"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up Folks

I took a screenshot of this incase they take it down. Click on the image to see it larger and look at what is in red. Hat Tip @NYPDretCOP on Twitter

More Mean Posts From The Mean Blogger

Hat Tip Aleta (check out her blog listed on my sidebar)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Straight Talk

Hat Tip James T.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Stupid Enough Looking For You Ronda?

I'll match your picture with this protest from this week in Chicago and I'll up the anti by asking you to please tell me how Obama or speaking in Spanish has anything to do with the said reason of the protest which was that the Hyatt laid off workers?

Do you think these types of demonstrations are OK? Do you think they are mature and reasonable? Did you know 200 people were arrested and NOT one person at the 912 tea party protest in DC was out of what 500K or more people.

Let's be honest about what is happening and the way the media and fellow Americans are treating this situation for once.
The rest of the story about the arrests and protest that you won't see with the MSM or bloggers like Ronda.

This is my response to Ronda's blog who after posting a very very derrogatory post about Tea Party protestors and praising Jimmy Carter obviously closed her blog down to me. Tsk tsk.

Out of hundreds of photos and millions of people she deliberately chose that one photo and wrote a rude and mean post about a movement based on that. At this blog you'll see tons of photos of the crowd, the people, their signs, and you'll get to see not JUST white faces as the MSM and Ronda would have you believe.

When confronted by me about this she wrote to me "you need help"(...I'll address that line at the end of the post.)

Guess she isn't the open honest person she espoused to be with people who don't agree with her views. Hypocrite! I was going to link to her post to prove my point but she shut the blog down. What a joke! Grow up Ronda. Your commenters and you are anti-semetic and racist and you can't handle the truth and honest comments or debate.

Gee Ronda...you really can't see how hateful you are? Hmmm with all the current topics that are happening in our nation today that are dire and pressing. Let me see, I dunno UM maybe the raids on the terrorists dens in NYC, Denver and Houston over the past week.

Nope that's not scary enough or a concern enough for you. Or how the national debt has ballooned in just 8 months under Obama and will cost your "cutest boy in America" for the rest of his life.

No you're not a hater Ronda. Of course you're not. You simply chose to attack your fellow Americans instead. You simply decided to jump on the bandwagon of racist mongering instead.

But righto you're a Christian right? You're the caring one right? You volunteer at food banks right...while you judge the people that go there as scary and I had to be the one to point out to you that perhaps the man is just scared.

A very smart friend who is also a psychologist noted the following to me, so here's some free therapy for you Ronda:
1-If she listened to your facts she would have to change her entire life.
She would not only lose all of her following & friends but she would have to look in the mirror and feel some responsibility for supporting the likes of Jimmy Carter and attacking earnest American citizens.

2-That would feel really bad. She's looking for an easy, mindless "feel good."

And she goes on to explain the following about her own transformation:
To be able to change one's point of view is a sign of greater intellect and emotional courage. How do I know? I had that "Ah-Ha" moment. And it was disconcerting - and embarrassing - but later it felt good. I was just mindlessly "lib-ish" because I wanted to think of myself as a compassionate person, wrongly thought Republicans were all rich and mean and because, back in the day of the dinosaurs, my parents voted Democrat (so I WAS a registered Democrat - now an Independent).

My "Ah-Ha" moment came:
1. when a department of Middle eastern men that I worked with cheered at the TV on 9/11/01 (in a Queens NYC Hospital). I was very confused- I had liked these guys- partly because they were "multicultural."
2. When I saw Palestinians dancing and cheering after 9/11/01 on TV - they pulled that off the air quickly!

Regarding those who meet you with the "you need help" garbage here's what my Psychologist friend had to say:
By the way, when people tell you that you "need help" - don't take that comment in! They are projecting - It is their own self-deception that won't allow them to reach out for the help that they need (speaking as Psych Dr. here)

Great Photo Montage from 912 in DC

Charlie Rangel Should Be In Jail

Hat Tip James T. @The National Conversation (RAW) His link is on my sidebar. USE IT!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Told You So!

