"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Thursday, April 30, 2009

For Today's Post

Please visit the following blog today. I promise you that it will be worth it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sadie Shows Her Personality

OK I had to share this photo of Sadie. I think it's a good representation of her personality. Curious and as if to say "whatchoooo doin'?"
Poor Sadie destroyer of all...she just gets into EVERYTHING. On Sunday night she climbed up on the kitchen sink where she knows she is not supposed to go. She got into my dish drying rack and played with a mug that was there. Well the mug broke and she cut her back paw.

For many reasons this is dangerous. Sadie is FIV +. So blood can be life threatening if the other cats lick it. And the cut itself could have really hurt Sadie. I couldn't get the spot to stop bleeding even though I was holding pressure on the spot. It didn't appear to be a big cut. Just a cut that would not stop bleeding on it's own.

I tried one of those sticks men use when they cut their face shaving. But poor Sadie cried. I've NEVER heard her cry like I did on Sunday night. Poor thing.

I found gauze and some old vet tape from when Emily was sick and I bandaged up her paw tight enough to keep pressure on the wound to make the bleeding stop.

Poor Sadie, destroyer of all, didn't like this and tried hard to kick it off and bite it off. But this momma is smart and bandaged it well. It stayed on all night. In the morning I removed the bandage and the wound looked perfectly fine. I applied some neosporin and she's good as new.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Hard Earned Money Ain't Goin' To You ANYMORE

People in my RL know that for the most part not much rattles me. You all read my rants. HAHA! YOU LOSE SUCKERS! :)

But there are some things that turn this calm person into an absolute rabid dog. One happened today.

I don't have my own laundry facilities and have to use a laundromat. Apparently they are almost all run by Asian folks who well truth be known have issues with pride and will be nasty if you tell them you aren't happy. Think I am wrong? OK go test the waters near you and get back to me.

So, I've been using this one place for more than a year. And they were good until about a month ago. Then after so long of using their huge dryers that basically burn your effing hands off if you try to take your stuff out just after it shuts off, last week I returned to get my dried laundry to find it removed from the dyer. Nothing was in the dryer either. WTF!

I was 10 minutes past the time I paid for. I was told that another customer used the dryer and took her stuff out already. WTF! Really in 10 minutes you dried all your items and took them out. I find that hard to believe. More likely you knew my M.O. of leaving and coming back late and always paying too much and took my items out early because they were dry and used the darn machine for yourself. BOGUS. I was angry and the woman the owner claimed used the dryer started screaming at me even though I hadn't addressed her, only the owner, and calmly might I add!!

Well when she started barking at me I threw some F bombs and told her to shut up.

Yesterday, two weeks later I confronted the owner about my stuff being removed. It seemed like things were understood amicably. But when I returned to get my stuff from the dryer and after paying for even longer time than I normally do I returned to find WET and not even hot clothes and I was only five minutes past the paid time.

The owner was no where to be found and his assistant was nasty to me and barely understood the situation anyway. I left a note to please add the proper time I paid for and didn't get and left my cell number. I returned 2 hours later and he did NOTHING.

I explained that the dryer wasn't working properly and that I have been a good customer for more than a year with no problems until this issue. He refused to give me 7 minutes or 14 minutes more for "free" to make up for the bad dryer.

To add insult to injury, he started to argue with me that nothing was wrong and someone used it before me. OH REALLY, so it couldn't POSSIBLY BREAK THE FUCK DOWN after that person now could it? THE FUCKING MACHINE IS LIKE 20 YEARS OLD!

I could see I would not get justice on this and that my money was not valued at this place. Only HIS money was valued.

I told him that he was not being honorable and obviously did not value my hard earned money and therefore would not see another dollar from me again and I would tell everyone I knew not to use him.

He told me that coming for a year was not a long time and good if I didn't come back. SO BE IT!

As I walked out the assistant said Thank YOU and in rabid fashion I told her FUCK YOU!

I don't know about those of you reading, but when it comes to services and my money I do expect that a business owner listens to my concerns and possible complaints and rectifies the situation. When I realize that I am being treated with utter disrespect all bets are off, no holds barred. I'm vicious!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Re: Recent Dating Experience

Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company. George Washington

A good bloggy friend emailed me privately about the lunch date I wrote about a few days ago. She was completely well meaning and I love her and we exchanged a few tidbits...but in the end I think this quote sums up my feelings on the situation.

I hear you though! And with respectful thoughtful man, yes yes you'd be right.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Chopping Block

I could not take my hair so long. I chopped off at least 4 inches on Friday. Morticia be gone!

I finally have some shape and bounce back to my hair. One of the guys I work with said it's very sassy. LOL

Now if I could only stop scowling when I know my photo is being taken. I don't know why I can't smile naturally, but I just cannot. Oh well. At least my hair looks great! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Quiz Time Again

A few weeks ago I said I'd institute a fun day where I would list an un-named quiz and let you list your total scores in the comments section. Then the following day or maybe two, I'll list the answers based on your scores.

