"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Absolute Blog Reads

With no disrespect to the other blogs I do visit each week I wanted to feature the ones I must read each day no matter how tired I am. It would be a very very boring day if I didn't have

Carrie's Blog where you are sure to piss in your pants while reading. WITTY INTERESTING AND WOWING!
Drowsey's Blog where you will always get a bit of an edge, and a super witty reply to your comments.
Jessica's Blog where you will get such an ecclectic view of the world it is refreshing
Gypsy's Blog where you get very raw openness into one women's life.

Especially when I am feeling my utmost boring I know that when I visit those blogs I am going to be laughing my ass off or reading something very profound. If you haven't found these women's blogs yet, you are really missing something terrific.

I hope I can start writing more interesting posts soon. Life has been undramatic for me lately. Not hoping for any drama to write about any time soon, but some fun thoughts and stories I certainly am hoping will pop into my head.

For the moment I have a very itty bitty crawling on my shoulder and jumping onto my computer desk that I MUST go play with. :-)


I totally forgot to list Lee's Blog. Lee is another new daily must read. She's so on the ball and just darn kind. Please don't have a brain fart like me and miss her blog!

What Your Doctor Is Really Saying

I saw Dr. Oz saying this on Oprah a few months ago and after an email exchange with someone I really like and respect, I decided to search for it in writing.

As I tend to be too darn direct sometimes, muddying up the message I am aiming for, making the focus on my directness and the possibly bruised feelings it may inadvertedly create, I thought posting this well-respected doctor's words would be best.

Several options’ may mean you're stuck with no winning choice
By Heather Hurlo
Best Life
updated 7:37 a.m. ET, Wed., June. 11, 2008

The Institute of Medicine did a study and found that 90 million Americans don't understand what their doctors are telling them. So we asked Mehmet Oz, MD, professor and vice chairman of surgery at New York–Presbyterian/Columbia University and author of "You: Staying Young," for some help deciphering the common phrases doctors use in the examination room.

1. If your doctor says: "You might want to consider taking a stress test."
What he means is: "You might be a ticking time bomb."
Your response should be: "Is this routine or is something in my profile worrying you?" A stress test is a risk stratification test. "It answers the question, 'When you're pushed as hard as you can be pushed, are you a ticking time bomb?' " says Dr. Oz. Your ability to exercise is the best predictor of how well you're aging.

2. If your doctor says: "You could stand to lose a little weight."
What he means is: "If you don't lose that gut, you'll end up with diabetes."
Your response should be: "Do I have high blood pressure, prediabetes, or high cholesterol?" For all three conditions, the first line of defense is weight loss. "Don't wait for your doctor to tell you to lose weight," says Dr. Oz. Measure yourself around your waist at belly-button level. If the number is more than half your height, you're overweight.

3. If your doctor says: "We have several options."
What he means is: "We have no good options."
Your response should be: "What are the problems with each option?" If your doctor had a perfect option, he wouldn't offer the others, says Dr. Oz.

4. If your doctor says: "I would like to run some more tests."
What he means is: "I'm stalling for time because I have no idea what's wrong with you."
Your response should be: "What diagnosis are you looking for with these tests?" Like everybody else, physicians go through illogical moments. Your job is to catch them. "Your doctor should be able to give you a flowchart explaining where each test result will lead him next," says Dr. Oz. If the logic flow of the tests doesn't make sense to you, tell him so.

5. If your doctor says: "If it doesn't clear up in a week, come back in."
What he means is: "I'm giving you a placebo. It might work or it might not."
Your response should be: "What are the worst-case scenarios?" If a doctor is interested in seeing you in a week, he's triaging problems. "Plus," says Dr. Oz, "it gives him a chance to experiment, since no one therapy works on everyone."

6. What your doctor will rarely say: "You need a second opinion."
What you should be thinking: "Second opinions change a diagnosis and treatment a third of the time. Why isn't he recommending one?"

Your response should be: "If I went to another high-quality doctor like you, what's another legitimate approach he could offer me?" Any good physician should be able to offer you a plan B, says Dr. Oz.

Go Check Out This Fantastic Story

Here's an inspiring story that everyone should read.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Don't forget to visit Carries blog today for the Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. You know she rocks.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Five Dating Phone Rules

I saw this on Yahoo tonight. It's one of the first dating stories they have run that I can actually agree with and feel was written smartly.

I know I have made many a faux paux in this area. I tend to be someone who returns calls within a very reasonable amount of time regardless of whether or not that person got back to me quickly. I have always felt that is is just rude to leave someone hanging and so I never thought about the fact that the other person took their sweet old time or not. I never thought about how my quickness would be received because I knew what my intent was and that I was not and am not desperate. But over the past few months of reading I realize how I was perceived exactly how I would not want to be simply out of the desire to just be considerate...you know thinking that I was living by the golden rule of "do unto others".

My niceness has been perceived as a weakness, or desperation. So I do realize now that I need to analyze the other person's moves a bit like a chess game and choose my move based upon the person I am playing.

Do I really want to call back some guy who took five days to decide to call me? Or even, do I really want to call someone that it took me five days to decide to call?

So well in the meantime, I am not actively dating. I am spending my time learning about activities that I like and people that I enjoy spending those times with. I figure that when the time does come that I do meet someone I would even care to date, I will be so busy with my activities and friends that I won't have time to think about caring if some guys does call me back or not. :-)

So here's the yahoo story:

Here are five phone rules that everyone should following when dating:

1: Be Prompt When They're Prompt. If you give out your phone number and a date calls you within 24 hours, then you should call this date back within 24 hours. There should be none of this "waiting four or five days to call" business.
When your date has called you within 24 hours, that's called momentum.
When your date has called you within 24 hours, that's called momentum. It's called momentum for a reason, and so many people in dating lose that momentum very quickly by not promptly returning phone calls. Even if you're busy, call your date back promptly to let your date know that you're busy and tell your date you will connect with him/her in a few days when your schedule settles down; Waiting four or five days to return a phone message to me is simply rude. You would never do this in your business life, yet that is what so many people do in their dating life.