Hat Tip the fantastic James T.!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Is A College Student

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Love This Man - James T. Harris

His blog is here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Stupid Racist Me

I'm not going to share the entire long story, but stupid me tried to forgive and rekindle a friendship with a couple that at one point tried to play the race card ON me.

Two days ago on facebook the male part of that couple (who happen to be black,) posted that he agrees with Carter's latest statement that the tea party movement is based on hatred of a black man as president.

When I pointed out that he was then calling me racist he went into a diatribe about the healthcare system, guantanamo, and even Bush.

I pulled the conversation back to the fact that his post was about racism and I asked him to prove his point. I further pointed out that citing Jimmy Carter is indeed saying we are all racist although he professed he wasn't stating that.

I gave link after link including the following

Did he even watch the video. Doubt it from the immediate reply.

I pointed out that Carter is anti-semetic. I was then told to prove Carter is an anti-semite. And I was dumbfounded. How can someone be so blind? And to be friends with me, a Jew and be so insensitive yet demand sensitivity of his blackness. MEH?!

I could have sent a lot of different links about this but I chose this one from Huffington Post , afterall I'm dealing with a leftwing moonbat now. And well if you give them a source like hannity they'll dismiss the entire information just because. So I gave Huffington Post. I told him about James T. Harris. And pretty much after that no matter what I stopped. I didn't read his responses or post another thing.

After years of knowing them, trying to forgive their horrid accusation from a couple years back, because we disagreed and because he could not separate the personal from the debate and because I kept saying stick to the topic you started and gave facts THEY pulled their profiles from my friend list.

So be it.

Obama the uniter right? My ass!

Some people can only see color. I find this very very sad, completely opposed to what liberal values are supposed to be and yet again have been given confirmation of my choice to feel more aligned with conservatives than liberals.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shana Tova

I was invited to a Chabad Jewish New Year Dinner Friday night. I had a great time with great hosts.
At the end of the night the Rabbi gave out this special gift.
One of the traditions for the Jewish New Year is to eat sweet foods for a sweet year. There's a lot of symbolism in Judaism.
He handed this to us in the prescription bag in a medicine bottle: honey.
The camera had a hard time getting the words so here's what he said on the bottle:
Pharmacy of Heaven
Prescription for life!
To be taken with apple of Challah or plain.
Dose: 1Tsp or more
Results May Vary
If joy does not kick in immediately try a double dose.
If joy and happiness lasts for more than 24 hours please
Thank G-d.
Very clever and creative! Thank you for such a wonderful start to the New Year.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wave of Homophobia Sweeps the Muslim World

The Islamic world is the most oppressive human rights violating culture on our earth not only today but in the past. The Koran is the law. There is no separation of Mosque and State in any Islamic country. The goal of Islam is to dominate be it by force or by embedding themselves into the current culture and taking over by shear domination of numbers.

For those in the Democratic party that think they are aligning themselves with the party that is so inclusive and open to homosexuals, think again. The current Democratic party has been overtaken by radical leftwing nutbags that side and align and talk about engagment with these regimes. These very regimes that not only are anti-homosexual but take it to the most extreme.

I'm a conservative. But I'm also a conservative that is pro-choice and pro-gay rights. We exists. And I'll never understand how gays in the USA can side with the Democratic party over the Republicans when clearly the Democrats have far less concern for gays than the opposing party. Neither supports gay rights. NEITHER!

The following is from Spiegal:

More than 30 Islamic countries have laws on the books that prohibit homosexuality and make it a criminal offense.

In Mauritania, Bangladesh, Yemen, parts of Nigeria and Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Iran convicted homosexuals can also be sentenced to death.

Egypt has recently started to clamp down hard. The lives of homosexuals are monitored by a kind of vice squad who tap telephones and recruit informants. As soon as the police have accumulated the kind of evidence they need they charge their victims with "debauchery."

Even in liberal Lebanon homosexuals run the risk of being sentenced to a year in prison.

"the persecution of homosexuals shows that a regime has control over the private lives of its citizens -- a sign of power and authority"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Smart Guy!

