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Saturday, January 5, 2008

How Funny Is This?

Social networks are stealing the love from online dating sites
"Social networking is continuing to change the way people communicate and interact online (to the point that many college-age and younger people disdain e-mail). One big reason that online dating sites that came of age during the dot-com boom are struggling now is that a whole new generation of Internet users would prefer to connect casually over sites like MySpace.com or Facebook (which by the way, are free!) rather than engage in a formal and frequently awkward search on a dating site. "

UMMMMM...didn't I JUST write about this (below)? I found this story just a few minutes ago because I followed a link that someone searching my site found my blog through. VOILA!

I think there should be a new name for all this. What about speedydate, quickdate, attentionspanofasixmontholddate? I mean seriously!

I laugh laugh laugh at the description of dating sites: FORMAL. Are you kidding me???!? If Jdate and other services like it are considered formal I think we have bigger problems as a society than we ever thought we had.

Look, I am the first person to admit I don't want to waste one moment of my time on the wrong person BUT it takes more than a photo and some words on a page to know someone. The best of couples will often tell you that as long as they know each other they are still getting to know the other person. The attention span in the single person's world has been reduced to the lifespan of a common house fly.

I don't have any idea how this can change. I just know it must. This online social networking world has created impossible expectations and I believe that those expectations cause far too many to become desperate and help create liars like Achem...well you know who in my recent past and I am sure many others. Well that is what I think. How about you?

Do you think desperate liars are created by these mediums or are they born that way and are attracted to these sites because it allows them to perpetuate their bad behaviors?

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