2: If They Waited, You May Also Wait. You've given your phone number to a date, and that date waits four or five days to call you. As far as I'm concerned, when that happens you are entitled to wait four or five days to return that person's call. That person did not make you a priority, and he/she played games. Although the person decided to call you, what he/she was likely actually doing during those four or five days was debating whether he/she wanted to call you. This shows lack of interest. I know that when I get a woman's phone number and wait four or five days to call her, that I'm really not that interested in her and I really don't care whether or not she calls me back.

3: It's OK to Call Right Back. If a date calls you promptly after you've given him/her your phone number, then you should call this date back within 24 hours -- but it is even perfectly fine to call him/her back the same night your date called you. It doesn't look desperate. It looks like you actually have manners, that you're someone who pays attention to detail, and that you're someone who respects other people's time. Think about this for a second. When a date calls you, he/she is taking time out of their day to talk to you. So it's not only "OK," but really simple courtesy, to acknowledge this with a promptly returned phone call. This is something we do in business every day without ever thinking twice about it, but we don't do this in our dating life because we conduct it with emotionally based decisions.

4: You Can't Manipulate Your Date Into Liking You. So many people think there needs to be some "strategy" in making the decision when to return phone calls. They'll think things like, "Oh, let me think when I should call my date back. Should I wait four or five days so I'll seem busy and not too available? If I call back today will I seem desperate? It doesn't work that way! This is simply a matter of courtesy and being a mature adult. If a client calls me and leaves me a message about wanting me to coach him/her, I will call the client back as quickly as possible not because I'm desperate for business but because I respect the fact that the client took the time to contact me. Playing games and trying to make your date think certain things about you (like that you're busy or not desperate) by waiting to return a phone call will not make your date more interested in you than he/she would otherwise be. All you will accomplish by doing this is make your date think you're rude and uninterested.

5: Being Busy Is No Excuse. So many of us are busy being busy. As busy people, we get how busy everyone's life can be. Returning a phone call and leaving a voicemail message, though, takes only about 15 to 30 seconds. Returning a call to let a date know that you're busy and will call him/her in a few days takes barely a minute. It's better to return a call promptly and let your date know you're busy and will call him/her in a few days after things settle down (with work, kids, or whatever it might be), then to put the phone call off and to think about it. The longer you wait to call your date back, the less likely your date will still have the same interest in you that your date had in the first place.

These are all tips that you should follow in navigating the phone calls you receive from someone you're newly dating. These tips are equally applicable to men and women. So remember to follow these rules, and when your date calls you -- call your date back!

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

I now understand where the term smarty FART comes from.
KC is 2.5 months old. She understands when I tell her "get down" and "come here". She's pretty darn smart.
Let's just say that it's a good thing you cannot fully understand the second part of smarty FART!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You've Got To Watch Sadie!

This video comes with a disclaimer. I haven't showered in two days and I have no make-up on. It also comes with a warning...anyone making fun of me because of this shall be dealt with severely!

Enjoy Sadie being herself with me!


I've been challenged to write a post about racism. OY VEY! I have been pondering this for many days. Do I really want to go there? This is a topic that I can surely write about but never "win" and end up in a circle of heated comments that never end.

It's so charged with emotions, and emotions run us more than rational thought. When I write this post I am going to take my time and show evidence after evidence after evidence backing up my points.

I am sure that this will inspire those who disagree with me to then list some of their own evidence too. But the devil is NOT in the details in this argument. You will always be able to find me someone somewhere who truly is racist, but that doesn't proove that there is a systemic problem of racism, and that a word some columnist used was therefore a racist remark.

There is an emotional problem in this country, not a racism problem. NOTE: I didn't say there is no racism. Caroline Myss calls this "The Culture of Woundology."

Let me end this teaser post with the following story and thoughts:

One day I was driving with friends to a karaoke event. We had to go through a very rough neighborhood at the initial part of the drive. When coming to a light, I saw some young men and this overwhelming feeling came over me to lock the doors.

We all come into this world with this animal instinct, which is supposed to protect us. But our societies have taught us to ignore that which we cannot see. And since this isn't something you can see and something I can never proove it can be interpreted in any number of ways by the people I am with, the people reading this today. And I cannot stop that from happening.

If the people I am with and the people reading this story choose to determine what my thoughts in my head were at the moment, and conclude that they were not upstanding and without racist intent, what can I do? I know who I am. I own my thoughts and actions. And thinking my intent was out of seeing black men, I needed to lock my doors, only serves the person thinking such things, to be upset, angry, etc...and then the focus stays there, in a negative thought pattern.

I cannot live my life that way and I won't.

That day in that moment, I let my body guide me to feeling that I should lock my doors. If you want to suppose I would not have done that if those young men were white, that is certainly your perogative. But you'd be wrong.

You see you don't know me. You don't know that I walk in the middle of the street at night in my own neighborhood which is mostly white, hispanic and Jewish and has million dollar homes. You don't know that I often cross the street when I get that same feeling I did in the car that day, with the big heavy middle aged white man who I saw walking toward me alone, as I was walking alone too.

I don't always cross the street nor do I always feel I need to lock the doors. But I do sometimes. And it comes from an unexplainable place that I trust.

Think You Can Count On The Media? Think Again!

The Not-So-Lost Tribe
by Mike Krumboltz
June 23, 2008 06:09:40 PM

Even in an age when cynical sleuths can hyper-analyze stories for truth and accuracy, the occasional hoax still slips through the cracks. Such was the case with a so-called "lost Amazon tribe."

A few months ago, mainstream news outlets (including, ahem, Yahoo!) reported that a photographer had found a lost tribe of warriors near the Brazilian-Peruvian border. Photos of the tribe backed up his claim.