Hat Tip James T!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Those Who Oppose Our Involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan etc...Obviously Have Never Learned History Properly

America's 200-year war with Islam

If you think you don't need to read this, think again. I encounted a ranting lunatic-verbally abusive attack from a former friend about this subject about a year ago. Blind-sighted at the time to the subject and the rant and the justifications of this pathetic anti-american we're bad before all others going back to this time in history, I had to just be the punching bag for this lunatic.

Apprently the moveon organization is using this subject as a tool to recruit. So it's extremely important that you read this document and understand the history and nature of this event. It's 31 pages with the notes. So please read this at a quiet time when you have a few minutes to devote to this subject.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maxine Waters is McCarthy Incarnate!

Well well, and they said McCarthyism was dead! Who'd a thunk that a black woman in Congress would be the second coming of Joe McCarthy?

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said that it's not enough for African-Americans to levy allegations of racism against the right-leaning protesters, and that the media must look into their views.

"I want those people talked to; I want them interviewed," Waters told the liberal Bill Press Radio show in a podcast. "I want journalists to be all over those rallies and the marches with the birthers and the teabaggers."

Hat Tip Gateway Pundit

Blowing The Shofar

Explaination of Rosh Hashanah from Chabad.org. Rosh Hashana begins at sundown on Friday September 18 and ends at nightfall on Sunday September 20.

The festival of Rosh Hashanah --the name means "Head of the Year" --is observed for two days beginning on Tishrei 1, the first day of the Jewish year. It is the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, and their first actions toward the realization of mankind's role in G-d's world.

Rosh Hashanah thus emphasizes the special relationship between G-d and humanity: our dependence upon G-d as our creator and sustainer, and G-d's dependence upon us as the ones who make His presence known and felt in His world. Each year on Rosh Hashanah, "all inhabitants of the world pass before G-d like a flock of sheep," and it is decreed in the heavenly court, "who shall live, and who shall die... who shall be impoverished, and who shall be enriched; who shall fall and who shall rise." But this is also the day we proclaim G-d King of the Universe. The Kabbalists teach that the continued existence of the universe is dependant upon the renewal of the divine desire for a world when we accept G-d's kingship each year on Rosh Hashanah.

The central observance of Rosh Hashanah is the sounding of the shofar, the ram's horn, which represents the trumpet blast of a people's coronation of their king. The cry of the shofar is also a call to repentance; for Rosh Hashanah is also the anniversary of man's first sin and his repentance thereof, and serves as the first of the "Ten Days of Repentance" which culminate in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Another significance of the shofar is to recall the Binding of Isaac which also occurred on Rosh Hashanah, in which a ram took Isaac's place as an offering to G-d; we evoke Abraham's readiness to sacrifice his son and plead that the merit of his deed should stand by us as we pray for a year of life, health and prosperity. Altogether, the shofar is sounded 100 times in the course of the Rosh Hashanah service.

Additional Rosh Hashanah observances include: a) Eating a piece of apple dipped in honey to symbolize our desire for a sweet year, and other special foods symbolic of the new year's blessings. b) Blessing one another with the words Leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim, "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year." c) Tashlich, a special prayer said near a body of water (an ocean, river, pond, etc.) in evocation of the verse, "And You shall cast their sins into the depths of the sea." And as with every major Jewish holiday after candlelighting and prayers we recite Kiddush and make a blessing on the Challah.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Will Rock You!

Hat Tip to @NaiveAbroad on Twitter!

Zo's Thoughts

Hat Tip James T.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Loop Holes In The Current Healthcare 3200 Bill

Don't let Obama and Pelosi and the rest of the moonbats tell you that you'll be covered yadda yadda. Here's what the actual bill will entail because of the wording deceptively written to create these results:

This legislation also provides for access by the appointees of the Obama administration to all of your personal healthcare information, your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and
hospital. All of this is a direct violation of the specific provisions of the
4th Amendment to the Constitution protecting against unreasonable searches and seizures. You can also forget about the right to privacy. That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and
4th Amendments may provide.