This one's a little hot. But I think you'll have fun with it. And we need some fun around here! And let me just preface this a bit...if I could take the time to type this very frickin' long fun and funny quiz you can total up the answers for yourself. You don't have to tell me your individual answers...and by g-d I don't want them either. TRUST ME. When you are done, all up the total number of all your answers and leave your total score in the comments section please.

For the following statements list 1-5 based on the following scale:
5. Strongly agree
4. Agree
3. Don't agree, don't disagree. I'm walking the line.
2. Disagree
1. Strongly disagree


1. I smolder with desire when pleasuring my lover.
2. I enjoy seeing my sweete wearing only a huge smile.
3. Keep the lights on; I don't want to miss a thing.
4. Sex only in the bedroom?...You must be joking!
5. Experimenting with sexual positions is way cool.
6. Oral gratification is very sexy.
7. I am so proud of my seductive bod...wouldn't change a molecule!
8. Naked is my favorite way to dress.
9. I think, therefore I am ...sexy.
10. My lover's body may not be perfect, but it feels soooo good!
11. You bet, I can be a sex vamp or stud.
12. I am growing in my sexual prowess.
13. It goes without saying that deep, throaty kisses are without equal in my world.
14. I love playing sexy roles with my sweetie. Ummm, did someone say, "Action"?
15. When I am bad, I am so much better...let's talk dirty.
16. Watching dirty movies with my lover is a huge turn-on.
17. When I go out, I shine in the Sultry, Sexy, Sinful (with a capital S) clothes.
18. Ummmm, telling my lover what feels good is my "pleasure"...oooh yes, there!
19. Yes, lover tell me where it feels yummy...! I wanna hear those moans.
20. Sex is so develishly delightful when I dress sinfully sexy.
21. I adore chocolate, especially when it is being licked off... a little to the left, ooh.
22. I like to make up sexy stories, and act them out.
23. I love my toys...love toys, that is.
24. I pant for sexy underwear.
25. My lover and I often cuddle up with a sizzling sex book or video.
26. We search for daring and dangerous places to pleasure each other.
27. I am so into self pleasuring...if that darn rabbit just keeps going.
28. The hottest websites are in my favorites file...Ummm, come here, sweet sweet computer.
29. My sexuality is at the very core of my being, the indisputable meaning of and reason for my existence, the spiritual essence of who I am or will ever be. Yes, I would say it is important.
20. I have sex very very often, but never often enough. Oh, sweetie...where are you?...My motor is revving.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Seduce Me Already PLEASE

I was reading a silly list on Yahoo tonght about ways to flirt that work and it made me think about this last date and chemistry and sex appeal and being seduced.

I'm not going to claim to speak for all women, but many of my blog friends and readers are women so chime in on the comments please...but they are so basic guys and I swear if you follow them at least with me ...you're probably gonna get lucky!

In keeping with the K.I.S.S. rule here goes:

  1. Be kind
  2. Be generous
  3. Be respectful
  4. Throw me an honest compliment
  5. Show me you're listening to what I am saying
  6. Be playful
  7. Show me you want to make my life easier

Believe you me, if you do these things and it's not just an act not only will you get back 10-fold what you gave to me, you're gonna get lucky!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Holy Crap I Had A Date

Yes you read that right. I had a date on Wed. I met a nice Jewish guy for lunch. And yes it is true I want to meet a nice guy who is Jewish. But it can't be that he is just nice. There has to be more. There has to be that chemistry, not just physical either. That intangible chemistry as well as the niceness and respectfulness. And for me it wasn't there.

We met through a free dating site and had some emails and talked once on the phone. The conversation seemed a bit forced but again, nice and when asked if I wanted to meet I figured why not.

We met at a place called Vinyl in Manhattan. It was quiet for that time of day and the food was decent. Although I honestly barely ordered anything. I got a soda and a spring roll appetizer which turned out to be two tiny spring rolls cut in half for $6.

I felt like I was doing most of the talking and tried my best to get him to talk without having to continually ask questions. He seemed very very interested in what I do for a living and most people are, so I am used to this.

I can get past the conversation part, especially on a first date, which he did call it just that, a first date. His words, not mine. Remember that. Some people are just shy at first. I'm not about clobbering a fellow for stuff like that. Nice guys are hard to find. BUT what I cannot get past is that he let me pay half the bill.

The entire bill was $20. And out of politeness I asked, "would you like help with the check?" And he said yes. To me that is not a date.

Now I cannot prove this but I will tell you that while I almost never wear my rings from my grandmothers I decided I would that day. I love them and it makes me feel good to have them on and remember that my grandmothers are with me. One of the rings can be mistaken for an engagment ring. It's of course not one. I caught this fella looking at my hand many times as I spoke, specifically looking at the ring. So I can only connect the dots that perhaps he felt I had money and could pay my way. Maybe I am completely wrong on his reasons. But the reasons don't matter. To me a gentleman pays, especially on a first date. Especially if he wants a second date. Call me old fashioned.