As it turns out, the story is only half true. The men in the photo are members of a tribe, but it certainly ain't "lost." In fact, as the photographer, José Carlos Meirelles, recently explained, authorities have known about this particular tribe since 1910.

The photographer and the agency that released the pictures wanted to make it seem like they were members of a lost tribe in order to call attention to the dangers the logging industry may have on the group.

The photographer recently came clean, and news outlets, perhaps embarrassed at having been taken for a ride, have been slow to pick up the story. Now, the word is starting to spread and articles in the Buzz are picking up steam. Expect a lot more brutal truth in the coming days.

Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin Didn't Pass Away

"...he expired, had a terminal episode, a negative patient care outcome." -Carlin

I woke up to the sad and shocking news. George Carlin suffered a heart attack and died. 1937-2008. I am stunned.

I will write more posts today, probably with his passing in my mind, but right now I am just stunned into silence.

Click here for a great youtube video they won't allow me to embed.

Below his 7 words routine.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Inspired By Drowsey

OK I am stealing Drowsey's idea and hitting the next blog button to see what I can come up with. Here are some I found that I really like so far.

Amazing gardens and I am jealous.

And they say American's are fat.

Nice photos.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Alter Ego

I started a new blog. If you want to know what I do for a living you'll find out there. All I ask is that you do not post comments on this blog relating to what I do because I don't want it searchable to my personal bitchfest blog...OK?

If you know anyone who might benefit from that blog please let them know about it. Or maybe you'll just find the information useful. I am not sure how much I will update that site. It will take a lot of research to back up my information but I will be building it as I build my business.

Please feel free to send any questions to me about that topic over at that new blog and I will do my best to answer whatever you throw at me. :-)

New Blog of mine.


Not sure if it's the heat, that I am broke and don't want to turn on the air, that KC still has bad poops - which is boggling my mind, that Sadie has a problem with her hind leg and I don't know why - but the Vet I rushed her to today (not the regular one because they weren't open this morning and I was very concerned and didn't want to wait to find out when they opened, since it was already 10am) checked her pulses and heart and can't find any reason other than maybe she injured her leg, but her right eye is pussing and the Vet didn't witness this of course, or that I had to clean clean clean and do more cleaning 'cause I invited some friends and my brother and his fiance over for a belated birthday party tomorrow, boy was my apt. disgusting and I thought I was clean, but apparently I am a total disgusting piggo or what...but I feel a little well how shall I put this...bitchy, short, quick?

Dunno. So all I ask is that my blog friends, my loyal blog friends that I have grown to respect and love bear with me a little.

You Know The Economy is Bad When Our Transit Workers Are Biking

That patch on his arm says MTA.

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Not Only The American Court System That Takes Stupid Lawsuits

Quebec girl takes father to court over class trip

Before you bash American's and their frivioulous lawsuits remember it happens where you live too!

For Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta


Click on the link and make sure you have the sound on.

Make sure to visit Carrie's blog for other fun foto finish blog posts.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

More information about one of my passions: Israel.

Were you aware that in Israel Arabs (all non-Jews actually) are full citizens with the full rights to vote and have representation in the Knesset (like our Congress).

During Apartheid, Black Africans were not allowed to vote nor were considered citizens of the very country they were born.

There are restrictions in the West Bank and Gaza (which Israel pulled out of about 2 years ago) that do not exist for those living in Israel proper. This is because those living there call for the complete destruction of the Jewish State of Israel and do not recognize Israel's right to exist. Black Africans never called for the destruction of South Africa only Apartheid.

Israel doesn't grant the Palestinian Arabs full citizenship for many reasons. One big reason is that to do so requires annexing of the West Bank and Gaza. Israel is not prepared to do this, since this was land forceably won in a war of aggression against Israel in 1967.

However, Israel grants full rights for the people living in the West Bank and Gaza to work inside Israel proper, they may attend University and schools inside Israel proper as well.

Before the "peace" deal brokered by then President Clinton in the 90's there were less roadblocks, less violence between both cultures and it was easier for those living in the West Bank and Gaza to enter Israel for work.

Does A Bear Shit In The Woods

Ex-Bear Stearns managers surrender in NYC

OK here goes embarrasing divulgence of information on my past. Ready? I FAILED MATH IN HIGH SCHOOL. YES, shmucko me, failed math and went to summer school. I couldn't figure out Algebra until college. Yes, I managed to pass the summer school classes. Yes I wrote classes folks.

The ironic thing about that is that give me a logic test and I will pass every single question while most will fail. Seriously!!

I would debate with science teachers about theories and they would summarily fail me on that particular test. Later we have learned that Pluto is NOT a planet etc... many of the things I argued in class turn out to be true.

Now with Bear Sterns and the fiasco they created, I have screamed bloody murder about this for a while, off line to friends. Can I speak their double speak? NOPE. But I can smell shit from a mile away. And even though I was a math flunky in HS, I know when something doesn't add up, when someone is scamming.

I've sat down at tables with men who tried to outwit me on how these bankers and lenders truly believed what they were saying and doing and why blah blah blah...it works?!?!?!? OH YEAH sure. Wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge kiddos????

What We Can't See - Daily OM

What We Can’t See

The Unseen World

Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, although this is a common way in which people deny the existence of spirit guides, angels, and other unseen helpers in our lives. However, anyone who has encountered such beings can attest to the fact that they do, indeed, exist, just as our breath exists, keeping us alive, even though we can’t see it. The wind exists, too, but we only know this because we feel it on our skin and hear it moving the leaves on the trees. All around us and within us are things we can’t see, and yet we know they are just as real as the grass beneath our feet.

What we see and don’t see may just be a matter of perspective, like the ladybug who sees the leaf on which she sits, but not the tree the leaf grows on, or the person sitting beneath it. And the person beneath the tree may or may not see the ladybug, depending on where he focuses his attention. Still, all of these things, whether seen or not seen by the person or the ladybug, exist in reality. Some people are more gifted at accessing that which we cannot see, but given an open and willing heart, anyone can tune into the invisible realm and begin to find their way.