If you decide not to have healthcare insurance or if you have private
insurance that is not deemed "acceptable" to the "Health Choices Administrator" appointed by Obama there will be a tax imposed on you. It is called a "tax" instead of a fine because of the intent to avoid application of the due process clause of the 5th Amendment. However, that doesn't work because since there is nothing in the law that allows you to contest or appeal the imposition of the tax, it is definitely depriving someone of property without the "due process of law.

Bloomberg: Daschle says, "Health care reform will not be pain free. Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them," while former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm says seniors have "a duty to die."

If this does not sufficiently raise your ire, just remember that the President, Senators and Congressmen have their own special gold plated health care plan which is guaranteed the remainder of their lives and they are not subject to this new law if they pass it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Medicare Advantage

You see right here, they admit they are going to PULL funding from Medicare Advantage to make this healthcare bill "for all" happen.

Medicare Advantage is for SENIORS. Not medicaid for the poor. This is the program that costs the federal government the most...for which they will pull funding from, and rip our seniors off of in order to spread that money from JUST OUR SENIORS to millions of people, which will result is about -- I don't know, a handful of dollars per person, yet take away extrememly needed healthcare from the neediest of our population.

So much for healthcare for all.

My mother was looking into this program since she will be 65 next year. She was on my father's health insurance but at the age of 64 he was laid off [banking industry] and they are both now paying out of pocket for cobra. My mother has leukemia and needs infusions every so often to keep her red blood cells at a specific level and her whites from going haywire. She's survived and done well for the last 11 years since she was diagnosed. However the treatments are about $6000 a pop and she must choose a Medicare plan that will cover this. Pulling the Advantage program completely pulls the rug out from our seniors who lived their entire lives, worked hard their entire lives, and paid into the system their entire lives. It's wrong financially and morally.

Transmitted via email to: diaz@senate.state.ny.us

September 8, 2009

RE: H.R. 3200: America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 and Its Impact on Senior Citizens (full post from site at link)

Dear Senator Diaz,

Thank you for asking me to participate in the New York State Senate Aging Committee’s hearing regarding H.R. 3200, “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.” You and I share a commitment to ensuring that our health care system is not “reformed” at the expense of America’s senior citizens.

I have been vocal in my opposition to Section 1233 of H.R.3200, entitled “Advance Care Planning Consultation.”[1] Proponents of the bill have described this section as an entirely voluntary provision that simply increases the information offered to Medicare recipients. That is misleading. The issue is the context in which that information is provided and the coercive effect these consultations will have in that context.

Section 1233 authorizes advanced care planning consultations for senior citizens on Medicare every five years, and more often “if there is a significant change in the health condition of the individual ... or upon admission to a skilled nursing facility, a long-term care facility... or a hospice program.”[2] During those consultations, practitioners are to explain “the continuum of end-of-life services and supports available, including palliative care and hospice,” and the government benefits available to pay for such services.[3]

To understand this provision fully, it must be read in context. These consultations are authorized whenever a Medicare recipient’s health changes significantly or when they enter a nursing home, and they are part of a bill whose stated purpose is “to reduce the growth in health care spending.”[4] Is it any wonder that senior citizens might view such consultations as attempts to convince them to help reduce health care costs by accepting minimal end-of-life care? As one commentator has noted, Section 1233 “addresses compassionate goals in disconcerting proximity to fiscal ones.... If it’s all about obviating suffering, emotional or physical, what’s it doing in a measure to ‘bend the curve’ on health-care costs?”[5]

As you stated in your letter to Congressman Henry Waxman of California:

"Section 1233 of House Resolution 3200 puts our senior citizens on a slippery slope and may diminish respect for the inherent dignity of each of their lives.... It is egregious to consider that any senior citizen ... should be placed in a situation where he or she would feel pressured to save the government money by dying a little sooner than he or she otherwise would, be required to be counseled about the supposed benefits of killing oneself, or be encouraged to sign any end of life directives that they would not otherwise sign."[6]

It is unclear whether section 1233 or a provision like it will remain part of any final health care bill. Regardless of its fate, the larger issue of rationed health care remains.

