"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

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Freedom Fighter -YUP That's ME!

I've am one of those who refuse to deny or evade the fact of the return of anti-Semitism, and I have been talking, shouting, ranting etc...about it since college when NO ONE WOULD LISTEN.

I have lost friends and allies over my truth-telling and support of Israel, America, and of free and independent thought.

I agree with Phyllis Chesler when she says "the virtues that were once associated with liberalism, (we were once all liberals), have migrated to what is now denigrated as “reactionary conservatism” by the very liberals who have themselves become fascist-totalitarians who oppose and mock all thought, every fact, that does not support their politically correct analysis and conclusions."

and I too find it mind boggling as does Phyllis that

"Some westerners also say: “Women are oppressed here as well. It’s racist to single out an entire culture and people for the ways in which women are mistreated everywhere.”

I too have noticed the systemic ways is which I am surrounded by my own genergation which is"part of an alarmingly selfish generation which relates everything back to themselves and lacks compassion for others who are not like them...their knowledge base is restricted to their own experience and to the mainstream media in the West which encourages precisely such beliefs"

If understanding all this...if writing about all this...if shouting about all this makes me a strong personality, so be it. I wear that label as a badge of honor!

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Maybe there's a whole generation of men who have a genetic disorder causing doucheness?? Part II

Part Two:

There's very few things that can rile me up. But lying to me and trying to get over absolutely flips my switch. You'll never see a faster can of woop ass be brought out than if I feel you've crossed me and try to act like I'm stupid.

So as you know I was to be on a first date with a guy I met through Twitter but also Jdate, as I write this post.

I requested on Saturday that he email me the location for our date on for Sunday so that I could prepare accordingly.

I recieved an email reply from him simply stating he couldn't remember the name of the place and would tell me early on Sunday morning.

When it was almost 11 am and I had to get to a class not too long after, I composed an email to cancel the date. As I was about to hit the send button I received a text from this 45 year old boy with the location we were to meet.

Key things to remember as this post is long and detailed:
When he found me on Twitter he mentioned to me that he did have a Jdate profile but he thought he had hidden it because he was not a paid member at the moment. Subsequently he was logged into his account daily. That's a lot for someone who's profile is hidden and not active on Jdate. Hmmm

Keep in mind he told me that his mother lives in Upstate NY somewhere near Nyack.

Now I did have to cancel and reschedule meeting him during the week due to a client calling me to do a job that paid very well. And it turned out that client cancelled on me at the last minute.
However I called IMMEDIATELY when this happened and gave him a days notice to boot!

But I believe in signs and that was one of many.

Here is what I wrote and almost sent in the morning.

I'm writing this email to wish you the best of luck with your search for love. I honestly do not feel that the chemistry is right between us.

I was excited to learn of a Jewish man who lived near me with the same political leanings. It was and is nice to know you exist. I'm glad we met each other through twitter for that reason.

However, I've noticed that you log on to JDATE every day although you claim to not be a member anymore and even went so far as to state you hid your profile. It's obvious that is not the case and that you are corresponding with or have already started to date someone you met through the site. And it's obvious that you feel more of a connection there and are paying that woman the proper attention you are not paying me. No worries. It's not meant to be.

I think you need someone who is more "corportate" than I am. I'm just not the kind of girl.

If you're still reading...I'd like to say the following things to you about our twitter exchanges and your comments about my career:I was a bit put off by your pushiness about how I should or should not promote myself. We have never met. It's not your place to impose like that. Being the kind person I am I wrote back gently that I thought it was cute how much you cared and your response was rather conceited. There was no humility which I found rather shocking.

You then took it further upon yourself to tell me I should have a twitter professional name and where I should market myself etc...Besides the obvious rudeness of these things to be saying to me, someone you've never met before, I realized clearly that it comes from a place of need for you to find a women who makes a lot of money and be a powerhouse. I'm clearly not the right woman for you. I'm not interested in being the bread winner. I work a lot because I need to and I love the jobs I do, but a powerhouse I am not nor ever will be and I have accepted that about me a long time ago.

