"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Monday, December 24, 2012

Journal News of Westchester and Rockland County, NY Publishes Names and Addresses of Gun Owners

The Journal News has taken a disgusting stance on gun ownership and went through the databases of gun owners in two counties in NYS and listed every single law abiding gun owner by name and address even going so far as to map them out.

When they received criticism their retort was that it was public information.

Update: According to the laws of NYS on February 24, 2012 giving out a list of gun owners in a geographic location is illegal. You can see the law here.  Hat tip BenInNY  if you want to tweet him.

The story is here on Yahoo. 

So here is a list of all their twitter account names associated with their paper. Let's see if they like their information shared. Names of the reporters are listed. 

Now some of the names do not come up in online searches but Brian Howard comes up for Rochester, NY as well as Sherburne, NY. 

Jill Mercadante comes up for two addresses in NY. One in Brooklyn and the other in Lindenhurst.

Chris Vaughan comes up in Medford, NY.

Yaron Steinbuch comes up at the following address:  23 Scenic Cir, Croton On Hudson, NY 10520

David Mckay Wilson, who also goes by David Allen Wilson comes at the following address: 162 Bay Shore Rd
North Babylon, NY 11703

Update: And here is Dwight Worley , the reporter on the story, whom another blogger found and also found is a gun owner : "Dwight R Worley

23006 139 Ave, Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 But you might want to call him first to let him know you’ll be dropping in: (718) 527-0832 "http://christopherfountain.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/so-how-does-journal-news-reporter-dwight-r-worley-rate-a-nyc-pistol-permit/  Hat tip again BenInNY who provided the link.

Those are the first few names that are publicly found. I can continue. Would the Journal like me to or would they rather that names of law abiding people not be listed online and mapped out for any reader to see?

I encourage any twitter follower who has read this to continue down the list and list the names and addresses they find. Feel free to tweet me the info so I can post it here as well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No Tax Hikes AND No "Entitlement" Cuts Damn It!

I'm about to piss off my conservative friends but I call it like I see it. And there is just no need to raise any taxes or to cut the so-called entitlement programs.

For fucks sake people; conservatives know damn well that the policies of Oblamer have made things very hard for most people now which is why so many damn people are on food stamps and other welfare programs. Almost half the American people are on these social services. Beating the shit out of people who are already at the poverty level isn't going to win friends AND only makes you look like big stupid assholes that the left already labels you as. 

Have some damn compassion and use your brains. I mean really, I've known "you people" for a long time and you are the smart ones so start acting like it already!

Cutting social services is only going to make people who are down on their luck, trapped in a system that doesn't give a flying fuck about them so much worse. AND FOR WHAT!? It won't helped our horrible deficit. 

That's right! I said it! BITE ME!

You know damn well that agencies like FEMA should be gone. Romney looked like the big meanie saying this but after Sandy I think many NYers see the reality of this tax vacuum. FEMA is that little mother fucking Roomba on a gazillion steroids. It just sucks good after bad dollars in and never spits it back out. Just how many billions of our tax dollars goes to FEMA anyway? No seriously I'd like someone to tell me the amount.  How many millions or billions a year goes to the fucking blowhards for their salaries for them to do NOTHING!?

Let's also be real. The Department of Education needs to be gone too. Who the fuck are they educating? Our schools SUCK! Our drop out rates are terrible. It's just another version of the steroidal Roomba. The states can do it better. Let them keep the money and put it directly into their own states. Who the fuck was the genius that decided to make the states send money to the federal government so they can allocate it back to the states???

GONE AND GONE. If just those two agencies were gone, just how much would we save in spending?
In April of 2010 "Administrator W. Craig Fugate recently sent a letter to Congress indicating serious budget shortfalls that could jeopardize FEMA’s ability to respond to disasters. It is expected that this letter will be followed by a request for $5.1 billion in emergency supplemental funding from Congress."

So if that was just a request for MORE money what is the actual operating budget?

So let me get back to the original point here. To my conservative friends:
You make yourselves look like a bunch of moronic hypocrites going after the left for class warfare, which they do and do so horribly and get away with I might add, but you are doing it to.

Nobody is as big a leach as the fucking government assholes that we send to work for us year in and year out! There is no social service program that sucks that much money out of the system anywhere near to these two agencies.

And you can add a huge diarrhea to the list called the Energy Dept. Seriously? WHAT THE FUCK  has this billions of dollars a year agency ever done. No seriously? You list just one mother fucking thing!??!?!?

So don't you dare ask me to stand with you on your stupid fight with Oblamer when what you want to cut isn't what you should be going after.

Now to the dimwits on the other side who want to hate the rich. BLAME HATE LOSERS that you are. You also need to SHUT THE FUCK UP TOO!!

No rich person or corporation ever kept you down. You wouldn't know a damn day of wanting for anything you got a trophy for showing up for the game but lost all the time never achieved anything in your life spoiled shit tards! There are real people in other countries on this earth fighting for the right for young females to go to school without getting their fucking heads blown off but boo fucking who, let's play the victim and take more of someone else's money.

