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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

With All The Drama I Almost Forgot Wordless Chicken Tuesday

With Permission from Candace Craw-Goldman


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Now this fellow is quite a pure-breed ... colorful, feathery .... BEST in SHOW!!
The backround flora gives this picture a wholsome touch - very nice :)
Thanks so much for joining the BIG BOARD of POULTRY.

SpeedyCat Chickencoop

ccgart said...

what is wordless chicken tuesday and what about the tutu?

Anonymous said...

nice chicken..atta girl..:)))))

Lauren said...

Speedcat, Yes, Candace is one fantastic photog. You should go check out more of her stuff online!

Candace, go check out Speedcat's blog to learn more about wordless chicken Tuesday and I'll explain the tutu later...but you kind of blue my next move now.

Robert, you betcha...I got the best tail in the blogosphere town! HA!