I also know that I cannot be with a man who wants to make me into something else. He has to accept me for me and respect who I am and the person I am and will be and love it good bad or ugly.

It may not have been your intent but to leave me hanging for the place and time was the final thing in a list that I was seeing in a pattern of rudeness. Yes, I had to cancel on you but I called you immediately to speak with you about it. THAT is kindness and respect. THAT is what a good person does.

I found it shocking and rude the way you answered your phone that day that I had to call to speak with you about the plans. Who answers the phone: Who is this?

Your lack of information in a timely manner for today obviously comes out of hesitancy and stringing me along because of a date you had last night that I suspect ran into today. I could be wrong but that isn't the issue anyway. The chemistry is off. You knew I had plans today and you knew I could have worked tonight yet I took the night off to meet you for dinner which you asked for. You wrote me that you'd tell me early on Sunday. It's almost noon, and to me that's not early. And that you are not even thinking that I might percieve it that way and only thinking about how you feel about time etc...shows me a lack of chemistry and respect.

I was about to send this email to you this morning but you sent me the text with the location. And I regret that I didn't send this to you regardles after your ridiculous bike story today.

BTW single women at my age are not stupid, or desperate...we hear well and remember well. Your mother lives in NY as you told me not NJ as you stated today. You biked in the park, but suddenly you're in NJ. And even if it is true, the fact that you're in NJ biking only hours before you are to have a first date with a woman shows incredibly poor judgement.

The email was sent as I arrived home from my class Sunday evening. Even though this "man" knew I had a class I'd be involved in he disturbed me by calling and texting me. What was the problem only 2.5 hours before we were to meet? He was hit while riding his bike and couldn't decide if he needed stitches.


Even if I believed this bullshit story, it only would say that this man has very poor judgement to be biking so close to a date. Even if I believed his lie about first biking in the park and then switching to NJ where his mother lives...it shows bad judgment to be in NJ just before you are supposed to be on a date with me.

But let me be clear. I don't buy one iota of this retarded story! YES folks I said retarded. If the fucking president can get away with it so can I! ;)

I'm done with this part of my life...letting men who really have no interest in me string me along with insane stories of why they cannot be here or there but can we yet again set up another time.


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Maybe there's a whole generation of men who have a genetic disorder causing doucheness??

This story has two parts. Part one: dating advice girl who finds me on Twitter and Part Two: Single Guy who finds me on Twitter.

Note: I found no one. They found and followed me. I decided to follow back.

And I am writing this in the spirit of Dani's Fuck fest...so watch out...

I had been tweeting about some weird exchanged from my recent Jdate account I bought for 3 months. You can purchase 1 month, 3, 6 months worth of access. My threshold of humiliation is 3 months.

I'm honestly baffled as to why some men even attempt to date. It seems like bizarre behavior to me to join a dating site and then email some woman only to tell her that he sees no point in her request to email off the site a few times before moving to the phone.

Yes you read that correctly. I was approached for communication and when I gave an email account so we could COMMUNICATE outside of the site and see if we had anything in common that would help make a phone conversation more comfortable that is what I was told.

I was also asked for my number rather than emailing with another fellow. Although I felt uncomfortable doing this, simply because we never exchanged any thoughts between us and I thought what the fuck will we even have to talk about so soon, I gave my number. Guy never called me!

So what the fuck is going on with the guys on JDATE or Jdate itself or the single men left out there. Because you can't blame me when I didn't even have a chance to fuck up on my own.

So I tweeted about these things. I did it in a light non angry way...unlike today's post. And this woman on Twitter who is trying to start a dating blog of her own must have searched and found me. She seemed nice enough although had to make a point to tell me she not only didn't like my political tweets (too fucking bad Obama bot bitch) but that she'd wish I'd tone that down.

CAN YOU SAY RUDE BITCH? I'm aware I just contradicted myself...yes I am!

