achieving "a final settlement of all questions between ... governments and authorities concerned." The Resolution's "refugee clause" is not a standalone item, as the Arabs would have us think, nor does it pertain specifically to Palestinian Arab refugees.

Of the 15 paragraphs, the first six sections addressed ways to achieve a truce; the next four paragraphs addressed the ways that Jerusalem and surrounding villages and towns should be demilitarized, and how an international zone or jurisdiction would be created in and around Jerusalem. The resolution also called on all parties to protect and allow free access to holy places, including religious buildings.

One paragraph has drawn the most attention: Paragraph 11, which alone addressed the issue of refugees and compensation for those whose property was lost or damaged. Contrary to Arab claims, it did not guarantee a Right of Return and certainly did not guarantee an unconditional Right of Return - that is the right of Palestinian Arab refugees to return to Israel. Nor did it specifically mention Arab refugees, thereby indicating that the resolution was aimed at all refugees, both Jewish and Arab. Instead, Resolution 194 recommended that refugees be allowed to return to their homeland if they met two important conditions:
1. That they be willing to live in peace with their neighbors
2. That the return takes place "at the earliest practicable date"

The resolution also recommended that for those who did not wish to return, "Compensation should be paid for the property ... and for loss of or damage to property" by the "governments or authorities responsible."
Although Arab leaders point to Resolution 194 as proof that Arab refugees have a right to return or be compensated, it is important to note that the Arab States: Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen voted against Resolution 194. Israel is not even mentioned in the resolution. The fact that plural wording also is used - "governments or authorities" - suggests that, contrary to Arab claims, the burden of compensation does not fall solely upon one side of the conflict. Because seven Arab armies invaded Israel, Israel was not responsible for creating the refugee problem. When hundreds of thousands of Arab Jews, under threat of death, attack and other forms of persecution, were forced to flee Arab communities, the State of Israel absorbed the overwhelming majority of them into the then-fledgling nation.

The Forgotten Jewish Refugees
For a host of reasons - practical to parochial - Israel has failed to raise the issue of the mammoth injustice done to almost a million Jews from Arab countries. The scale and the premeditated state-sponsored nature of persecution that prompted the 1948 flight of close to 900,000 Jews from their homes has only recently begun to emerge. Arab publicists have sought to detach entirely the flight of Jews from Arab lands from the Arab-Israeli conflict, claiming they are two separate phenomena, and that Israelis should take up the issue with each respective Arab state that was involved, not with the Palestinians.
This is a clear attempt to rewrite history. One only needs to reexamine the almost prophetic article in The New York Times two days after Israel declared independence ("Jews in Grave Danger in all Moslem Lands") to confirm the tie. The New York Times reported on May 16, 1948:
"For nearly four months, the United Nations has had before it, an appeal for 'immediate and urgent' consideration of the case of the Jewish populations in Arab and Moslem countries stretching from Morocco to India."

The New York Times country-by-country table estimated the Jewish population-at-risk as 899,000 souls. The article cited the dismissal of Jews in the civil service in Syria, per capita ransom payment of $20,000 by Iraqi Jews seeking to leave Iraq, a forced levy on the Lebanese Jewish community to support the Arab war effort parallel to incitement and physical attacks on Jews, and Jews fleeing to India from Afghanistan. It quoted the UN Economic and Social Council report as saying:
"The very survival of the Jewish communities in certain Arab and Moslem countries is in serious danger, unless preventive action is taken without delay."

Hostility and oppression only grew, ultimately leading to the exodus of almost all Jews from all Arab and Moslem countries from Casablanca to Karachi.

How and Why did Palestinian Arabs Leave, and Who was Responsible?
It is important to set the historical record straight: The overwhelming majority of Palestinian refugees left what was then the newly-established State of Israel on their own accord due to structural weaknesses within Palestinian society and their leadership.

The pressure of wartime conditions triggered the collapse of what was already a fragile Palestinian society, particularly when Palestinian leaders chose to oppose the Jewish state by a show of arms rather than by accepting a UN plan for their own state. Those events set the stage for the forceful expulsion of countless other Palestinian Arabs from Jewish-held areas. That military necessity resulted after seven Arab armies invaded western Palestine with the goal of exterminating the newly born State of Israel.
On their own accord, an estimated 600,000 Palestinian Arabs fled a war zone, which their leaders had created. An estimated 250,000 to 300,000 of those refugees in 1948 left even before their homes became part of a war zone.