Get a life!

The amount of money you say should be taxed more will run the scummy government's budget for 8 DAYS!  Can you read or are you too busy chanting how Bush is a warmonger while you kiss your savior Oblamer's asshole while he sends MORE military troops to Africa to fight Al Queda, yes that's right. Al Queda, you know the terrorist group he said was pretty much obliterated so you would vote for him again. 

The only people who are really hurting are the regular average Americans who are being used as pawns for both parties stupid pet issues. You all suck!

Monday, November 5, 2012

One More Day

I'm not going to be smug. Truth be told, I fear Obama has worked hard to rig many of the polling places. But I pray and I ask all Romney supporters to pray tonight that he wins the Presidential election tomorrow.

Tomorrow I beg of all you Romney supporters to get out early, drag any person you are sure will vote for Romney with you and get to your polling place.

My mother voted early in Florida. She had a strange experience after she voted where a black woman followed her close to her car and shouted vote Obama, so my mother would hear her. No one else was around. Mom wasn't near the line waiting to get into the early voting. And Mom was pissed. So with the spunky old woman she is, she screamed back ROMNEY and the lady screamed back Obama and my mother screamed ROMNEY over and over until she got in her car and drove away.

Please have your cell phones ready and tweet to Eric Bolling if you experience any fraud. Take pictures. You can, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Just do it and put your phone back in your pocket. Or silence the phone, turn on the recording and walk in. At the very least you will record audio of any improper situation you might experience. You cannot electioneer in a polling site. You cannot take pictures of others. So be careful. It's a fine line. But be ready. The fraud is going to be on a level you have never witnessed before.

The twitter account for Eric Bolling is below. He is going to circulate as many fraud issues as he can if brought to him.

Be safe! And please G-d let ROMNEY be declared the winner of this election and be our next President of the United States of America.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hard To Keep Up With All The Oblamer Bullshit!

But I'll give it a go.

Let's see now ...Romney is being accused, attacked really by Oblamer and his boot-lickers that he is an outsources and only cares about money.

Well first off, any asshole that tells you they don't care about money is full of shit! And the it seems to me that the greediest of all types of people are the progressive left who always want more of someone else's. If they cared so little about it and so much JUST about people why are they always screaming to get more of "the evil greedy rich's?"

But I digress. Back to outsourcing.

Did you know that Chrysler was part of the bailouts of the Automobile industry? And did you know that the US government, that took over through bailouts, Chrysler, sold Chrysler to the Italians. Well, first off - isn't that in itself outsourcing? Kind of sort of...well anyway, Chrysler still has plants in the US, BUT their Italian Chairman issued a statement saying he was going to expand Chrysler in China. Yes, CHINA. Not America. So all those jobs that could have been for Americans by a ONCE AMERICAN company is now going to go to CHINA. So just how is this different than what the Oblamer in Chief is accusing Romney of?

So today I was (laughingly) accused of voting against my own interests when I gave FACTS about Oblamer's budget cuts to FEMA that are on the record and have been there for months, when a FB "friend" posted a shameful (emphasis added) attack on Romney for proposing similar although not the same budgetary issues. Instead of addressing the topic, I was personally attacked as voting against my own interests and of course topic change to alluding to women's issues. NICE!

I lived through Hurricane Sandy and I'm not even going to try to begin to capitalize on this tragedy. It was scary to hear all the strong winds and many of my neighbors lost their cars to fallen trees but so many other NYers lost their homes and belongings and my heart breaks for them.

But I will say this about Oblamer coming to NJ and being all over the television.

Kind of says it all. Doubt me? OK then explain this:

It took Oblamer 7 days to visit Joplin, Missouri after a tornado wiped out half of the town and killed 120 people.
...It took Barack Obamer fourteen days to visit the gulf coast after the BP oil spill.
...Obama declined to visit Tennessee after the historic 2010 1000 year floods.

...Oblamer ignored the Texas wildfires when over 400 homes were lost.
...ignored the student revolt in Iran.
...And, of course, Obamer ignored the calls for help from Benghazi....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

OK OK You Got Mitt On One Topic - Here's Your Fact Check

So the latest faux outrage is over BIG BIRD. Poor Mitt, if only he could get his facts straight. OK lefties you got 'em on this statement... (paraphrasing) Mitt said he loves Big Bird but would cut funding to PBS anyway. Well if not knowing that Big Bird isn't already publicly funded is a shonda then pshaw, I just don't know what is. You got him all you proggies.  

 From wikipedia: " The show was initially funded by government and private foundations but has become somewhat self-supporting due to revenues from licensing arrangements, international sales, and other media. By 2006, there were independently produced versions, or "co-productions", of Sesame Street broadcast in twenty countries." and The show's success continued into the 1980s. In 1981, when the federal government withdrew its funding, CTW turned to, and expanded, other revenue sources, including its magazine division, book , product licensing, and foreign broadcast income" 

 It makes me wonder just what other monies he will pull funding from that he can't pull funding from that can invoke more faux outrage from the proggies. I mean really, if this isn't reason enough not to vote for Mitt Romney, well I just don't know what is!