A great deal of attention was given to my use of the phrase “death panel” in discussing such rationing.[7] Despite repeated attempts by many in the media to dismiss this phrase as a “myth”, its accuracy has been vindicated. In the face of a nationwide public outcry, the Senate Finance Committee agreed to “drop end-of-life provisions from consideration entirely because of the way they could be misinterpreted and implemented incorrectly.”[8] Jim Towey, the former head of the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, then called attention to what’s already occurring at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, where “government bureaucrats are greasing the slippery slope that can start with cost containment but quickly become a systematic denial of care.”[9] Even Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, a strong supporter of President Obama, agreed that “if the government says it has to control health care costs and then offers to pay doctors to give advice about hospice care, citizens are not delusional to conclude that the goal is to reduce end-of-life spending.”[10] And of course President Obama has not backed away from his support for the creation of an unelected, largely unaccountable Independent Medicare Advisory Council to help control Medicare costs; he had previously suggested that such a group should guide decisions regarding “that huge driver of cost... the chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives….”[11]

The fact is that any group of government bureaucrats that makes decisions affecting life or death is essentially a “death panel.” The work of Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, President Obama’s health policy advisor and the brother of his chief of staff, is particularly disturbing on this score. Dr. Emanuel has written extensively on the topic of rationed health care, describing a “Complete Lives System” for allotting medical care based on “a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated.”[12] He also has written that some medical services should not be guaranteed to those “who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens.... An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia.”[13]

Such ideas are shocking, but they could ultimately be used by government bureaucrats to help determine the treatment of our loved ones. We must ensure that human dignity remains at the center of any proposed health care reform. Real health care reform would also follow free market principles, including the encouragement of health savings accounts; would remove the barriers to purchasing health insurance across state lines; and would include tort reform so as to potentially save billions each year in wasteful spending connected to the filing of frivolous lawsuits. H.R. 3200 is not the reform we are looking for.

Thank you for calling attention to this important matter. I look forward to working with you again to ensure that we keep the dignity of our senior citizens foremost in any health care discussion.


Governor Sarah Palin


Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget The Truth

I was there that day. I was on the train to work. It was all over by the time I got out of the train and I didn't believe the girl who told me. And there it was unfolding on television before my eyes. I knew immediately it was Muslim Terrorists.

Never forget all of us in NYC who had to go back to the city two days after the horridness of that day, to the smoke filled sky, which you could smell and had to breathe. Never forget all of us who had to encounter poster after poster from desperate relatives hoping they'd find their loved ones. On every corner, in the subway, on the street corner...those signs.

Never forget the truth. Be a testiment to the souls who perished and make sure all the Van Jones dissapear into the dust and (figuratively people! - I'm not calling for violence) are never allowed to teach their horridness to another generation of Americans.

Never again.

May all the souls rest in peace.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

NOT Shocked At ACORN

Where I went to college ACORN and other similar organizations were prevelent. Honestly I didn't understand who they were at the time. But I'm not shocked at the human trafficing - prostition video done by the fantastic undercover aspiring journalist that Glenn Beck has been talking about all day.

One of the classes I took for credit was a mentoring program. I was sent to a school up in East Harlem. What was supposed to happen was that we helped the kids do their homework and kept them from being on the streets.

What actually happened was, many days, the kids would play their music and I'd be orced to watch them dance suggestively. One day I had enough. There was a girl who "danced" that really was just similating sex, humping the floor and I put a stop to it.

You'd think I would have been praised. OH NO. I got called into my BLACK teacher/supervisor once back on campus and told that I didn't understand the culture. Oh yes folks, that is exactly what happened.

Needless to say after I received a reduced grade I had to fight by going to the head of the department and get my A. Which I did. THIS is what we have let happen over the last 20 some odd years.

Jack Webb School Hussein

Hat Tip James T

Tom Price and What The Bill Says and Doesn't Say

And response to Obamas lies [my emphasis] by Sen. from Texas.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Pledge Machosauceproductions style

While I do NOT agree with the analysis of his on abortion and all that goes with it...I mean seriously...just his opinion which has never showed factual truth to back up that those things would happen and is only based on his particular moral values...which I respect but do not agree with...the rest is well...DEAD ON!

Hat Tip James T!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So well written...please visit the following link for the post.