The human tragedy of being uprooted notwithstanding, Palestinian refugees were neither hapless targets nor innocent bystanders. The first stage of the 1948 war was a fierce interethnic or anti-Zionist civil war in which Palestinians were the aggressors and the initiators; the second half was an all-out war involving regular Arab armies, whose participation the Palestinian Arabs engineered.
The violent path that Palestinians chose - and the ensuing fear, disorientation, and economic deprivation of war - led to their own collective undoing.

The Collapse of Palestinian Society and Mass Flight
What caused the collapse of Palestinian society? In part, it was the absence of an alternative Arab infrastructure after the British pulled out. In addition, serious cleavages dating to Ottoman times existed in local Arab society. Because Palestinian Arab society had been so dependent on British civil administration and social services, Britain's departure left Arab civil servants jobless. As a result, most social services and civil administration ceased to function in the Arab sector, disrupting the flow of essential commodities such as food and fuel, which added to the hardships, the uncertainty, and the dangers.

In contrast, Jewish society in Palestine, or the Yishuv as it was called in Hebrew, had established its own civil society over the span of three decades under the Mandate. The Yishuv created its own representative political bodies and social and economic institutions, including health and welfare services, a public transport network, and a thriving sophisticated marketing system for manufactured goods and food - in short, a state-in-the-making. It was best described by the 1934 British report to the League of Nations:
"During the last two or three generations the Jews have recreated in Palestine a community, now numbering 80,000, of whom about one-fourth are farmers or workers upon the land. This community has its own political organs, an elected assembly for the direction of its domestic concerns, elected councils in the towns, and an organisation for the control of its schools. It has its elected Chief Rabbinate and Rabbinical Council for the direction of its religious affairs. Its business is conducted in Hebrew as a vernacular language, and a Hebrew press serves its needs. It has its distinctive intellectual life and displays considerable economic activity. This community, then, with its town and country population, its political, religious and social organisations, its own language, its own customs, its own life, has in fact 'national' characteristics."

And as time passed:
"Those characteristics have been strengthened and magnified in the course of the following twelve years. To-day there are in Palestine almost 300,000 Jews. There is a constantly flowing stream of men and money, new industries are being established, citriculture is expanding, new settlements are springing up, towns are being enlarged by suburb after suburb."
During that same period, the Arabs in Palestine, however, had invested all of their energies into fighting any form of Jewish polity-in-the-making. Although the British encouraged creation of an Arab Agency parallel to the Jewish Agency that had orchestrated and financed development of the Jewish sector, a similar Arab organization failed to develop.

So it was no surprise that when the British departed, the Palestinian Arabs remained unorganized and ill-prepared not only for statehood (which they rejected in any case), but also for sustained conflict with their Jewish adversaries. In the end, the war caused horrific casualties for the Jews and left thousands of Palestinian Arabs without their homes.

See: "Experts: No legal basis for Palestinian refugee demands" at: http://www.metzilah.org.il/?p=548
Paragraph 11 of UN resolution 194:
"Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible;
"Instructs the Conciliation Commission to facilitate the repatriation, resettlement and economic and social rehabilitation of the refugees and the payment of compensation, and to maintain close relations with the Director of the United Nations Relief for Palestine Refugees and, through him, with the appropriate organs and agencies of the United Nations;"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where is KC?

Do you remember that childhood song... Where is thumbkins where is thumbkins, here I am here I am, how are you today sir, very fine thank you run away run way?

Well that is pretty much how my day went on Thursday. Only she refused to tell me where she was.

I was out at a doctors appointment and my roommate was home to let in the cable guy. KC could be the poster child for the term fraidy cat.  The cable guy was in every single room. He even used our bathroom. So this poor kitty had all her hiding spaces taken away.

I arrived home close to 3pm. When I didn't see her I didn't think much about it. I figured she was hiding and needed time due to the cable guy in the apartment. But by 5:30 I was worried when she didn't come out for dinner.

My roommate and I called her and tore our closets apart. And then I was worried. I kept asking her, "Are you sure you were at the door each time the cable guy walked in and out?" I could tell she was getting very worried and frightened that she lost her roommate's cat. But I really wasn't thinking about her feelings at the time. I was worried and concerned and had to be focused on finding my cat. I wanted to try to retrace the events while I was out to try to figure out where KC might have run from and ended up.

Finally I said to my roommate stop looking. She either found a really good hiding spot or she got out. I left the apartment and started looking. Although it made no sense to me that she would leave since she is always so scared of people and runs from the door not to the door I couldn't think of anything else. We looked in every corner of each closet and I literally picked up my couch and went under and behind every piece of furniture. I had pulled the refrigerator from the wall and looked behind the stove.