Don't get your panties in a twist, Big Bird is alive and ....is dead! Rock on!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The United States is a Battered Woman

I was reading this article today and it hit me, clear as day when I read this line:

"While President Obama’s campaign focuses on the fact that more aid to Israel has been provided by the United States under President Obama than ever " juxtaposed with this:

"Iran gets closer and closer to having nuclear bombs, the world tells Israel to wait, there’s still time.  I say, wait for what?  Wait until when?”  - Netanyahu  according to the Associated Press, last week, on September 11.

 "you know I love you, right?"    <---- I'll keep beating you but you know, you know baby right???? Only it's not a pair of earings being given as the gift of silence, just an appearance of financial aid. 

Most Americans don't realize that aid to foreign nations comes from Congress not the President. So when he makes these statements trying to seem as if he supports Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East, he is just the snake oil salesman, but I digress.

We are as a nation a battered woman.

"Sufferers may have low self-esteem, and are often led to believe that the abuse is their fault. Such persons may refuse to press charges against their abuser, or refuse all offers of help, perhaps even becoming aggressive or abusive to others who attempt to offer assistance."

 Statistically speaking 47% of the United States suffers from this syndrome in relation to our government and it's policies.  They buy into the belief that it is OUR fault we are hated, when in fact it is the policies of  appeasing our enemies by our government that have gotten us into the abusive situation we are currently in.  And to the 53% who do not buy into this sick way of living, the 47% call us names and attack their own neighbors for speaking truth to the situation rather than speaking up to the people putting them in the situation they are living.

Our nation is on serious life support. It's time to leave our abusers and live freely again!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Wasn't About Buildings

The following article is from this link http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2010/09/13/9-11-Aftermath--Quiet-Patriots-of-Wall-Street-Should-Not-be-Todays-Political-Casualties

This story was written by

@Liberty_Chick on twitter

In the six days that followed the attacks on September 11th, the New York Stock Exchange was closed for the first and longest time ever since the Great Depression and World War I. The markets would reopen on September 17th, but to quite a rocky start. During the immediate aftermath of the attacks, the heartbeat of our nation's economy stopped, suspended in time. And a forgotten class of Wall Street workers faced the difficult decision of whether or not to return to work. Those who did would return to a completely different world, one that had already changed them forever. And today, nine years later, many of them are still there. In a polarized political environment where the bad behavior of a few has unfairly demonized all of Wall Street's workers, their contributions to our post-9/11 recovery have been largely ignored. But had these workers made the choice back in 2001 never to return again, what might have happened? This is one story, out of many, of the courage, determination and dignity of an entire class of forgotten patriots who stood by their country in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001 when it would have been so easy to simply walk away. Nine years ago, my brother Will was working for a Wall Street brokerage firm just steps away from what is now known as Ground Zero. His office building overlooked Trinity Church on one side and the World Trade Center on the other. Just on the other side of the river, near his home in Hoboken, NJ, he boarded the PATH train every day, bound for the bustling station at the World Trade Center. Like so many others, he went to work on September 11th thinking that day would be just like any other. Just before 8:46 am as Will was settling into his day with his co-workers, a loud, screeching sound of shearing metal boomed just outside their building. He looked up at the trading desk manager, and both were stunned. Will thought it might be a high rise construction accident; the desk manager suspected an explosion. Papers and dust and rocks began swirling around the windows. They all stirred about the office for another fifteen minutes or so. Suddenly, an even louder sound came barreling toward the building – this one clearly that of an airplane, with a throttling noise and squealing, then an immense crash. There was a rumbling and their building shook. Startled, they made their way to the windows for a better view. Through the fire, smoke and debris, something fell past the window. They looked up, and caught the image of a live person, a man falling from the sky, flailing in midair as he plunged past their window and to the ground. Will could literally see the terror on the man's face; he stood at the window in horror and disbelief at what he was seeing. In all, he would witness another eight people jump and fall to their deaths before leaving that window to escape becoming a casualty himself. It happened in only minutes, maybe seconds. But it was an image that has stayed with him to this day, and it would challenge him, as it would so many others working in the financial district on September 11th, to ever return to work in this spot ever again.