Human beings have always done this, and it is only recently that we have fallen into distrusting the existence of what we can’t see. If you have lost touch with the unseen world, all you have to do is resolve to open your heart to its existence, and it will make itself known. Closing your eyes in meditation and visualization, or engaging the unseen through the written word, are just two ways to welcome the invisible back into your life. Whatever you choose to do, cultivating a relationship with that which you can’t see is a time-honored human practice that can greatly enhance your life.

What do you think?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


OK OK I took a look at my JDate profile. It's been a long long time and I thought let me just log in. Maybe some new guys will be on the site and my profile will then become searchable by most recent log ins by some fresh fellas.

Then I decided to look at who has viewed my profile. I figured no one lately because if you do not log in your profile ends up at the bottom of the searches.

Low and behold 32 days ago Jake, that tadpole who seemed so into me, who called me to talk for hours and who I seemed to click nicely with BUT told me he was an ageist and I was too old for him and was so immature as to not even have the balls to tell me to my face or even on the phone no less, opened my profile after MONTHS passed from that date.

If you don't remember or started reading my blog after that period of time let me catch you up. I experimented with my age on my JDate profile because at the ripe old age of 36, now 37, almost no men around my age within a five year spread was interested in meeting me, simply due to my age. Low and behold I changed my age to 31 (because quite frankly when I go out with friends I am always hit on by men that are around 10 years younger and think I am too) and a ton of men popped into my Jdate email box. So in choosing 31 I actually upped the age. But that is how I met Jake. If I never told him my age he would not have known a thing. But I wanted to be honest from our first date because it seemed like we were really hitting it off in the right areas.

The minute I told him my age, he started to freak out and then tell me how he met someone else and wanted to pursue that. I was stupidly caught off guard and told him that I wanted to see him regardless if he wanted to keep seeing me. My brain wasn't working correctly in that moment. What can I say...I am a bit slow sometimes!

Well a very insulting email came a few days later telling me how this was so hard for him because he really really likes me and he has lost sleep over this decision but that because I am older than he is he didn't want to see me.


Well bald 31 year old, now 32 is still on JDate, still looking and apparently at me. I haven't been online again for at least four months. I really have had enough with the online dating. It's garbage, bullshit, fake, and a big online magazine of women spread where men pick women out as if they were picking out a puppy.

"Let's see. I'll take a young, medium sized, dark haired, low maintenence bitch please." PUN INTENDED!!!

No thanks!

Well well I guess that special young girl who was so age appropriate didn't work out so well. At least not well enough that he decided to check out my profile again only 32 days ago and is logged on to the site again tonight.


I swear I am going to write that book titled: Who Gives A Shit If He Doesn't Call!

My Dying Plant

Worldless Wednesday

Introducing KC The Frog Cat

This is why I call KC my frog cat.

For Heidi: See any resemblence to the shorter arms and very long back legs?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Innova Cat Food

Because I posted about my baby kittens having the runs and because Lee brought up the topic of what might be fed to them I wanted to share what I do feed them.

I have had kitties since the age of 12. As I got older and I learned about holistic healthcare I started to ask about organic foods for cats. A few years ago I learned about Innova. Now there is also Wellness and a few others on the market that are similar. Innova and Wellness are supposed to be the best of the best.

Here's what they say about Innova which is the canned food I feed all three cats:

Innova Cat and Kitten exclusively uses only the highest quality turkey and chicken. Innova Cat and Kitten is the first pet food to take advantage of advanced fresh cooking methods to incorporate lean turkey and chicken, lactose-free milk, vegetables and fruit along with whole ground grains to create a cat food unequaled in nutrition and health benefits.Innova Cat and Kitten is guaranteed nutritionally complete and balanced for all stages of a cat's life. Innova is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

I also give them Innova dry as well as Wellness dry kitten food and kitten canned food. Here is what is on the Wellness website:

I want to thank Lee for taking so much time to write out what she does feed her baby. I know that when someone offers their own knowledge and experience and the person who received that info seems as though they are shooting it down, it can be frustrating. I hope it won't be received back that way.

This is what I feed my itty bitties and Leo.

I am not quite sure why the babies have such bad poohs right now. Leo seems to be just fine. When I first got him he also had stomach issues.

Maybe it is just the adjustment period? Maybe they caught a virus when I took them to the Vet for their boosters. I really hate taking them for shots. Since they are so little and they were strays taken in by families until old-enough to be adopted out I felt it was important to get them started on their boosters. But there is evidence starting to come out from Vets themselves that boosters may not be the best thing for animals as once thought. I have been of that mind for a while. I do wonder if the shots lowered their immune functions or if some other animal had an airborne virus that my babies caught.

I don't think it is the food as it is the highest grade on the market other than cooking myself, which sadly I think would make them worse. I am a terrible cook.

It took trips to three pharmacies to find Kaopectate but I finally found some and the babies have had two doses. I finally started to see more solid kaka from them. HALELUJAH!!!!!!!!

I must admit I am really really exhausted today. I got very little sleep last night. I was up with them every hour, cleaning up after them and then finally changing two boxes completely. And while I napped a little today, I had a lot to do and had to be out and about. So if I haven't commented on your sites today that is the reason why. I did go and read most of my daily reads. Where would I be without them??????

Knee Deep


I spent the entire night up with the kittens. They have terrible pooh and they wouldn't stop running.

I think I may have to rethink my love of soft chocolate ice cream after what I saw over and over last night.

The Vet said to give Kaopectate which I haven't done yet. I have been using another holistic tummy medicine he gave me for Olivia about a year ago. He also instructed me to get them to eat white rice. That I have done.

I had to completely change two litter boxes that were already new ones, after cleaning that at least 20 times in about 4-5 hours. The poor girls had no where to walk, even after cleaning up right after each messy pooh.

The gurgling noises I heard from poor KC. OH MAN!

Cleaning their legs in my sink...oh the joys of the 2lb kitty screaming bloody murder at 3AM.