Well she approaches me to write a new bio for my JDate profile, even though I had Chatty write one for me 'cause she's da bomb with PR ya know? And she tells me how basically the one I have sounds like a list for men (no it wasn't but whatever!) and that men hate lists. She proceeds to ask me questions and then sends me back a profile with my answers. So basically I wrote the profile and she tells me how she rewrote it for me. YEAH, RIGHT!

I thought about it for a day or two and figured it's worth a shot.

It bombed. It got less responses than the one Chatty wrote for me. Hmmm so much for dating woman guru's theory. When she asks me how it went I got a very odd exchange back from her.

I was told that she has a friend on JDate and that her profile wasn't doing so well either and that that site is pretty much dead and I should try jpeoplemeet...and here's the clincher...because I had asked her a question about a strange exchange I had with this guy I was supposed to be on a date with as I sit here and write this post, she told me how she thinks I am looking for reasons not to like someone and to consider if I am ready for intimacy.

HOLD THE FUCK OFF POP PSYCH DATING BITCH! Who the fuck do you think you are? Where is your degree? Where's YOUR MAN? Are you even in a long-term relationship or are you continuing to allow yourself to date losers who string you along and make up shit.

Maybe she should pick up the book: You're Just Not That Into Him Either. I know I did. Which is why I asked her if she thought it was odd the way this guy answered the phone when I called him as soon as I knew I had to change our plans for earlier in the week, which BTW asshole is what you do when you cannot attend...you call immediately because THAT is what good person does. How did he answer the phone? I kid you not he said "Who is this?"

My simple act of seeking advice from the dating blog girl was deemed negative and looking for a reason not to like him and avoid intimacy. But she hopes I will not be offended by her telling me.

So I wrote that I wasn't offended. and the following:

I'm not offended I just do not agree. I think that when you have a conversation with a man and you are laughing and he's not ...the chemistry is off. I think when you call a man and he answers the phone in an odd way it's him.

I've done a lot of work before I put myself back out there. I'm not the one who is afraid. Sadly the ones left in my age range are the odd balls and the ones that aren't are needles in a haystack. I'm not willing to settle for a guy who has lack of respect for me, or behaves oddly and innapropriately. And I am not about to take the pop psych approach that it's somehow me trying to avoid intimacy. That's crap ....as far as I am concerned. It may apply to others but not me.

I told you the things i did because they are coming up. I wouldn't go to a dating person such as yourself with good stories because I wouldn't need your advice when it's going well now would I? Hope you will take my reply in the spirit in which is was written and not take offense to it.

Guess what folks? She wrote me that we have different view points and obviously she can't help me.

I wrote her that she goes to extremes. That sometimes I will agree with her and other times I won't and I guess she has issues to work out too.

Some people are only ok when they are doling out their bullshit advice. They are so needy that they have to find people that don't have the balls to feel good enough about themselves that they will let another direct them and mold them simply because that other person needs to be needed so damn much.

Well, she couldn't handle hearing my pop psych assesment of her and we parted our ways. HYPOCRITE!

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Sadie Destroyer Of All

I do my best to be careful with my words. I am aware that they have a direct effect on reality. However, this little girl who is just about 1 year old now, who I just knew I was supposed to take home last year when I went to pick up KC and there she was in the cage with her, is the biggest bundle of energy. She is so curious and almost never learns her lesson.

She understands commands but will continue to jump on the bathroom sink when I brush my teeth and put on my make-up. I'll tell her to get down and she will. Two minutes later she's up with me.

Just about the only time she really learned to not do something again that I wanted her to stop was when, by accident she got one of her paws caught in the corner of the front door as I was closing it to leave for the day. I heard the largest scream and I freaked and opened the door of course. She cried and ran.

She was ok of course. But she never ever runs to be near the door when I leave the apartment anymore. She sits back and watches. She's still curious but she doesn't try to get out or see what is the deal with the door.