 A Decimated Wall Street & Historic Closing of the Markets We often think about the first responders when remembering the bravery of September 11th. The firefighters, port authority and police officers, paramedics, doctors, nurses. And in the weeks following the attacks, there were military personnel, construction workers and other volunteers, even search and rescue dogs, and so many others. Over 400 first responders lost their lives on September 11th, and many more have died since of negative health effects. We are all so grateful and will always honor these heroes for their efforts. But how often have we stopped to think about the brave workers in the financial district who returned to work, overlooking the pit that had once been a symbol for their industry? In fact, in today's economic and political environment, the manufactured rhetoric against Wall Street has put an entire class of would-be patriots into the undeserved category of traitors. On September 11th and in the six days following the attacks, the New York Stock Exchange was closed. It was the first closure since 1933, when FDR shut down the banks just two days after being sworn into office. The only other closure was at the start of World War I in 1914, when exchanges all around the world suspended operations for up to four and half months. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, the greatest concern was that of the human element. So many Wall Street workers in NY were now dead. Those who did survive were coping with the loss of tremendous numbers of their family, friends and co-workers – a loss that occurred all in a single day. Of the nearly 3,000 victims who perished in or near New York's World Trade Center that day, over 1,200 were employees of financial services firms. Investment bank and brokerage firm Cantor Fitzgerald lost 658 employees alone. Marsh & McLennan Companies lost 295 employees; Aon Corporation lost 175; Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc. lost 67. For six days, a nation struggling to deal with the physical and emotional toll of this terrorist attack was now considering its potential catastrophic economic impacts. When terrorists selected the World Trade Center as a target, they targeted the American system, they targeted Freedom and Capitalism. They aimed to hurt trading and stall the country's economy. They strived to create an environment of fear. Fear of flying. Fear of going into New York City. Fear of tall buildings. Fear of public crowds. Fear of strangers. All fears that would discourage Americans from spending money and would hurt the economy. Terrorists expected that no one would return to work in New York ever again. They expected that people would be too afraid to work on Wall Street, for fear of remaining a target for additional attacks. They expected Americans would stop sending their kids to college to become financial investors and advisors. But my brother and other Wall Street employees all instinctively knew one thing: If they didn't go back, they'd be allowing the terrorists to win. The stock market is the heart of the American economy. For six days, the nation's economy had stood still, as if our heart had stopped beating. With so many in their industry having perished, these people knew that it would take those of them that remained to start the heart back up again. And that's precisely what they did. When the stock markets reopened on September 17th, 2001, a pile of debris still lay smoldering at Ground Zero. Much of Wall Street and its surrounding area still remained cordoned off for security and building safety reasons. As tentative financial workers reported to work for the first time in nearly a week, they found some big changes in their daily routine. The World Trade Center train service was shut down, so many took the ferry over to lower Manhattan and made their way deeper into the financial district, where they were met by guards who checked for identification. Tragedy Brings Permanent Reminders, and Unity Only days earlier, Will had run through the same streets as he tried to make his way out of his building and away from the immediate area, fearful the towers were about to fall. He was horrified as he dodged body parts scattered about the pavement. He pushed through crowds of onlookers walking toward the Twin Towers as he ran in the opposite direction, away from the WTC area. He described the scene as "quiet chaos" – a surreal image of people stopped in their tracks and staring like zombies, while others calmly walked toward the burning buildings to get a better look. At the same time, he and others with him who had just exited their shaking building were in more of a state of controlled panic. They had just witnessed the violent scenes of people jumping from the buildings.