This morning I didn't see much in the boxes. I have no idea if this is because there is nothing left in the kitties to expel or if it is because they are getting better.

Then I had to feed the piggies. Sadie my less than 2lb kitty is a food stealer, if you didn't remember. So KC that smart gray kitty has learned to growl like a grown dog and eat and wack her paw sideways without looking away from her bowl, when she thinks Sadie is approaching. It is really funny to watch. It's like a cartoon...the speed of the wack in the head is something I will have to try to catch on video for all of you. It truly is something I have only seen in cartoons.

So right now Sadie and I are locked in my room while the other two are eating their own food in peace.

And I am praying for no more sick kitty poohs.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Mosaic Picture Meme

Kathy over at The Junk Drawer is playing this meme and I thought it would be a fun light post to do as well.

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Google Image Search or same type of search engine for pictures.
2. Using only the first page of results, pick one image. You can’t search forever for a certain image.
3. Copy and paste each in any program that you can post the pictures in a mosaic pattern

The questions:
1. What is your first name?… Lauren
2. What is your favorite food?… sushi
3. What high school did you go to?… I'm leaving the name blank but will post the image.
4. What is your favorite color? … purple
5. Who is your celebrity crush?… I honestly don't have one but I will pick someone for this.
6. What is your favorite drink?… Thai iced tea
7. What is your dream vacation?… I'd love to go to Israel.
8. What is your favorite dessert?… soft chocolate ice cream on a waffer cone
9. What do you want to be when you grow up?… labor companion
10. What do you love most in life?… watching babies being born
11. What is one word that describes you?… unique
12. What is your blog name?… Can You Be A Part Of My Life

Things I loved

Here are some stickers I collected as a kid. I was sticker crazy! These are the smelly ones. The grape still smells like grape today.

I remember sending away for free stickers too. I have coca cola stickers in Hebrew which I thought was super cool at the time.

I found a lot of cat stickers, none for dogs. Hmmm.

Around 1986 I started to read Seventeen Magazine. I couldn't find a cover from that time so here's one from the 70's. I don't know if my mother threw out the box of my magazines I saved. I loved them and I loved fashion. I saved every dime I earned babysitting to buy clothes I wanted. It wasn't much at $2 an hour but I would always end up with one really nice outfit after many months.

Somewhere around college I lost the interest in all that and sleeping in and putting on my sweatpants and going out on the lawn to study seemed more important to me. I think my boyfriend had a lot of influence on that change. Looking back he probably loved changing that about me so that I was a bit less attractive to other men. Straight men aren't always the brightest...I went to a conservatory my first year, where we met and dated, and he was probably one of 10 non-gay men on campus. Oh well!

I moved to NY in 1991 after breaking it off with that fellow and for a long period of time all I can remember was trying to survive. I am racking my brain to remember what I loved at that period of time. Truth is that I can't think of a darn thing. I was very focused on school and working and not much else.

I adopted Olivia a few months after moving to NY and then six months after that I adopted Emily. I loved having those two silly girls. And while it is fun to have the kittens now, there will never be another two like them. It's just hard to explain.

After my break up with the only man I truly loved (completely different guy than the one from college), and then breakdown, I found karaoke. As someone who sang since she was three years old, first to Sesame Street, then to the records of the day that Mom would buy me, I saw this as my only hope to getting back to my normal self and off the floor. Somehow I found this couple who ran a very professional karaoke on Sunday nights at an Italian restaurant in the Village. The sound system was amazing. The singers that showed up were amazing and it was run like a show, not just some KJ who called your name and you sang and then he played some shitty records inbetween or sang all night mostly and barely called people up, like most hosts do. This was fun and like being at and in a Broadway show.

Going there once a week probably saved my life. It was the only thing I looked forward to doing and when I went I was welcomed and encouraged and made a lot of friends there. Yes, that IS me just a few years ago. Svelt from severe depression and posing with the fleet weekers who came in to sing with us.

The wife of the karaoke couple introduced me to India Arie's music which I found completely inspiring and eerily ironic because as it turns out, India Arie went through a similar man situation and spiritual awakening at the same time as me. I had never heard of this singer before being brought to her concert at the Beacon about two years ago, give or take, but much to my jaw dropping surprise, the songs she sang seemed to mimic exactly my very experience and many of the realizations I had just come to. The words to Can You Be A Part Of My Life are on the sidebar of my blog.

Today I love India Arie's music, reading spiritual books by Marianne Williamson and Eckart Tolle, Wayne Dyer etc...the color purple because beside white it is the highest color on the energy scale spiritually, my kitty cats, walking in the park, sushi, helping to bring babies into the world, the show Weeds, my passion for Israel, going to a live baseball game -preferably the Yankees, and well....

Well, I don't know what else. I wish I did. And that's what I will be working on figuring out this year.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm Late

I was given this award by Jessica at Thoughtful Reflections on June 1. So you see I am late getting this up and running over here.

Here's the sweet things she said about yours truly, "Lauren's blog is a must read. She shares, and voices her opinion on a wide variety of interesting topics. I seem to learn something new every time I visit."

The Rules:
1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.
2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4. Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of “Arte y Pico” blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award.

So without further adieu here are my picks:

Carrie at Candid Carrie -OH BOY this woman has the most hysterical way of seeing the world. Caution: Before visiting her blog make sure you pee first or have a Poise pad on.

Ms. Monkey at Drowsey Monkey - This woman is the Canadian equivalent to Carrie. Watch out before you go there as you might get stomach pains from laughing at her antics.

Karyne over at Karyne's Kronicles - Sweet and kind and always sharing her life with you honestly.

Karen at Mystic Gypsy - A kindred soul, who shares her wounds openly and we are better for it each time we read.

Lee from Why Isn't There Mouse Flavored Cat Food - She's a fun and delightful read!!!!!!

