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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One Hour And 20 Minutes To 3rd Jdate Planned

OK it is almost 6:15PM and I am about to start getting gussied up for my third planned Jdate for this "weekend." This one was originally supposed to be this coming Saturday, then changed to Monday and then due to a snow storm that never happened, changed to tonight.

He's cute! He's brilliant! And I am excited and nervous. UGH!

Wearing nice black slacks with the thinnest of a gray pinstripe that make my ass look decent with a black top that hugs me just enough to show my shape, with a slight v in the front, but is not slutty in the least. I have one of those small sweaters to wear on top. I am wearing nice and tasteful black boots I have had forever.

Taking Darrin's advice I looked up the names of some movies I have seen in the past and wrote the names of the movie stars I like from them. I also wrote the names of movies I want to see, down on paper. I am not planning on taking this cheat sheet with me but at least it helped me to memorize most of the names and give me something to bring up.

I honestly hope he will do most of the talking. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Barbara said...

I thought you were wearing a dress but am glad you are wearing slacks.

Darrin is a great guy for advice, he's given me some in the past too :)