"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Monday, December 24, 2012

Journal News of Westchester and Rockland County, NY Publishes Names and Addresses of Gun Owners

The Journal News has taken a disgusting stance on gun ownership and went through the databases of gun owners in two counties in NYS and listed every single law abiding gun owner by name and address even going so far as to map them out.

When they received criticism their retort was that it was public information.

Update: According to the laws of NYS on February 24, 2012 giving out a list of gun owners in a geographic location is illegal. You can see the law here.  Hat tip BenInNY  if you want to tweet him.

The story is here on Yahoo. 

So here is a list of all their twitter account names associated with their paper. Let's see if they like their information shared. Names of the reporters are listed. 

Now some of the names do not come up in online searches but Brian Howard comes up for Rochester, NY as well as Sherburne, NY. 

Jill Mercadante comes up for two addresses in NY. One in Brooklyn and the other in Lindenhurst.

Chris Vaughan comes up in Medford, NY.

Yaron Steinbuch comes up at the following address:  23 Scenic Cir, Croton On Hudson, NY 10520

David Mckay Wilson, who also goes by David Allen Wilson comes at the following address: 162 Bay Shore Rd
North Babylon, NY 11703

Update: And here is Dwight Worley , the reporter on the story, whom another blogger found and also found is a gun owner : "Dwight R Worley

23006 139 Ave, Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 But you might want to call him first to let him know you’ll be dropping in: (718) 527-0832 "http://christopherfountain.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/so-how-does-journal-news-reporter-dwight-r-worley-rate-a-nyc-pistol-permit/  Hat tip again BenInNY who provided the link.

Those are the first few names that are publicly found. I can continue. Would the Journal like me to or would they rather that names of law abiding people not be listed online and mapped out for any reader to see?

I encourage any twitter follower who has read this to continue down the list and list the names and addresses they find. Feel free to tweet me the info so I can post it here as well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No Tax Hikes AND No "Entitlement" Cuts Damn It!

I'm about to piss off my conservative friends but I call it like I see it. And there is just no need to raise any taxes or to cut the so-called entitlement programs.

For fucks sake people; conservatives know damn well that the policies of Oblamer have made things very hard for most people now which is why so many damn people are on food stamps and other welfare programs. Almost half the American people are on these social services. Beating the shit out of people who are already at the poverty level isn't going to win friends AND only makes you look like big stupid assholes that the left already labels you as. 

Have some damn compassion and use your brains. I mean really, I've known "you people" for a long time and you are the smart ones so start acting like it already!

Cutting social services is only going to make people who are down on their luck, trapped in a system that doesn't give a flying fuck about them so much worse. AND FOR WHAT!? It won't helped our horrible deficit. 

That's right! I said it! BITE ME!

You know damn well that agencies like FEMA should be gone. Romney looked like the big meanie saying this but after Sandy I think many NYers see the reality of this tax vacuum. FEMA is that little mother fucking Roomba on a gazillion steroids. It just sucks good after bad dollars in and never spits it back out. Just how many billions of our tax dollars goes to FEMA anyway? No seriously I'd like someone to tell me the amount.  How many millions or billions a year goes to the fucking blowhards for their salaries for them to do NOTHING!?

Let's also be real. The Department of Education needs to be gone too. Who the fuck are they educating? Our schools SUCK! Our drop out rates are terrible. It's just another version of the steroidal Roomba. The states can do it better. Let them keep the money and put it directly into their own states. Who the fuck was the genius that decided to make the states send money to the federal government so they can allocate it back to the states???

GONE AND GONE. If just those two agencies were gone, just how much would we save in spending?
In April of 2010 "Administrator W. Craig Fugate recently sent a letter to Congress indicating serious budget shortfalls that could jeopardize FEMA’s ability to respond to disasters. It is expected that this letter will be followed by a request for $5.1 billion in emergency supplemental funding from Congress."

So if that was just a request for MORE money what is the actual operating budget?

So let me get back to the original point here. To my conservative friends:
You make yourselves look like a bunch of moronic hypocrites going after the left for class warfare, which they do and do so horribly and get away with I might add, but you are doing it to.

Nobody is as big a leach as the fucking government assholes that we send to work for us year in and year out! There is no social service program that sucks that much money out of the system anywhere near to these two agencies.

And you can add a huge diarrhea to the list called the Energy Dept. Seriously? WHAT THE FUCK  has this billions of dollars a year agency ever done. No seriously? You list just one mother fucking thing!??!?!?

So don't you dare ask me to stand with you on your stupid fight with Oblamer when what you want to cut isn't what you should be going after.

Now to the dimwits on the other side who want to hate the rich. BLAME HATE LOSERS that you are. You also need to SHUT THE FUCK UP TOO!!

No rich person or corporation ever kept you down. You wouldn't know a damn day of wanting for anything you got a trophy for showing up for the game but lost all the time never achieved anything in your life spoiled shit tards! There are real people in other countries on this earth fighting for the right for young females to go to school without getting their fucking heads blown off but boo fucking who, let's play the victim and take more of someone else's money.

Get a life!

The amount of money you say should be taxed more will run the scummy government's budget for 8 DAYS!  Can you read or are you too busy chanting how Bush is a warmonger while you kiss your savior Oblamer's asshole while he sends MORE military troops to Africa to fight Al Queda, yes that's right. Al Queda, you know the terrorist group he said was pretty much obliterated so you would vote for him again. 

The only people who are really hurting are the regular average Americans who are being used as pawns for both parties stupid pet issues. You all suck!