Well there she is in the first photo, taking over my desk as usual. When she was a kitten and less than 1lb she used to do this too. She took up the base of the monitor. Now you can see how this has turned out for us. Almost always when I am at the computer, this is where she is.

Sadie is obsessed with bags. Plastic bags are her favorite. She's also obsessed with the garbage can and finding Q-Tips. So I learned to use the small plastic bags from the grocery store for my daily garbage. I throw them out each day, rather than using a large trash can and waiting. However, sometimes she finds her way into those bags and gets stuck through the handle. Unlike the door incident, she hasn't learned. And when this happens you hear crinkle thud thud thud thud-----TEAR ASSING from one side of the apartment to the other. Saturday night she found this small paper bag with handles and she ran like a mad cat and ended up under the bed where I took this photo. She ran so much the bag ripped in half but stayed connected to her body. I couldn't stop laughing and I managed to snap this photo with my cell phone camera.

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Well as many of you know I'm on a budget. I don't mind being on one. It's a test of self control and will! It's a challenge and I luvs me a challenge! HEEHEE!

This week I did fantatic on my food budget. I saved $37.21 and for just under $70 I bought 41 items!

I am now the proud owner of 36 eggs! Yes I wrote 36. I will be learning how to cook and enjoy various omlets, for breakfast and dinner. Two cartons of 18 eggs each were on sale for $5! So for about 30 cents a meal I will be eating about 18 egg meals. YUMMY!
And did you know that March is frozen food month? Well at least it is at my stupidmarket.
So I have frozen peas, brocolli and other varieties of frozen veggies gallore. 10 boxes for $10.
And even better I needed vitamin water for one of my clients and it was on sale. 99 cents each. STOCKED UP!
And I even got to visit with my old friends Ben and Jerry this week. It's frozen and on sale. WOOT! They've been fun. Sweet to me ya know?
I even made a contact in the meat dept. and finagled a cheaper price on higher cost chop meat.
I'm set for a few weeks. On average each item cost $1.70. That surely makes a cheap meal no matter how you look at it! EGGCELLENT!
And at least I'm not eating Shmeet!

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Butt Load

Alright I've been hoping to blog about something funny. I'm the make you think blogger...so my friends tell me ;)

So thanks to Chatty...I've got something funny to ask.
As you may or may not know, she's studying hard for her Master's Degree. WOOT!

Lauren: So how's school going?
Chatty : I have a butt load of reading to do for my other two classes that are just now starting. but oh wells, it the price to pay!
Lauren: Curious, just how much does a butt load hold.

OK bloggy friends, anyone have the answer?

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Listen To This Woman Sing

Nikki Neretin is soulful and can rock it out too. This chick is one awesome person. She'll probably hate that she ended up on such a politically conservative blog, but I love her anyway. Go enjoy her music NOW!

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My Thoughts On Those Women Who Believe In Multi-Cultural Relativism

Your brain, mind, heart and soul have been sucked out. You are a hollow shell so devoid of any meaning in your own life that you are willing to be used to fill the meaning in someone else's vision just to feel like you have some sort of purpose.

You are a puppet.

You fought for women's rights in the 1960's, fought for your right to a safe abortion, the right to work and be paid equally, fought to wear whatever clothing you wished without retribution. Fought for the right to live as you believed without having others tell you how you can or cannot live or think. YET, you will fight with and for those who live and support Sharia the most brutal anti-women and anti-human rights way of life on the face of the earth as we know it today.

You are a hollow, brainless souless bot.

And on a similar note but not the same watch this:

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Frank Gaffney

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Verbal Abuse

I've been using Twitter and finding it to be a great source of information as well as socially fun. However I had a vampire lurker the past two days that I had to block.

What's a vampire? Think blood sucker. In real life this is someone who comes and takes from you, either your energy, your time, your friends and uses them for their own agenda.

Well this young girl popped in, was not even one of my followers and started to speak to me in a very demeaning way in the spirit of "debate." Sadly she didn't even understand what a debate is.