Monday, September 7, 2009


One of my new pairs of glasses. Thoughts?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rep. Mike Rogers

I pledge

Photo taken from my cell phone in Brooklyn, NY on Eastern Parkway summer of 2009.

After you watched this go see this video from Penn. He has disabled the embedding so you'll have to go to youtube.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Their entire agenda is to AGITATE, overwhelm and take over...the conversation, your lives...by any means necessary. I've always known this and it is why I not only NEVER allow those comments on my site, I am not nice to them and never will be. My words, my sting, my biting ways are my bullets that hopefully wound them or kill their movement. So be it.

They are communists and marxists and it's that simple.

I don't have to make accusations. They will compare me and others like me to the 50's-style McCarthyism...but all it takes is just one breath and a little knowledge to know this is a false accusation. Calling someone a communist doesn't make you a McCarthyite...calling them one when it is blatently false makes you one.

I speak the truth. And they tell us that they are Communists and Marxists in their own words.

Friday, September 4, 2009

More From Ted Kennedy

I received this in my email on Wednesday night:

Dear Friend,

My Name is Mr. Mark Ford a staff of a reputable Bank here in London.

There is a need for you to urgently reply and let me know if you can assist me in a business deal.

I am the accounts officer to the late American Politician Senator Edward Kennedy.

Senator Edward Kennedy He made a deposit of a huge amount of money in our bank and as the account officer, I have with me all the information regarding to the funds with our bank here.

He deposited the money here since the year 2001 and was hoping to come for it's withdrawal before he died.

I just returned from the United States Of America to personally confirm his death and no body asked me about the money showing that he never told any one about the said amount of money.

I urgently need your assistance to transfer the money out of this bank
into your account.

We shall share the money 50% - 50%.

I want to assure you that with my position here, the money will
legally and smoothly be transferred to you.

Please confirm to me your interest so that I can give you the detail.

Call me on +447024051988
Best Regards,
Mark Ford.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Poster Is Just SOOOO Wrong!

I saw this in the subway on Tuesday night this week.

There's so much wrong with this poster I'm almost at a loss for where to start.

Just WTF does this mean?
Look at the name. Did you look? Weren't we berated and called racist for every time we mentioned the messiah's middle name? Now it's suddenly ok to put in print?

Look at the poster just next to it.

Now back to the words...which are from his inaugural speech.

In reaffirming the greatness of our nation??????????????

We understand that greatness is never a given...It Must Be Earned?

Are you kidding me? Are you frickin' kidding me?

So is he reaffirming we are a great nation, OR is he saying that we must earn that title. It makes NO SENSE. Each part of that sentence contradicts the other.

And for the record we don't need hs lecture on earning greatness.

[there have been too many distractions on this post in reference to the horrid grammar of this poster so I'm taking it off. fucktards abound and will use anything to distract from the issue.]

Our nation need not EARN one iota of "greatness" but on that subject more to the point, Obama has earned NOTHING! ZERO! He stole money to write his book and used slimey tactics to tick off opponents. He voted present and introduced ONE piece of legislation before running for President. He never ran anything. He's a speech reader. PERIOD. He's the salesman. The morons who voted him in voted for the best late night informercial pitchman ever. And that's about all. Who is he to lecture on greatness! Meh!

Now look at the art that the college that designed the poster made.
A Lion.
Repeat that last line...what does that sound like to you?

A Lying.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jason Mattera - My New Crush

If you are really a Brooklyn boy Jason, please pop in. I loves ya! SMOOCHES!
Hat Tip JAMES T!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Real Ted Kennedy

1. He was caught cheating at Harvard when he attended it. He was expelled twice, once for cheating on a test, and once for paying a classmate to cheat for him. [Not surprised as I wrote a paper for my then boyfriend attending Harvard's Masters program for Architechture. It's rather easy to do. Their standards aren't that high apparently. LOL]

2. While expelled, Kennedy enlisted in the Army, but mistakenly signed up for four years instead of two. Oops! The man can’t count to four! His father, Joseph P. Kennedy, former U.S. Ambassador to England (a step up from bootlegging liquor into the US from Canada during prohibition), pulled the necessary strings to have his enlistment shortened to two years, and to ensure that he served in Europe, not Korea , where a war was raging. No preferential treatment for him! (like he charged that President Bush received).