In contrast, it was a gorgeous sunny day and papers fluttered all around them like fresh snow, while the sirens of rescue vehicles calmly resonated more like muted hums in the background. He and a friend walked the mile and half to and across the Brooklyn Bridge at a hurried pace. People scrambled to find their way out of the city by any means possible in the wake of the South Tower's collapse. For hours my brother made his way on foot through Brooklyn and back into NJ over the Verrazano Bridge. A stranger who'd spotted them offered to drive them to Newark, where they arranged for someone else to pick them up. It wasn't until nearly 5:00 pm on September 11th that my family and I had finally heard from my brother again. The whole day we hadn’t known for sure if he was alright. After he called from his cell phone, I drove to a nearby highway exit ramp, where their ride had dropped him off, and I brought him to our mom's house where we all spent the evening overnight as a family, recounting the day's events. Now, here he was, heading back to work again. Initially, he spent the first few weeks in another location. After the attack, many companies did not even have a building to which they could return. Some buildings were gone, some were unstable, even some peripheral buildings were affected. But this was probably one of the first promising signs. Many firms, like National Securities Corporation, were well prepared with disaster recovery backup systems, and had arranged for secondary office space locations as part of those plans. Normally competitors to some extent, National Securities Corporation and companies like Fidelity, Bear Stearns, GunnAllen, and CIBC actually worked in concert in some instances by pooling their employees together in cramped shared spaces in nearby New Jersey locations until they had stable buildings to which they could return in Lower Manhattan. My brother recalls a feeling of comradery amongst them, almost like soldiers who had just survived a battle together. And in some real sense, they had. These were ordinary people who, six days earlier, had just experienced something extraordinary together. They lived through and witnessed things that soldiers would expect to see on a battlefield, things that many Americans will thankfully never, ever see in their lifetime. President Bush was encouraging Americans to go out, to invest and spend money to show the terrorists that freedom would prevail. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Richard Grasso, the N.Y.S.E. chairman, rang the opening bell on the floor of the N.Y.S.E. with a group of police officers and firefighters on September 17th. As my brother Will returned to work, he was fearful. Like so many others, he did expect the financial sector to remain a target. And he'd also lost friends in the attack. Some had lost hundreds of friends and co-workers. It would have been so simple to decide that the job was not worth the pain and to just walk away. When financial buildings finally started reopening in Lower Manhattan again, it wasn't an easy time for any of the workers on Wall Street. Will recalls the difficult walk through the secured area to his office building, describing the disconcerting burning smell of death, and being pelted in the face by rocky debris that persistently flurried around in the air. It continued this way for months. And every day he was reminded of the tragedy, as his window overlooked the pit at Ground Zero. For weeks on end, they could see the search workers sorting through the rubble, occasionally halting all activity to remove newly discovered remains in a dignified manner. Every day was a painful reminder of what occurred there. Even today, it still is. Sending a Message to the Terrorists People expected the worst for our economy after September 11th , 2001. So many thought we'd never rebound. Others insisted (maybe even hoped) that capitalism was dead. Perhaps that sentiment was apparent when the Dow Jones industrial average plunged 7.1 percent on September 17th when the markets first reopened, the biggest one-day point loss ever. But Wall Street workers were resilient. When all the chips were stacked against them, and a huge chunk of their workforce had lost their lives, those who survived braved their fears and overcame challenges to show up for work every day. For a time, some companies couldn't even pay their employees. Imagine if all of them had given into their fears, if many of them just never went back – it would have been so easy, no one would have blamed them. The markets never could have withstood that kind of mass exodus. Instead of a few months, it could have taken years to return to pre-9/11 levels. But it wasn't just about bringing back the economy; it was so much more about perception. I remember my mom begging Will not to go back. "You can get a job anywhere, why do you have to go back to NY?" And he was adamant, "Because I have to. All of us do. If we don't go back there, who is going to do this? It's not going to happen all by itself. Besides, we gotta do it. We can't all just live in fear and let some crazy terrorists scare us away." Every friend I have that worked in the financial district all said the same thing, too. This was a bunch of people who knew the world was watching them. They knew that if they set the example, others would follow. Recovery would follow. And after those first few weeks, it did. Despite the billions of dollars in property damage and lost wages related to all three of the locations of the terrorist attacks from that day, the markets quickly rebounded. As my brother said to me, when you look at the financial stats over history, the period of time following September 11th as the markets rebuilt looks more like a sneeze than a massive heart attack, in the context of things. Thanking, Not Bashing, Wall Street's Patriots Like any industry, Wall Street's had a few bad apples, and no one condones the bad behavior from that 1% that have hurt our economy. I've protested the big bank bailouts myself, but I'm always careful to separate that 1% from the other 99% who are good, hard working average Americans. Unfortunately, judging by the ugly, manufactured rhetoric of today, you'd think that everyone who worked in the financial services sector was a greedy traitor to his country. Labor unions are constantly bashing Wall Street, protesting regularly, harassing workers, some even going so far as to yell obscenities at random financial employees on the street. Even President Obama uses Wall Street as the political boogeyman to rally his Democratic base, repeatedly broadly painting the entire industry as "shameful" for the actions of a few. His rhetoric has helped to create a populist disdain for everything Wall Street. Let's be reminded, however, of the dedication and patriotism that the other 99% of Wall Street workers showed during six of the darkest days of our nation's history, and in the months that followed. First responders showed the terrorists what Americans are made of. And when the World Trade Center, the greatest symbol of Capitalism in the world, was diminished to smoldering rubble, it was the return of those financial district workers – Wall Street - only six days later that showed the terrorists that Capitalism remained standing. They rallied together, braved their fears and returned to reopen the markets, despite having themselves lost so many friends and co-workers. They could have made the easy choice never to return to Wall Street again. Instead, they made the hardest choice of all. They came back. And many of them still remain there today. Nine years later, I know how difficult it still is for my brother to be reminded of that day, every day. I know it's difficult for the rest of Wall Street's workers, too. Especially when it seems like your whole country, including your President, is against you. That we've allowed these individuals, who had nothing to do with the bad behavior of a few, to become casualties of today's political tactics is shameful. Much like I recognize what our first responders did for America then, I recognize what those financial workers did for our country, too. I thank them for bravely returning in the aftermath of September 11th , 2001. Even if that's not the trendy stance to take these days.

Friday, September 7, 2012

THESE United States

Last night at the final night of the DNC before leaving the stage Obama said, "G-d bless THESE United States."

Just what is THESE?

If there is a these, then there is a THOSE. So these but not those!

It's NOT just a matter of it being an old phrase. And if you think this way, not only are YOU the problem, YOU are failing to remember that a President's speech gets vetted. It gets tested and approved. Every word has a meaning. It's not the same as when they are shaking hands and a reporter asks a question and they say something possibly off the cuff and get to use that as an excuse.

The man only wishes blessing on THESE United States. His vision. But g-d damn America , just like his preacher , if we turn back , achem as he said many times about the GOP, to THOSE United States.

One of our biggest problems is that we are failing to see things through HIS eyes. We hear and see things as we believe them to be, as if we said them. This is going to get us killed. This is going to destroy the United States. 

Biden, Clinton and the rest all said, "G-d Bless the United States."  So what in the Sam Hill made Obama say THESE United States?

His world view.