She was not to be found.

I met up with some neighbors. Good thing many of them are cat people and also have cats. They were sympathetic. My gut instinct was she was still inside. But my eyes were telling me there was no way.

So by now it's about 8pm. Still no KC and no meowing from her. I whistled which usually brings her. Nothing. So I decided I am going to cook dinner. And then I thought to myself "she's stuck" and even though it seemed pointless I opened the oven to see if she was there.


And then I thought let me just check the broiler below.

And there she was. Stuck. I had to pull her out.

Here you can see the hole in the back where she obviously got in and then got stuck.  I have no idea how the gas fumes may have affected her. All I know is I was really upset that she went in there and caused so much stress to me and the roommate. After I found her my roommate went to her room and cried. I felt so badly for her. I was glad I found KC and was so relieved but so angry at that cat at the same time. I took her and held her on my bed and told her "When Mommy calls you you come out to me!" I said it over and over and over. And so far from that point on if I call her she comes to where I am. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lest You've Forgotten


9 Years Later We Must Fight the Lies About Islam and Our Founding Fathers

9 Years Later We Must Fight the Lies About Islam and Our Founding Fathers AND 
We must do so in order to honor the lives that were literally SNUFFED out by these murderous bastards.

Please visit this blog to learn the truth about what Presidents Adams said as well as Benjamin Franklin because their memories and their lives are being bastardized by that BASTARD Professor Ahmed, the chair of Islamic studies at American University, who has also advised many government officials, including General Petraeus, Richard Holbrooke, and George W. Bush. 

It is so sad that in this day and age so many lies are being told coming from all angles that we can never always be ready to thwart their lies with the truth. But as best as possible you must remember the truth so that you can counter it immediately when confronted. And you will be confronted.

This bastard professor claims: The Founding Fathers read and honored the same Quran that Jones is now seeking to burn.

Truth: John Adams did indeed own a Quran — the copy he owned contained the following in the preface:

This book is a long conference of God, the angels, and Mahomet, which that false prophet very grossly invented; sometimes he introduceth God, who speaketh to him, and teacheth him his law, then an angel, among the prophets, and frequently maketh God to speak in the plural. … Thou wilt wonder that such absurdities have infected the best part of the world, and wilt avouch, that the knowledge of what is contained in this book, will render that law contemptible …

John Quincy Adams wrote about the Islamic prophet Mohammed:
In the seventh century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab of the lineage of Hagar, the Egyptian, combining the powers of transcendent genius, with the preternatural energy of a fanatic, and the fraudulent spirit of an impostor, proclaimed himself as a messenger from Heaven, and spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth. Adopting from the sublime conception of the Mosaic law, the doctrine of one omnipotent God; he connected indissolubly with it, the audacious falsehood, that he was himself his prophet and apostle. Adopting from the new Revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled it to the dust, by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind. THE ESSENCE OF HIS DOCTRINE WAS VIOLENCE AND LUST: TO EXALT THE BRUTAL OVER THE SPIRITUAL PART OF HUMAN NATURE. [emphasis in the original]

The precept of the koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God. The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace; and the faithful follower of the prophet, may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

They're Angry With Us Because We're Educated About Their "Cultural" Center

Should there be a mosque near Ground Zero? In fact, what is pro posed is not a mosque -- nor even an "Islamic cultural center."
In Islam, every structure linked to the faith and its rituals has a precise function and character. A mosque is a one-story gallery built around an atrium with a mihrab (a niche pointing to Mecca) and one, or in the case of Shiites two, minarets.

Other Islamic structures, such as harams, zawiyyahs, husseinyiahs and takiyahs, also obey strict architectural rules. Yet the building used for spreading the faith is known as Dar al-Tabligh, or House of Proselytizing.
This 13-story multifunctional structure couldn't be any of the above.

The groups fighting for the project know this; this is why they sometimes call it an Islamic cultural center. But there is no such thing as an Islamic culture.

Islam is a religion, not a culture. Each of the 57 Muslim-majority nations has its own distinct culture -- and the Bengali culture has little in common with the Nigerian. Then, too, most of those countries have their own cultural offices in the US, especially in New York.

Islam is an ingredient in dozens of cultures, not a culture on its own.

In theory, at least, the culture of American Muslims should be American. Of course, this being America, each ethnic community has its distinct cultural memories -- the Iranians in Los Angeles are different from the Arabs in Dearborn.