More Things The Mass Media Won't Tell You

In the last century, while Jerusalem was under Jordanian rule Christians were subjected to restrictions to visit their holiest sites, laws were passed to stop new Christian schools from being opened and required Christian schools teach the Koran. Christian charities were not allowed to purchase land, and the Armenian Patriarch-elect was deported from Jordan. Hundreds of Jewish gravestones were used to pave a highway and used as bathrooms by the Jordanian military. Only after 1967 when Israel liberated East Jerusalem were these discriminatory laws abolished restoring religious freedom to Christians and Jews.

It's Official, Leo Does NOT Like My Singing

OK. I bought a Michael Buble karaoke cd Saturday during my break at work. Later that evening I decided since it was pouring rain and the huge Forest Park Night Walk was cancelled due to flash flood warnings and thunder and lightening, I would try out my new music to pass the time.

Yes, yes it was Saturday night and I am NOT on a date. But right now I am not seeking that out. If I should be thrown in the path of a fantastic man to date I am ready willing and able, but seeking it out...no no.

I sat myself down on the glider's foot stool infront of the fan and started to sing. At first, Leo just whined. Then he started to pace. Then when I tried a new song that I had to do in a high register, which I proudly can still hit, thank you, I felt 11lbs of fur and muscle fling itself onto my back, and heard a very loud crying plea for me to stop the noise.

You'll just have to use your imagination and picture this cause there is no video proof. And if you are getting a hysterical video in your mind you're on to exactly what transpired. This 11lb monstronsity, that I love, was fully on my back, all four legs with his head right next to my left ear crying.

I wish I had this on video because it really was funny. But I am too vein. I don't know that song very well and wouldn't want it posted for anyone to hear. But it was funny to have Leo react that way. So dramatic, just like his momma :0

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Life's Too Short

Today's post is inspired by two things, the sudden passing of Tim Russert and a photo on Drowsey's post today.

Yesterday while going to my car to get my father's gift out of the back so that I could find the proper box for it and mail it to Florida for father's day and his birthday which suck for him as they fall into the same month, I noticed that some asshole tried to steal my license plate off the front of my car.

First this idiot was such a major moron that he didn't even realize that he didn't have to cut the plastic around the plate to take my license, but that is what he did. And because that is what he did I knew it wasn't that the plate just got loose but that some idiot tried to take it.

So here's my advice to that shitty thief: KEEP YOUR DAY JOB YOU LOSER. YOU SUCK AT STEALING!

So I realize I need to take the car to the mechanic to get them to fix this problem so that when I drive it, whenever I can afford gas again, it won't fall off.

I get in my car and put on talk radio. I am listening to Sean Hannity and he is telling nice stories about Tim Russert and he says,"He donated $10K to my charity and asked me never to tell anyone about it."


I realized immediately that something wasn't correct. People only divulge those stories when someone dies. But he isn't saying Tim Russert is dead or he died or what happened.

I picked up my cell phone and called my mother at work and asked her to go online and see what they are saying. Mom says, "Hold on a minute. No nothing on WABCradio.com, nothing on Yahoo." And so I say to Mom, "Go to CNN or something." And then I hear her, "OH MY G-D! OH MY G-D!" And at the same time the radio starts to play Tom Brokaw announcing the sudden passing of Tim Russert. And I am telling mom, "Shhh Shh." And I move the phone from my ear so I can hear the details.

What shock for all of us. 58. Only 58 and in a minute he is gone. Whatever you thought of his politics he had a brilliant mind. He could analyze stats and spin details like no other. In a flash the man is gone.

Today Drowsey has a post about rap music and foul words. But she also has a photo of two old folks walking hand in hand. The events I write about today and her photo made me think about my grandparents, and the time we spend with people.

So today I also share with you a photo from their wedding and a photo of them at what I think was their 60th wedding anniversary party a few years ago.

Grandma died almost three years ago. Grandpa is 90.

Usually we didn't see them being affectionate with each other so catching them kissing and showing this kind of love was a treat, which I share with you today. Grandpa is a curmudgeon, a complainer to the core. Grandma was the sweetest thing on earth.

Grandma stops by every now and then. How do I know this you might be asking? Or maybe I am being too nice and your thoughts lead you in another direction. :-) Well, sometimes a friend or even a stranger will mention something completely out of the blue, give me some word that doesn't seem to make sense, but it does to me. Like when one of my friends told me she saw roses around me. Grandma's name was Rose.

Grandpa doesn't feel so great lately and doesn't like to talk much on the phone. He gets tired, he says. But every now and then I pick up the phone anyway because life's too short.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Carrie's Friday Foto Finish

For Carrie's Friday Foto Finish
America Ferrar look-a-like?
Taken from my cell phone on the qt.

What looked like an almost naked girl waiting for the train at Roosevelt Avenue.
Taken from my cell phone on the qt.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Perception Vs. Reality

Often I believe our perception of "political" situations and the reality do not match. There are many reasons for this. The media is a HUGE factor.

So in an attempt to show some reality today I saw this breaking headline and wanted to share it with you:
Supreme Court sides with Guantanamo detainees again

Now where I live and I am guessing where you live too, there's a lot of Bush bashing and Republican bashing. Especially concerning the handling of the Iraq war. A lot of liberal people in NYC and the surrounding area complain about Guantamamo and cite it as a huge human rights violation etc...

The Supreme Court is pretty packed with conservatives especially after the last two appointments from G.W. Bush. Everyone including my own parents are very worried about the next president's appointments and what a conversative Republican or even moderate one's appointments will mean for our rights here at home.

You'd think with the last two appointments that a ruling such as the one today could not be possible. But there it is. From a very very conservative court, the highest in the land, a ruling in favor of legal rights of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

BTW I am a registered Democrat, who leans right and left depending upon the issue...so I equally piss everyone off!

I'm Changing It Up

OK I have had a lot of silly and fun posts. And quite to my total amazement you have loved my kitty photos. I really thought I would be boring you all to death and I got the opposite results. It's been fun and more will be on the way.