3. Kennedy was assigned to Paris , never advanced beyond the rank of Private, and returned to Harvard upon being discharged. Imagine a person of his “education” NEVER advancing past the rank of Private!

4. While attending law school at the University of Virginia , he was cited for reckless driving four times, including once when he was clocked driving 90 miles per hour in a residential neighborhood with his headlights off after dark. Yet his Virginia driver’s license was never revoked.. Coincidentally, he passed the bar exam in 1959. Amazing!

5. In 1964, he was seriously injured in a plane crash, and hospitalized for several months. Test results done by the hospital at the time he was admitted had shown he was legally intoxicated. The results of those tests remained a “state secret” until in the 1980’s when the report was unsealed.. Didn’t hear about that from the unbiased media, did we?

6. On July 19, 1969, Kennedy attended a party on Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts . At about 11:00 PM, he borrowed his chauffeur’s keys to his Oldsmobile limousine, and offered to give a ride home to Mary Jo Kopechne, a campaign worker. Leaving the island via an unlit bridge with no guard rail, Kennedy steered the car off the bridge, flipped, and sank into Poucha Pond.

7. He swam to shore and walked back to the party, passing several houses and a fire station. Two friends then returned with him to the scene of the accident. According to their later testimony, they told him what he already knew – that he was required by law to immediately report the accident to the authorities. Instead, Kennedy made his way to his hotel, called his lawyer, and went to sleep. Kennedy called the police the next morning and by then the wreck had already been discovered. Before dying, Kopechne had scratched at the upholstered floor above her head in the upside-down car. Kopechne was able to stay alive for a while breathing a bubble of air inside the car.

One source notes “A diver was sent down and discovered Kopechne’s body at around 8:45 am. The diver, John Farrar, later testified at the inquest that Kopechne’s body was pressed up in the car in the spot where an air bubble would have formed. He interpreted this to mean that Kopechne had survived for a while after the initial accident in the air bubble, and concluded that: ‘Had I received a call within five to ten minutes of the accident occurring, and was able, as I was the following morning, to be at the victim’s side within twenty-five minutes of receiving the call, in such event there is a strong possibility that she would have been alive on removal from the submerged car.’ ”

The Kennedy family began “calling in favors”, ensuring that any inquiry would be contained. Her corpse was whisked out-of-state to her family, before an autopsy could be conducted. Further details are uncertain, but after the accident Kennedy says he repeatedly dove under the water trying to rescue Kopechne and he didn’t call police because he was in a state of shock.

It is widely assumed Kennedy was drunk, and he held off calling police in hopes that his family could fix the problem overnight. Since the accident, Kennedy’s “political enemies” have referred to him as the distinguished Senator from Chappaquiddick. He pled guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, and was given a SUSPENDED SENTENCE OF TWO MONTHS.

Kopechne’s family received a small pay out from the Kennedy’s insurance policy, and never sued. There was later an effort to have her body exhumed and autopsied, but her family successfully fought against this in court, and Kennedy’s family paid their attorney’s bills… a “token of friendship”?

8. Kennedy has held his Senate seat for more than forty years, but considering his longevity, his accomplishments seem scant. He authored or argued for legislation that ensured a variety of civil rights, increased the minimum wage in 1981, made access to health care easier for the indigent, and funded Meals on Wheels for fixed-income seniors and is widely held as the “standard-bearer for liberalism”. In his very first Senate roll, he was the floor manager for the bill that turned U.S. immigration policy upside down and opened the floodgate for immigrants from third world countries.

9. Since that time, he has been the prime instigator and author of every expansion of an increase in immigration, up to and including the latest attempt to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. Not to mention the pious grilling he gave the last two Supreme Court nominees, as if he was the standard bearer for the nation in matters of “what’s right”.

10. He is known around Washington as a public drunk, loud, boisterous and very disrespectful to ladies. JERK is a better description than “great American”. “A blond in every pond” should be his motto.