After I blocked her, she continued to contact many people she found on my followers list and be nasty to them as well. One of my followers writes about her kids a lot and posted a matter of fact tweet about what one of her kids likes to eat every day for lunch. And this sad sack of a young girl felt it was her right to chastise my follower.

Perhaps she should have read this piece, although knowing that she is a hater of religion, all religion and blames religion for alll the ills in the world and tried to make her case that religion is just indoctrination I doubt she would have given the message a chance...and so sadly she'll go on to continue to hurt more and more people.

Rethinking verbal abuse

By Rabbi Hillel Goldberg

A biblical perspective

http://www.JewishWorldReview.com The next time a rabbi does not return a call as quickly as you think he should, or does something odd or even wrong, consider the following story:

It was a board meeting of a shul (synagogue) in a mid-sized community in the Midwest. A member rose to address the board.

"Mr. Chairman, I wish that I didn't have to ask for the floor, but an issue has come up that has to be discussed. I'm sorry to tell you that it concerns the professional actions of our rabbi. As you know, I am chairman of the committee dealing with the plans to renovate the Talmud Torah building. We are faced with a very tight construction deadline to have the building ready for the new school year. Last Monday evening I called the rabbi to review the architect's drawings in order to begin construction. He wasn't home, so I left a message for him to call me at my office in the morning. I told his wife that it was important. I didn't hear from him.

"When he didn't call me by noon on Tuesday, I called the synagogue office. He wasn't there, either. What made things even more annoying was that his wife said that she wasn't sure where he was. She couldn't help me. 'Yes,' she told me that she had given him my message of the night before. I didn't hear from the rabbi all day Tuesday. He finally called me late yesterday. When I asked him why it took him more than 48 hours to return an important call, he said that he couldn't tell me. He said that it was a confidential matter.

"Mr. Chairman, I don't want to sound bossy, but it seems to me that if a board member — of some standing, I might add — asks the rabbi about his activities, that board member deserves a better answer than that. I want to offer a resolution that this is the feeling of the board."

The rabbi sat in silence. He looked at the speaker with some discomfort. His eyes bespoke disappointment, but no regret.

The chairman, who had listened intently, lifted his head from the papers in front of him and responded.

"I appreciate your comments. They do credit to the dedication that has marked your many years of service to the congregation. I don't think, however, that it requires such a radical step. I am sure that the rabbi will take due note of the point you have made."

The board member then asked: "Mr. Chairman, thank you for your kind words. Perhaps the rabbi would tell us now, in the presence of the board, why he was unavailable for so long."

The rabbi shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He leaned forward, placing his elbows on the table and clasping his hands in a tight grip. He showed no indication of speaking. The chairman, taking his cue from the rabbi's silence, interjected: "I don't think this is the time to discuss this. Perhaps at another time we might include it on the agenda. I am sure that the rabbi will be happy to meet with you without further delay and complete your work on the building plans. Why don't you fix a date as soon as we adjourn this evening?"

The board member said nothing but flashed his sharp disapproval. The chairman heaved a private sigh of relief because he knew where the rabbi had been. On Monday evening the rabbi had been in the local jail.

For almost two days the rabbi had been working without stop to rescue the chairman of the board from a terrible humiliation. On Sunday the chairman's thoughtless 16-year-old son had agreed to take some unsavory school mates on a jaunt in the family car. The trip, which began as a high-spirited adventure, quickly deteriorated with a wild ride complete with bad women and worse liquor. By the time their escapade was over, the chairman's son was sitting in the county jail.

The chairman, a man with a fine reputation in both the Jewish and general community, was aghast when he was contacted by the police. He was concerned with both extricating his son from the arms of the law and preserving his good name in the community. He turned to the rabbi for assistance. The rabbi spent the next two days using his considerable influence to remove the name of the young man from the police blotter. This required discreet meetings with a series of public officials.

