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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Found Good Date Questions

I found these online at a popular site. Since I think they could have been written by anyone and I don't want to promote that site I am not going to share the link. BUT here are the questions and you can be sure I am going to use some of them on the next date and see what this provokes.

  1. What would you do if you won $100,000 in the lottery?
  2. What's your favorite holiday? How does your family spend it?
  3. What's your dream job? Where would you most like to live?
  4. How do you envision your life in 5 years?
  5. What do you think of parents that spank their children as punishment?
  6. What do your parents like to drink?
  7. How have your parents reacted to your previous girlfriends/boyfriends?
  8. Can I ask these questions and have an honest, intelligent conversation with this person when we disagree?

I am looking for the guy that understands that every relationship is going to come up against some obstacles. You will either break up or work through the issues and make your relationship stronger. If you push through, who knows how great the relationship can be?

So Wednesday's What Would You Say Questions are listed above. I look forward to reading your answers.


Barbara said...

These are good. I hate dating but its a necessary step to meet someone. I wish there were an easier way.

Perplexio said...

I'll bite just to give you a feel for how a prospective date/mate might answer:

1) Pay off my debt, take my wife on a European vacation and invest whatever was left over.
2) It's not really a holiday but every year all my siblings, my parents, and even some of my cousins, and my siblings extended families (their in-laws) go camping in the Adirondack Mountains. I look forward to going as it's the only time in any given year when I can see all 5 of my siblings in 1 trip.
3) Dream job- writer
4) If money were no object I'd love to live in Australia... Money would have to be no object because I'd still have to make frequent visits stateside to see my family.
5) I picture my wife and I having at least 1 child (if not 2) in 5 years and hopefully living in a larger house by then.
6) I have no issues with parents who spank their children provided they don't get carried away. There's a time and place for it and most parents know/knew how to use spanking effectively without going overboard. Unfortunately there are/were some parents out there who go way beyond spanking that really gave that form of punishment a bad rep.
7) My parents don't drink. My father gave it up over 25 years ago. When he did drink he was a gin and tonic drinker... in that regard I've taken after him. My mother still drinks the occasional celebratory wine/champagne at/on special occasions.
8) My parents have had mixed reactions to the various girls I've dated in the past-- some positive some negative. The girl I was with before my wife, they adored and were somewhat disappointed when things didn't work out. Although they're quite happy with my wife. :-)
9) If the person is worth your time, energy, and even love-- then yes you can have an honest intelligent conversation with him even when you disagree. If that's not possible, quite frankly the relationship is not worth your time and you're better off moving on.

Barbara said...

Ok here's my answers:

1) pay off my debt and save the rest to use to purchase front row seats to all my favorite concerts for the next ten years :)

2) Holiday: don't like any of them too much.

3) I'd like to get paid to blog :)

4) Married to my soul mate

5) Sometimes its necessary. Hitting is not acceptable, a spanking or swat on the butt is ok.

6) My dad died years ago and my mom drinks coffee and occasionally wine

7) My mom liked a very small percentage of them, but she doesn't really like me all that much so what can I expect - LOL

8) Yes, you can!

Lauren said...

I realized I didn't answer my own questions.

If I won $100,000, I would pay off my debt and put the rest in the bank. After taxes it is only $50K. In NYC you can't buy jack crap for that. Let it collect interest and buy me an apt. in a couple of years!

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. My family usually gets together. Before my Grandmother died two years ago it was really nice to have everyone get together. Now there aren't that many people left.

My dream job would be to continue helping people in holistic care and I want to live in NYC in the condo I own.

In five years I will be married and have at least one child of my own that I birthed.

I don't like parents who spank their children. Usually it isn't a spanking and since I got beatings as a child I am not pro hitting at all to any degree. I have babysat for some kids I WANTED to hit though. Never did of course.

My parents don't drink. I saw my father drunk ONCE in my entire life and that was because his coworkers tricked him and drank water while he drank shots. He was older than they were and wanted to show he could keep up. He hugged the stairs when he came home that night.

My parents liked all my boyfriends except one when I was a teen and my father found something he should not have been looking for in the garbage. Need I say more. I was almost 18.

I can only hope I can ask these things without issues in the asking.