Think I am wrong? Do you remember Michelle saying, "For the first time in my life I'm proud of my country."

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stabbed in the Back

If she is visiting this site at all SHE will know exactly that it is HER this is posted for.
Hint hint...it starts with the first letter of the alphabet. Oh enjoy your section.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Undecided for 2012 Elections? Here Let Me Help You.

If you are still undecided about your vote for the Presidential elections of 2012 here's some important information that might help you. Now, you probably think I'm going to talk about a candidate right now.

That would make you incorrect.

I'm going to talk about much more important things. And here they are:
Correlation vs Causation
Circular Arguments

Once you understand these two items, you will understand who is the better choice and how you have been manipulated in the past. And once you get over the feeling of being "stupid, angry" etc...you can move on...haha, get it move on. I crack me up, I really do!

OK, let's start with correlation vs causation

(I swiped this from wikipedia...since we all know it can be edited later after I post it)
phrase used in science and statistics to emphasize that a correlation between two variables does not automatically imply that one causes the other (though correlation is necessary for linear causation in the absence of any third and countervailing causative variable, it can indicate possible causes or areas for further investigation; in other words, correlation is a hint).
The opposite belief, correlation proves causation, is a logical fallacy by which two events that occur together are claimed to have a cause-and-effect relationship. The fallacy is also known ascum hoc ergo propter hoc (Latin for "with this, therefore because of this") and false cause. It is a common fallacy in which it is assumed that, because two things or events occur together, one must be the cause of the other. By contrast, the fallacy, post hoc ergo propter hoc, requires that one event occur after the other, and so may be considered a related fallacy.

Let's take an obvious advertising campaign that for some reason seems to still work on certain section of the American population, and apply this truth that correlation does not equal causation.
We all know the Bain commercials that accuse Romney of causing the death of the wife of the subject in the commercial because "Romney worked for Bain and Bain closed the plant and they lost their health insurance" so the conclusion being made is that Romney caused the death of the woman.

Using emotional tactics, that commercial takes correlation: Bain & Romney and induced causation Romney caused death. The only truth in that commercial is the correlation. Romney DID work at Bain.  The commercial assumes you are too stupid to figure out that there is a THIRD causative variable. It even plants that idea in your head.

Even my explanation can be used as a good example of causation vs correlation. Let's go:
I told you that the commercial assumes you are too stupid to figure out there is a THIRD causative variable.
Why am I correct? Because there IS an absence of a third variable in my statement. <--- causation

Now I'd like to say here that I don't believe the majority of Americans are too stupid to figure this out. I believe that most have never been taught about this subject, and I'll even go further to say that I believe they haven't been taught about this subject quite purposely.

But if you now look at everything that is said to you with this fresh set of "eyes", no matter who is the speaker, you can think for yourself.  No more will you be co-opted by your friends and family when they say that every Politician lies, therefore it doesn't matter. Correlation vs Causation Apply this truth to that argument and then choose wisely knowing IT DOES MATTER.

OK next important topic: circular reasoning/argument

Taken from the following website: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~shagin/logfal-pbc-circular.htm

Circular reasoning is an attempt to support a statement by simply repeating the statement in different or stronger terms.  In this fallacy, the reason given is nothing more than a restatement of the conclusion that poses as the reason for the conclusion.  To say, “You should exercise because it’s good for you” is really saying, “You should exercise because you should exercise.”

It shares much with the false authority fallacy because we accept these statements based solely on the fact that someone else claims it to be so.  Often, we feel we can trust another person so much that we often accept his claims without testing the logic.  This is called blind trust, and it is very dangerous.  We might as well just talk in circles. 

 A side story on Circular reasoning, and example. Before Mr. Barnett (see two posts below this story) turned me for thought crimes, like the little Hitler-Youth did in the 30's and 40's, to facebook, he had friended me on his page. I remember seeing a post of his (which I did not screenshot at the time unfortunately) where he ranted something to the effect that we should not give him pieces of the story and tell him to come to his own conclusions and that by doing so he would see the truth of the situation, but that he felt that was what a reporter was for, that it was their job to dig and dig and then tell the story, not his job.  <----Circular Argument ...trusting another person solely on the fact that someone else claims it to be so. 

Now, if you apply both of these two topics into any political argument that you see posted or spoken about you should be able to dissect the argument to understand if either of these two situations is being used to manipulate you into thinking and believing as the person wishes you to believe. And then you can decide for yourself if they are correct or using faulty logic and circular reasoning to dupe you.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Empty Chair Day

#emptychairday on Twitter is today.

The first two photos are mine:

This one was posted by American Commitment on facebook

Posted by Marv Shump on Facebook

Posted by Randy Lee on Facebook
And my favorite thus far.

This one was posted by Erik Rush on facebook.

Posted by Black Conservatives for Romney

MBKing @imsure on Twitter


Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Speech for thee but not for ME!