In fact, the proposed structure is known in Islamic history as a rabat -- literally a connector. The first rabat appeared at the time of the Prophet.

The Prophet imposed his rule on parts of Arabia through a series of ghazvas, or razzias (the origin of the English word "raid"). The ghazva was designed to terrorize the infidels, convince them that their civilization was doomed and force them to submit to Islamic rule. Those who participated in the ghazva were known as the ghazis, or raiders.

After each ghazva, the Prophet ordered the creation of a rabat -- or a point of contact at the heart of the infidel territory raided. The rabat consisted of an area for prayer, a section for the raiders to eat and rest and facilities to train and prepare for future razzias. Later Muslim rulers used the tactic of ghazva to conquer territory in the Persian and Byzantine empires. After each raid, they built a rabat to prepare for the next razzia.

It is no coincidence that Islamists routinely use the term ghazva to describe the 9/11 attacks against New York and Washington. The terrorists who carried out the attack are referred to as ghazis or shahids (martyrs).

Thus, building a rabat close to Ground Zero would be in accordance with a tradition started by the Prophet. To all those who believe and hope that the 9/11 ghazva would lead to the destruction of the American "Great Satan," this would be of great symbolic value.

Faced with the anger of New Yorkers, the promoters of the project have started calling it the Cordoba House, echoing President Obama's assertion that it would be used to propagate "moderate" Islam.

The argument is that Cordoba, in southern Spain, was a city where followers of Islam, Christianity and Judaism lived together in peace and produced literature and philosophy.

In fact, Cordoba's history is full of stories of oppression and massacre, prompted by religious fanaticism. It is true that the Muslim rulers of Cordoba didn't force their Christian and Jewish subjects to accept Islam. However, non-Muslims could keep their faith and enjoy state protection only as dhimmis (bonded ones) by paying a poll tax in a system of religious apartheid.

If whatever peace and harmony that is supposed to have existed in Cordoba were the fruit of "Muslim rule," the subtext is that the United States would enjoy similar peace and harmony under Islamic rule.

A rabat in the heart of Manhattan would be of great symbolic value to those who want a high-profile, "in your face" projection of Islam in the infidel West.

This thirst for visibility is translated into increasingly provocative forms of hijab, notably the niqab (mask) and the burqa. The same quest mobilized hundreds of Muslims in Paris the other day to close a whole street so that they could have a Ramadan prayer in the middle of the rush hour.

One of those taking part in the demonstration told French radio that the aim was to "show we are here." "You used to be in our capitals for centuries," he said. "Now, it is our turn to be in the heart of your cities."

Before deciding whether to support or oppose the "Cordoba" project, New Yorkers should consider what it is that they would be buying.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/islam_center_eerie_echo_of_ancient_iRTMW6TprkULnaA1Nqi9xM#ixzz0zAxQqEMu

Flight 93 Memorial to ISLAMIC TERRORIST!

Blogburst logo, petitionAlan Keyes, logo-size

Conservative hero Alan Keyes is asking whether there is a pattern of submission surrounding the nation's 9/11 sites. Apparently he has seen our video expose of Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in the crescent memorial to Flight 93 (now called a broken circle). Like any straight-thinker, he doesn't like what he sees. The Flight 93 crash site is no place for a giant Islamic-shaped crescent, no matter what it is called.

On this point, Keyes cites Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo's 2005 objection to the newly unveiled Crescent of Embrace design:
Back in 2005, then-Rep. Tom Tancredo was reported to have sent a letter to the National Park Service "asking the Interior Department to reconsider the crescent-shaped design of the memorial to those aboard a plane hijacked on Sept. 11, 2001, because some may think it honors the terrorists." Tancredo quite sensibly argues that "regardless of whether 'the invocation of a Muslim Symbol' was intentional, 'it seems that such a symbol is unsuitable for paying appropriate tribute to the heroes of Flight 93 or the ensuing American struggle against radical Islam.'"
Keyes notes our claim that the design is still replete with terrorist memorializing features and he seems to find it credible. Why shouldn't he? The damning features are all right there in architect Paul Murdoch's design drawings. Thank you Doctor Keyes!

"It’s not just embarrassing. It is a dangerous willful blindness, spurning the woken vigilance of Flight 93."

That's the last line of the full-page advertisement that Tom Burnett Senior and Alec Rawls will be running in the Somerset Daily American this Friday and Saturday (when the two first ladies will be in town for the 9/11 anniversary):

Click for legible image. Full ad-copy PDF here (large file warning).