But I have another love and it is Israel. And so this post is going to be informative. And I even venture to say you will read things here today you never knew. I hope it will give you a new perspective and maybe even make you think about why you never knew this before with all the media attention the Middle East gets.

Jews have lived in the land of Israel for the last 3700 years. While the Romans fought the Jews and conquered us, we still lived there under their rule. Many also fled. The Romans changed the name of Judea ( now referred to as the West Bank) to Palestinia to take away the Jewish identity of the country and from the hearts and minds of the people there and surrounding. The Muslims invaded this same land in the 7th Century.

Fast forward to 1882 when large amounts of Jews from all over the world started to immigrate to then Palestine, a territory under British rule, fewer than 250,000 arabs lived there. In 1919 the First Congress of Muslim-Christian Associations met in Jerusalem for the Paris Peace Conference and said,"We consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria, as it has never been separated from it at any time. We are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economic and geographical bonds."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You're Fired! Sorta

OK here's something I hate about temping.

Can someone please tell me why there is always ONE person who is a total asshole and has to give you shit at each corporation? Seriously?!

Is it a power trip to do this to the temp? Seriously folks, does this person not know her own staff she works with each day and that I am not part of that staff and don't know all the ins and outs of each persons wishes like the person I am filling in for, and so it is some damn power trip to come out and yell at me in front of people for NOT PAGING THEM and instead leaving them voice mail? Or is this person really that daft that she doesn't realize I am not the regular person, and then if that is the case what does that say about her and paying attention to her support staff?

Yes this really happened to me today. I have been doing reception temp work for many months now. People love me and ask for me back. Now I am not going to claim that everyone always loves me or that every job ever has but most do and most ask for me again.

Today however, even though I showed up early, never asked for a legally required break of 15 minutes twice and followed the directions as I was given, never being told to page someone unless the caller asked me to do so, here I was being scolded, given the dirtiest of looks and then receive a call from my agency asking what happened that they cancelled the job which was to go on until tomorrow.

So here's what I'd REALLY like to know. Hey MS. BIG ASS BITCH making tons of money and prestige: is your life so damn empty that you need to beat on some lowly little hourly temp trying to scrape by while she builds her business just to make yourself feel better? Can you not be happy with the success you have and the position you have brought yourself too? Geeze!

Some people's lives are so empty!

Oh well. Hope this streak stops here. As little as the pay is I need this right now.

Sorry I just needed to vent.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Do You Remember Beanie Babies?

Cat House On The Kings

It's Official

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too--yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.
Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party.
I would like you to dance--Birthday
Take a cha-cha-cha-chance-Birthday
I would like you to dance--Birthday
DanceYou say it's your birthday
Well it's my birthday too--yeah
You say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Currently, there are more than 80,000 Americans 100 years of age or older, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That number is expected to rise to more than 580,000 centenarians by 2040.

And in today's Daily News they published my comment:
Facts on the ground
" Voicer Anne Selden Annab tries to delegitimize the State of Israel, yet she gives no historic facts. The term "Palestinia" was given to the land of Israel by the Romans in the second century C.E. after defeating the Jews, to minimize Jewish identification. King David established Jerusalem as his capital around 1,000 B.C.E. It is only due to foreign imperialist conquerors over the last 3,000 years that Jews have had interrupted sovereignty over the country."

Here's what I actually wrote, and I think they did leave out key wording, but hey at least they put it in:

Voicer Anne Selden Annab employs the typical tactics of character assasination in her attempt to deligitimize the State of Israel, yet she herself gives no historic facts. Historic Fact: the term Palestinia was given to the land of Israel by the Romans in the second century C.E. after defeating the Jews, in an attempt to minimize Jewish identification. Historic Fact: King David established Jerusalem as our capital around 1000 B.C.E. Fact: It is only due to foreign imperialist conquerers over the last 3000 years that Jews have had interrupted sovereignty over our country.

Pretty awesome way to start off my birthday. Let's hope my colorist is able to continue this good pattern. She is FIXING the job she did on Saturday which didn't take to my white/gray hairs.

OH and it just got better. The news just stated that alternate side of the street parking is SUSPENDED today. HALALUJAH!

As I said in the post below: it's hotter than Satan's A-hole here in NYC again. My sad little 16 year-old air conditioner is doing it's best to cool us all down. There are parts of Brooklyn and the Upper East Side of Manhattan (where I lived when I first moved to NYC) that are still without power. It's more than 100 degrees with the heat index. KC is sleeping on the desk in front of me right now. She all tuckered out from watching the computer screen make so many keystrokes. :-)

So go out and have a piece of cake and a glass of wine today! I know I will be, well maybe minus the wine in this HEAT. I know, I will give myself a huge extra scoop of refreshing Gelato instead. HA!

And here's a video of Leo being docile and me being, well...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Conversation With My Father

How's this for irony?

I had to call my father tonight about my tax refund check and what I owe the State of NY. After that was taken care of Dad says this:

"How come you sent the pictures of the other kitty to Mommy and not me?"

You've got to be kidding me!

"Because I didn't want to catch shit from you because you gave me such a hard time on the phone when I mentioned I might get two kittens instead of one."

"OH COME! Send me the photos WUD YA! I didn't give you a hard time. (senility) I don't care if you have hundreds of cats."

"Didn't you see them with Mommy?"

"What are you talking about? WUD YA just send me the photos. PLEASE."

"Can't Mommy forward them to you?"

TOTAL FRUSTRATION and change in tone and added desperation cause I am making him jump through hoops of course!

"NO. Her computer is too slow. Why can't you just send me the photos. I want to see the photos of the other kitty!!!!!"

OK OK DAD. Take a chill.

Cute Sadie story:

It's hotter than Satan's A-hole here in NYC so I went to the bodega and bought me an ice cream sandwich. I put some of the ice cream on my finger and offered it to both the kittens but KC doesn't want any part of it. Sadie on the other hand LOVES IT. But the Momma is a piggie too and ate it all.