Well well I must have become something on facebook because I am now being monitored because a bully by the name of Daniel Barnett has falsely reported me and asked all his friends to report me and did so without my knowledge, for many hours and hours so that he could come to my page and post the following to me and ensure that any response I gave him would be removed and I would be rebuked:

"Daniel Barnett I won't defriend you. But I will block you from seeing and posting on my wall if you don't start behaving yourself. This is not an issue of politics. It's an issue of you going a little nutzoid here on my wall. You can have whatever political persuasions you want. Leave a couple of sentences at most without being abrasive or condescending. You seem like the type of person who would
 argue with her boyfriend by posting flowcharts all over the bedroom walls. Even if the info is accurate, it would be nuts for you to behave this way. This is what you're doing to my wall right now! Cut it out! It's my wall, and I can do what I want with it. If you don't like it, then go post some stuff on your own wall that fits your views. But don't clutter up my wall. Lord knows I've got more than enough clutter in my life without you cluttering up my wall!"

What PREY tell was the initiator of such a vile post to me on facebook? Politics. The mistake was that I allowed him to friend me there after meeting him through mutual friends on a singles cruise event recently in Manhattan.

In a normal world up is up and down is down but we are living in strange times where truth is hate speech and people such as Daniel, a NYC school teacher (how scary is that) believe that only his opinion is allowable, acceptable, reasonable and protected by the first amendment and if you disagree they will turn you in.

Now it might sound silly to write a post about facebook, but when we say it's silly we allow it to transfer to more important things. What's next?

So my readers, if you still visit my blog which I rarely use anymore but perhaps see the need to use again learning how limited facebook is, here is the offending post that got me reported:

I'm waiting to see if I am "unfriended" for posting facts on someone's facebook posts that are politically charged and hateful (IMHO) or if that person is actually more open minded to the truth.

Yes, there you have it!

In normal times, if you are friends with someone it is a reasonable conclusion that you can post a reply on a post of theirs, that differs in opinion and it wouldn't be considered "nutzoid" but not in times like we are living today. In normal times, responding with facts and asking an honest question such as I did, "What did Ryan lie about?" would not be considered unreasonable and offensive.

These are not normal times.

On three posts of Daniel's I responded with links to retort his name calling posts....You'd think that facebook would find calling names offensive...ah yes only when it's in my response to the above bullying nastiness left on my facebook post on my own wall that names are then offensive apparently.

Daniel posted that no blacks support Romney. False
Daniel posted moveon dot orgs Ryan Lies twice and I responded on each post. I responded with facts. Cut and paste links and verbiage from a famous person's website to respond to the Lies post. And then I stopped.

Daniel did not ask me to stop replying. He did not private message me nor do it publicly...YET!
He did not put me on restricted as I've done to many people myself to avoid arguments. Daniel did not block me.

What Daniel Barnett did, the left wing progressive who believes that only freedom of speech is for people who agree with him, was to take my post listed above about being defriended, share it on his wall, unbeknownst to me and ask all his friends to report me. THEN he wrote the offensive post on MY wall on my thread which I share with you about wondering if I'd be defriended, so that anything I wrote back would be monitored and removed immediately. All without my knowing.

I have the screen shots of all the subjects and everything I wrote. I didn't write nasty words. I didn't bully. I left links of factual information. And now I am subjected to the facebook g-ds of monitoring for conservatives.

You see Daniel Barnett, a NYC school teacher is just an insecure man. He like the man I originally started this blog about years ago, belongs to a cult called 1 Taste. I write it that way for good reason. They are a sexual cult, that preys on women and all the verbiage he wrote comes straight out of their playbook of demeaning women and making everything about putting a women down in order to make her feel like crap and become submissive. But Daniel Barnett didn't know that I knew about his involvement in this group or that I knew of the group at all. But I did! He thought I'd want him to like me and feel sorry for what I did and change my ways. Laughable you fat ass. Yes I can say that here on my blog. You're an obese loser and that's why women don't like you and won't sleep with you and no amount of mental manipulation will change that. He probably knows that deep down somewhere under his Jabba The Hut layers of fat too. And so he goes to many tantric events, seeking what he thinks will be desperate or just plain loose women hoping he will get laid. What I find scary is that he works with children. If he's going to be involved with a cult that teaches you how to get as many women as possible and is soley for the purpose of sex, I wonder if he lets the manipulation techniques transfer over to the children, if not sexually which would be of course horrendous but even just on a mental level. We all know that children's brains do not fully form until about 21 years of age and their self esteem is not strong. I'm not accusing him of doing so. I'm simple saying it's a possibility. So yes I find it scary.

So when Mr. Daniel Barnett finds this blog and gets pissed off, he might remember that there is zero written here that isn't 100% factual and therefore not defamation in any way. Facebook might not allow me to post my opinions based on facts but so far this is my blog and I can do it here.

So girlfriends in NYC, if you meet this male, I suggest you run. You deserve to be treated with kindness, respect and cherished, not put down for some sorry sad sack's insecurity about his wee wee.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


If it's so good and AFFORDABLE then why the need for a PENALTY TAX?

If it's so good and AFFORDABLE then why doesn't it cover members of Congress?

