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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nice Second Jdate Of The Weekend

I had a nice experience today at my lunch date with the second of three Jdates I have scheduled for this weekend. I do have an update on Jdate number three: due to a huge snow storm heading toward the NYC area we have moved our Monday date to Tuesday night.

This date today was so kind and so interesting to speak and listen to. I had a nice pleasant time. We both agreed before meeting that we would go into this as looking for a friendship, leaving any possibility open for the future. I am really glad for this. I can't say I feel chemistry, that vavavavoom at this point. What I can tell you is that all my relationships that I had in the past started out as two people just knowing each other as friends, enjoying each other's company and things grew. Now that doesn't imply that all my men friends from my past turned into relationships mind you or that this one will blossom either.

This was such a nice change of pace. I know at the very least that if he wants to spend time with me again doing some fun activity we will both enjoy the time and company. He has good sweet energy.

I have nothing more to say about this. :-)


Barbara said...

Sounds like a very nice date. I am glad you went. Now I know for sure there are still nice guys out thee ;)

Perplexio said...

My wife is also my best friend. Having a foundation in friendship does tend to make for more successful relationships.

The girls I was friends with first I also was able to resume a friendship with after dating and if anything some of the post-relationship friendships were better than the friendships had been pre-relationship. The pressure was off as both of us knew the couple thing didn't work and taking that pressure out of the equation really made things easier.