I washed my hands and face and came back to the computer to write this post. Sadie jumps onto my desk, all 1.5 lbs of her and sits in front of me and grabs my fingers and starts inhaling them thinking she is going to get more ice cream.

Poor thing. ALLLLLLL GONE!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


What say you? What exactly is that title all about?

Well I will tell ya folks! Much to my own surprise I am a 34D NOT a 38B! I think I would make Olga very very proud!

So here's how today's venture started out. Me running VERY VERY late to pick up Sarah for my bra fitting appointment at 2:30 today.

I leave my apartment around 1:20 sending a text to Sarah saying see you in about 15 minutes. I get all the way downstairs and realize I am such a shmuck because I forgot my bridesmaid dress for the fitting.

Text to Sarah again: I am a shmuck, 4got dress, am back in my apt.

Sarah to me: LOL it's ok.

I finally get going. I am driving on the Grand Central Parkway and I think I am being so smart to get out of the lane that is always backed up to get onto the L.I.E. Smart smart Lauren! HAHAHA on me. (I was supposed to take the L.I.E.)

I have the radio turned to 1010wins and they give the traffic report. They remind us to stay away from the Upper East Side today because of the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

I pick up the phone and illegally call Sarah. This is how my conversation goes:

"Holy mother of g-d! Did you know it was the Puerto Rican Day Parade when you made this appointment!!!! I should have remembered since it is always the Sunday around my birthday." [LOUD BREATHY SIGH}

"Sarah no I didn't." (very calmly I might add) She started to say something else but this is what shot out of my mouth next:

" I am almost near.....OH MY G-D! I am so stupid! HOLY SHIT! I went the wrong way to your home. I am so stupid!!!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!"

Now mind you it was over 90 degrees today. I am getting old, 37 on TUESDAY [shameless plug] and my boobs were killing me today from PMS.

Sarah:"Calm down. It's no big deal"

Lauren:"I am fine. Really I am. I just realized in the moment what a big mistake I made. I am ok."

So well I figured out an alternative route to her home. But a trip that should have taken me 20 minutes took an additional 20 just to get to her. She and I called and text each other along the way.

Text to Sarah: I left my brain...

Next text to Sarah: @ home. I blame the heat.

Next text to Sarah: I figured out how to get to you.

And well some calls inbetween
I am sure you get the jist!

And even though Sarah was up until 2am since she was out drinking last night, she was cool calm and collected and didn't care I was late. THANKS!!!!!!! :-)

When I arrived she gave me an early birthday present, this purple dragon fly. She knows I love the color purple. It lives in my car. It's funny and I like it!

It was really hard to park because of this parade.

My car is parked where this hydrant used to be. This parade has the LARGEST turnout of any parade and finding parking was hard and many streets are blocked off because of it. I believe there are more Puerto Rican's living in NYC than on the actual island of Puerto Rico.
Someone stole ONE hubcap a few months ago. It's kind of like having all your nails polished except for one.

On our way to the specialty bra shop, where I was promised they would fit me for a bra properly, we passed many interesting people celebrating their cultural heritage. This girl noticed me taking her picture and wasn't that happy but didn't cause me any trouble.

Last you saw me in my Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Post, you will have noticed that my girls were sagging. Carrie commented that they needed to be upfront and center I believe. Here is the second best bra I tried on today. Not so bad and I almost bought it. The girl in the background is Mary and she helped fit me. Poor thing, actually had to look at my naked cow utter breasts. She swears they aren't that bad and she has seen MUCH MUCH worse and that I exaggerate.

Here's me in the bra(s) I bought. Cleary you can see the lift is SOOOO much better. TADAAAAA!!! Almost as good as when I was in my 20's!

Here's the name of the bra that I bought. In this designer's bra I am a 34 D. Whoooohooo!

This is how they wrap it up. So pretty!

And the pretty bag they put it in.

And this is Sarah, sporting her new glasses for me as I dropped her off at her home.
She is so photogenic and I am jealous.
In the photos of me you can see I am hot and splotchy and sweaty. Not Sarah. Pretty as can be.
Thanks Sarah for all your help!

I Told My Mother About Sadie

Well, I emailed Mom and told her about Sadie. I received the following reply:
"you are correct - you're a grown woman. it's your call. she's cute - good luck."

In my mother's language that is code for: I disapprove but can do nothing about it as you do whatever the eff you want as always. And then adds the good luck, to attempt to sound supportive and happy for me so I can't call her on it.

And even though this Tuesday I am turning 37 (yes that is my shameless plug for birthday wishes from my readers) I still hate Mom's dissaproval. Shhh...NEVER let her know that!

Dancing Queen?

Well I have been inspired by Carrie and Gypsy to write about some childhood things.

Can you guess where I am in this photo? Here I will tell you a few things about me to help you guess: I am five years old, I have dark dark brown hair, I am wearing black ballet shoes even though I wanted pink.

OK OK ...all teasing aside, the midget on the right is me. YES, I am five years old there.

Mom put me in ballet class and here's what I remember. I know I loved to perform but in this class for some reason I felt silly and embarrassed. This teacher had all her students learn dances that together made a real ballet. The year I went to her dance school she did Alice in Wonderland.

I honestly don't remember much, I think most of the time and most of my life I am and was living in a fog, totally inside my head and not really paying attention to what others would or should. And I probably was doing that then too.

I do remember that my class had to sit in a circle and pretend to whisper something into the ear of the girl next to us. The teacher made it seem like it was the biggest deal and for some reason I don't know myself, I felt completely stupid doing this. So each time it was my turn the girls knew to pretend I did it, 'cause I just wouldn't and then take their turn.

But I do love this photo of me. It's adorable if I do say so myself. And seriously, I think it shows the potential of the adorableness of babies I could make with some lucky guy someday, wink wink ;-) So hey all you still single men out there...if you want your kids to even stand a chance at cuteness, you know where to apply.