To assure total confidentiality, and to remove all distractions, the rabbi worked from the chairman's home. To the great relief of the chairman and his family, the rabbi was successful in shielding them from public embarrassment. His reward for his efforts was the prospect of a board resolution of censure.

The chairman, the beneficiary of the rabbi's assistance, did not explain or defend him.

The rabbi was left with a bad mark and a bitter taste.

From "Orthodoxy Awakens: The Belkin Era and Yeshiva University", by Victor B. Geller, pp. 36-37.

"Mishpatim," the name of this week's Torah portion, means "ordinances." This portion is the classical source of Jewish civil and criminal law — damages, murder, manslaughter, theft, custodians of property, loans, the judicial process.

One of the laws listed here is verbal abuse. Exodus 22:20-22:

"You shall not taunt or oppress a stranger, because you were strangers in the land of Egypt. You shall not cause pain to any widow or orphan. If you [dare to] cause him pain . . . — for if he shall cry out to Me, I shall surely hear his outcry."

Taunting — in Hebrew, "oppressive words" — means verbal abuse. Bullying. Excessive teasing. Making a person feel bad. Highlighting a person's failings, or inherent deficits, or misfortunes, or bad looks, or familial disgrace, or awkwardness, or foolish remarks.

People rarely taunt someone without cause. They respond to something a person is doing or has done to call attention to himself. A rabbi, who, after all, is always supposed to be available and never supposed to ignore anyone, leaves himself wide open for remarks by his silence.

In response, synagogue members may have felt the right to have the proverbial field day.

"Rabbi, where were you?"

"Rabbi, why aren't you answering?"

"Rabbi, please, don't be rude."

"Rabbi, do you have anything to hide?"

I omit rougher variations.

Keep in mind, the rabbi's behavior is not something that he may later explain. His apparent rudeness, or dereliction of professional duty, is something that must remain on the record.

He is a prime candidate for verbal abuse, and can do nothing about it — only others can, by remembering the Torah's injunction against verbal abuse.

Obviously, the story of this rabbi is just an example. Anyone can do something inexplicable, yet have an excellent reason not to explain it.

"You shall not taunt or oppress . . . " That is: Do not act on your negative judgement of another person.

Ethics of the Fathers already warns against judging others unfavorably, which applies even without acting on a negative judgment. The point of the verse in this week's Torah portion is not to misbehave — verbally.

What about the limitation in the verse — not to taunt strangers? Is it only strangers who should not be taunted? Clearly, the law against verbal abuse applies universally.

Why would the verse apparently limit it?

The verse says not to taunt a stranger because "you were strangers in the land of Egypt." Although the actual survivors of the Egyptian slavery soon died out, the intent of the law is for all who followed the survivor generation. They, too, need to feel the pain of slavery.

In fact, the Torah is filled with references to slavery as a primal reference point for all Jews. Sabbath, for example, is "in remembrance of the Exodus from Egypt." All Jews are supposed to feel what it was like to be a stranger in Egypt. There is no limitation in the verse.

Rashi, the foremost commentator, amplifies: If you feel justified in taunting a "stranger" — the Other — remember, you, too, are "the Other." Your ancestry is no better than the stranger's. Each Jew must consider himself a stranger in Egypt to learn a lesson in humility and equality.

A more technical comment by Rashi: The verse seems limited to strangers for the simple reason that slavery in Egypt was the only possible context for the generation that actually received this message.

The Torah is so exercised about verbal abuse that it takes a rare step: It leaves a verse incomplete. "If you [dare to] cause him pain . . . !" If you dare, what? The Torah does not say. No consequence is listed. The verse is an expression of disgust: How low, how mean, to inflict pain verbally.

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Stimulus Bill 101 TAKE 2

Hatip to James T. who is totally one awesome man!

To the commenter from Stimulis bill 101 who claims she just doesn't understand the analogy of the professor and the student with the water and I should somehow prove the bill is good( well duho to her) Here you go - watch and learn!

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