We are hoping that visitors will hold onto our ad, maybe even tape it to their car windows, and most especially, show it to any press people they come across. Hey, if the Park Service can use 9/11 to plant the world's largest mosque on the Flight 93 crash site, we can use 9/11 to object.

To join our blogburst against the crescent mosque, just send your blog's url.


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Burning The Koran? What's This Really About?

So here's my take on this Koran burning nonsense.

It's more about the way we and the rest of the world are telling this story and the reaction to our knowledge of it than the actual event.

I'm not for book burning. It's an inflammatory book full of horrid hate speech and words of killing all that are non muslims. But it should stand for all time to show the disgusting hate. If we keep erasing things we do not like then we have no proof of them and cannot teach others properly how NOT to be.

However, burn the damn book or don't...it's not the core issue here. How as a society are we as a nation reacting to this? Most people whether we are conservatives or liberals are against this and think it's not the right thing to do. And most people are speaking publicly about not being in favor of this act. 

Now juxtipose our cultural response to the response of the Muslims.  The mere idea of this happening is somehow going to endanger our troops? WHY on earth should that endanger the lives of our Troops? And why is this story even known about anywhere outside the piss ant town in FL where this moronic little preacher has a flock of 50 people?

The MSM is super picky about what stories are told and what information is buried. This went viral on their say so. So who is really putting the Troops in harms way, if that is even a proper way to think about this action?

Now juxtipose the Muslim reaction to this piss ant preacher of not even one tenth of one percent of our total population to our reaction when we learn about the vandilization of the Statue of Our Lady Of Fatima in Portugal. This happened in January of this very year.

Have you even heard about this incident? WHY THE HELL NOT?
What was the graffiti: "has been vandalized with pro-Islamic graffiti."

It's more than half a year after this happened. Have you even heard of this incident? Where was the MSM? This is a church is Portugal. I'm sure it has more than 50 followers. It's a Catholic Church. Does this not have any significance? 

Before the 9/11 attacks in March of 2001 those bastard Taliban Islamic freakazoids blew up the Budda Statues that had been there for centuries.  This one made the news. But the reaction from the world was silent. And what did we get for our silence? We got more than 3000 U.S. citizens murdered only months later. 

I could list thousands of other horrid intolerant attacks by the Islamists against the West and our way of life and religions. But spare me and I'll spare you.

Whether we are obnoxious and want to burn their Koran (50 moronic ppl in a piss ant town in FL) or we are pathetically silent and tolerant of hateful acts against other religions by Islamists WE GET THEIR RAGEFUL ACTS against us.

Wake up. It does not matter.

And for the record: We ARE superior to them. 

"But I would not agree to having Jews among the NATO forces"

"I'm willing to agree to a third party that would supervise the agreement, such as NATO forces, but I would not agree to having Jews among the NATO forces, or that there will live among us even a single Israeli on Palestinian land," he was quoted as saying by Wafa, the official Palestinian news agency.- Abbas

Ah yes, but let them build their mosque in NYC on Ground Zero sacred ground, where body parts and parts of the plane where found, right?  These people are so tolerant that they want their land, "their" lmao, without any rights of Jews to live there. Jew-free. Judenrein. And they also want to build anywhere else in the world. 

It's just the start. If you let these people build now, in 20 years they will claim they were always there. They will revise history and then demand the places in our country be Judenrein.

Look at history and you will know what I am saying is a FACT not an opinion. Saudi Arabia was not always Islamic land. Afghanistan was not always Islamic land. Think the Buddhist carvings that were blow up just to name one culture there before them. Iran wasn't always an Islamic land, it was called Persia and MANY MANY Jews lived there for thousands upon thousands of years until this last century.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

How Do You Answer Those Who Challenge You When You Say NO to the Mosque @ Ground Zero?

You remind them of this:

"In the summer of 2000, I learned that my friend and colleague, Israeli-American left feminist, Dr. Marilyn Safir, a Haifa-based academic psychologist, had been disinvited from an international feminist conference to be held in Turkey. The reason? The feminist organizers decided that the fact that Marilyn is a Jew, and an Israeli, “might” make the Arab and Muslim women uncomfortable. The conference, if it was held at all, was completely “judenrein.” It was either canceled—or held secretly." -Phyllis Cheslter

Thursday, September 2, 2010

‘Islamization’ of Paris a Warning to the West

OK I'm no Pat Robertson fan...but the report is accurate.