If it's so good and AFFORDABLE then why are Unions allowed exemptions?

If it's so good and AFFORDABLE then why are 20% the exemptions in SMELLOSI's district?

Prove It!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

What ARE You Waiting For?

I made a new friend through FB, please check him out. His name is Erik Rush. Trust me you will like this man. He seems to get it.

So, after a long hiatus (again) I'm writing here. Not that it will matter, or maybe someday after I'm long dead and gone, someone will find this (ha, who am I kidding, the O administration will wipe all records of this blog and all those with like-minded views from record because that's what ideologue dictators do along with murdering those who dissent) and see someone who spoke the truth and tried to get people to see it before it was too late.

To those who end up here who are liberals, label themselves as such, or did at one point, still do, who cares....

You are lost!

To those who woke up, like myself, and realized that what once was the Democratic party no longer exists and it has been slowly taken over, over the last 20 years (give or take) by thugs, call them what you want: progressives, communists, liberals: THUGS...

What ARE you waiting for? 

There is no more time for "let's wait and see"...that's the frog in the pot syndrome. (google it)

Now, even Chief Justice Roberts has sold out for some personal glory (if I want to be generous) or perhaps as I truly believe, to save his skin as he sees a dictatorship take over impending, and allowed a tax to be justification for forcing Americans, whether they work or do not work to purchase a product simply for being born.

And THIS is the issue! Not poor people. Not the uninsured. Not the sick. Not the elderly!

TAXING every person regardless of their income or lack there of.

Now even that SMELLOSI plastic psycho biotch is attacking the poor and calling them greedy for not wanting to pay this to help others.

Attack attack attack! That's all the LEFT and their lemmings know how to do.

Now here is something NO ONE is talking about yet. I wonder if they will give proper attribution to it when they do since I am sure I am the first to say and write this:

If Justice Roberts can decide, and yes it rested on his and only his vote, one man, right or wrong, that the government can tax anyone for not making a purchase then this law and this ruling also says that every single person MUST work.

Oh yes it does!

How can you pay for this insurance you are federally required to purchase or be forced to pay a tax in lieu of this purchase if you do not have any income?

What about the disabled? What about stay at home moms? What about children? Children can't work, so their parents must work to pay this...as if they already aren't busting their hump trying to make a living to scrape by with unemployment past 8%.

The implication that SMELLOSI has made is that these people just have chosen not to care about their children and not buy insurance in the past and purposely used the ER to be freeloaders.

Hmmmm former Speaker SMELLOSI...that smells just like the Right's argument about illegals and the use of our healthcare system and our ER's. But hey let's protect your real constituents you are fighting for and turn on the poor and working poor and make them the villains here.

Yes Ms. SMELLOSI you stink. Your plastic cheeks have melted and it stinks to high heaven.

Some are speculating that Chief Roberts was trying to send a message.

FIRST, if anyone is making that argument then they MUST realize the implications of that statement!

If he was trying to send any message, that means that he was POLITICIZING his vote, and not doing his job!

But let's run with it ....hang on. (Here's number 2...and oh yeah it is really SHIT...)

IF he was saying that it's not his job to save us from the laws our elected officials impose upon us that says:

That the SCOTUS is invalid as a branch of government.  PERIOD!

IF the SCOTUS is not there to save us from bad laws (checks and balances) what is their purpose?

Who cares if ruling the OBAMASCARE unconsitutional gave the microphone to O to say mean things about the GOP!


The SCOTUS is not supposed to care about that!

They are supposed to save us from the other branches of government should they over step their powers. They are not supposed to rule in favor or against simply to fire up a base of people. They are supposed to protect us - all of us - from the other branches of government.

Had Roberts done his job properly, we would not be in this mess we are about to be in and EVEN if O gets another term, with the SCOTUS doing their job, that administration could not rule carte blanc.

So again I ask you: What are you waiting for? We have a SCOTUS in name only now. The government has been handed the right BY ONE MAN, to tax us anyway to Sunday if we do not do what our government says we must.

Of the People By the People For the People
died on June 28, 2012.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Excuse Me? Apologize?

Dear Mr.President:

I'm still waiting for the apology from Afghanistan and the Taliban for harboring Bin Ladin and Al Qada and for allowing them to funnel money to the illegal Muslims and terrorists living on our soil, who hijacked 4 planes full of LIVING HUMAN BEINGS, some of which were children and elderly and flying them into 3 of our buildings, collapsing two and murdering thousands of innocent Americans.

Lest you forget that is why our brave men and women are in that sand trap waste-land ass-backward, second century hell-hole!

Your apology doesn't speak for US and we are tired of your lame stockholm-syndrome, bowing down to terrorists apologizing ways. Grow a pair and stand up to these murderers and tell them to shove their hate-filled Koran where the sun don't shine!

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Apology to President Karzai on Behalf of Americans

Hat Tip: @jamestharris on FB and Twitter

I haven't been posting for a while but this needs to be shown. If you are still coming around to my blog, thank you! Check out this smart woman OF COLOR! SUCK IT OBAMA! YOU SUCK!