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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Love Seat

Well after 3.5 months I finally bought a couch for my new (smaller) apartment. Tada!

OK really it is a love seat and I LOVE MY SEAT! I am thinking about all the love I can make, have, acquire in my new LOVE SEAT.

It's hard to tell from the cell phone camera photo but the color is wine. Which makes me think about all the whining I will do if I do not get to make tons of love soon in this new Love Seat I bought. I am also thinking about all the wine I will get to enjoy with some love in my new Love Seat.

OK enough silliness from me! :-)

The Mad Scientist asked to come over, this Friday night, with a DVD and watch it with me. I guess all this talk about being chivalrous perhaps got through?? I am not going to begin to believe I understand he got my point. I am just going to HOPE he did with all the talk we had earlier this week about what I expect and am looking for from a mate. If there is one thing I have learned, hard and clear, is that men and women just think differently and although he is coming to me, it may in his mind not have anything to do with what I am hoping sunk into his head. Only spending time with him will let me know. So I am giving him another shot with this Friday night date.

To be honest, I am relieved because I would much rather be here in my apartment watching a DVD with someone and cuddling up than anything else on a date. As always I will report back to you when there is more to report.

Update/Clarification: This date is also NOT an invitation for sex!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the DVD date..men and women are on different wavelengths but with a little expanding of the mental horisons of both parties two wavelengths can become one..It's wonderful when it happens..:)

Lauren said...

I can see how Melanie has had a glowing impact on softening that curmudgeoness of yours, eh?

Anonymous said...

definitely...:):) if you want to get in to the chicken thing go to..

http://speedcathollydale.blogspot.com/2008/01/wordless-chicken-tuesday-with-tutu.html it's a running series...:):)

Anonymous said...

sleeping with one foot outside the covers is a sign of great intelligence..I read that somewhere..can't remember where exactly but I know I did....:):)

Barbara said...

Are you sure he knows that inviting him over is not an invitation for sex? I know plenty of guys who think that it is.

Lauren said...

Barbara, OH YES! I was crystal clear. Before he asked for this DVD date, we spoke a lot on the phone. I could not have been more clear that there will be no sex. When he emailed me asking to do this DVD date, he mentioned that there be NO alcohol. I believe he is making some clear effort here to show me he is listening to what I need.

The bedroom door will be closed and we will be on that couch watching a movie the entire night. That is why I ran out and bought this couch today! :-)

We spoke again tonight briefly and he made some comments showing me he is making effort on other things too. I have to give him kudos for that.

Now with that said, it still doesn't mean he won't mess up or that this is a guarentee we get to a fourth date but the Mad Scientist sure is working hard to show good faith :-)

Perplexio said...

The fact that he's listening to your needs is a BIG positive. You mentioned he's 41 or so in another post, didn't you? We men get set in our ways and getting us to change gets increasingly more difficult the older we get.

So he's definitely showing an effort to take your needs into consideration and wanting to spend time with you on your turf out of his normal comfort zone really shows that he is definitely interested in you.

I hope your date goes well.

Roland Hulme said...

You went out and bought a NEW COUCH for the date? WOW.

Some girls are lucky if the guy even deigns to shave.

I hope he appreciates it!

Lauren said...

Roland, If he doesn't appreciate it, I will let him know what you think and put him in his place;-)

Man o man, if I am going out with a guy who won't shave for a date with me, I really am spiraling backward in the dating pool!

Truth be told, it was time to get a couch anyway...and this way there is no mistake as to where we will be, and no excuses to retire to the bedroom for something to sit our asses on. And I got a BAAGIN, as they would say in Boston. Floor model in perfect condition for $200! :-)