So well he walked me to the train and I said goodbye and he said he'd call me. Very generic in that call me statement. Whatever. I went into the subway and on my way home.

As soon as I arrived at my stop and walked outside I received a text asking me for another date for Thursday or Friday. I just had to laugh. I didn't answer it. I was on the phone with my mother when the text came in. We were discussing how he was nice but clueless. At 40 years old you don't get a pass on this one.

I wrote a nice short email thanking him and letting him know I could see us as friends but that we both know we aren't looking for friendship and I wished him well on his search for love.

After the last fiasco with ignoring a guy hoping he'd get a clue, and he didn't, I knew I had to send the email. I figured that was the end. NOPE.

I received a response : I really liked you. Oh wells.

Later that evening I got another email to the effect of: forgive my ego I'm ok with being friends but I know the deal. And he sent me a link to check out an iPod, since we had talked about me finally buying one.

I think it's funny the things I learn from going out on dates. I spent so many years, not realizing that I was but chasing men I had feelings for, when all I had to do what pretend I didn't give a rats ass and had no interest in them, and they would have been interested in me as much as I wanted them to be. Go figure!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Feel Pretty?

I'm always in my head. Super analytical. So I thought I'd show you my feet for some balance. LOL
I had my toes manicured on Tuesday morning. MUCH needed.
I noticed that my feet are pretty thin. If only...:)
I'm not a foot person and I think feet need all the help they can to look presentable. Your thoughts?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Award I Ever Won!

I won this, well I EARNED this award so it means so much more to me than anything else I've won in my blogging life. HONEST.

If you're not already familiar with Dani's blog you really need to pop over.

Here's what she had to say about awarding me this Eff You Award : One of the coolest kick ass political/ everything blogger on the net..Lauren from Can You Be a Part of My life She had one hell of a shitty day and than came back and had more shit to add to her shitty day..

She gets me...she really gets me. LOL Thanks Dani!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

What's New With Me

I had a very busy weekend. If you know what I do for a living then you'll understand this next statement. I worked 2 in a 24 hour period of time. No big deal as far as time. That was pretty cool. However what really knocked me off my center and made me frazzled was that in less than a 5 minute period of time I lost my cell phone and I could not communicate with my clients and I could not find the phone.

I never realized how damn dependant I am on that cell phone. It has my entire life in there. Appointments and clients contact info and my lifeline to texting and receiving texts from clients. And well I'm sort of a technodork and I have no clue how to back up the files from the cell in any way. Guess I need to learn this.

Well I did make it to the clients. I was late and I hope they are not furious with me for it. All ended well. I will meet with them in about a week and they will let me know. I know it's not possible to please every single client I will have. It's just the way life goes. But the work I do is personal and I take it hard if I have not done so.

Early Sunday morning my mother called me and said "guess what"? And I said, "OMG someone called you about my phone!!!"

Yes some guy found and kept my phone and called my mother. So after being up for more than 24 hours and working with 3 clients (1 new one in the am on Sunday) I drove another hour to the Walt Whitman mall on Long Island to meet the guy who had my phone.

Nice guy. Young man who is unemployed and was interviewing for some retail job. I was grateful that I had the money to reward him. I handed him $40 and I suppose he really could use it right now.

Now one of the jobs I worked this weekend was unexpected and brought a few extra dollars into my hand. And when I was done working that job I was around the corner from a man who sells second hand furniture. Some are antiques and others are not. I've wanted a new desk for a long time. I've been looking for what I believe they call library desks. And after searching for a long time for the look and feel of this kind of desk I found one. It's green which perfectly fits my color scheme in my bedroom where my desk lives...with a light wood toned top. It's wood, not plyboard and it was only $50. SOLD. Some day I'll get the $2000 version. For now this makes me happy. It feels so much better in my space. It feels like furniture instead of a desk. Since my computer lives in my bedroom I really didn't like the feel of the desk in here. Those that live in small apartments will probably appreciate this last statement.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Newt's Speech At New York Tea Party

I must confess, there was a time about 18 years ago I would have vomitted at the thought of following Newt. I was very much on the left. But after my experiences in college, with some professors and how they treated me when I did not agree with their conclusions, I started to open my eyes and ears. I started to listen to the facts from those on the right side of the aisle. They never shouted me down. We may still disagree on some issues such as the right to an abortion and gay rights. But we do not shout each other down. Respect. And today I find myself respecting the knowledge that Newt has to offer us as UNITED CITIZENS of the United States of America.

Friday, April 17, 2009


This is amazing to watch. Sadly I couldn't help thinking that had this been in any Muslim country (well as if their society would have even allowed that for 5 minutes) that the people would not be open to this at all and some maniac would have come out and dragged this guy away or worse. You know, cause this isn't honorable.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

CNN Reporter Badgers and Lies

You saw the CNN clip here on my blog yesterday. Now watch it again and the rest that they didn't show you. Listen clearly at the end when "reporter" lies and says she never said this was about Republicans.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We The People...Tea Party

Hatip No Bumper Sticker Bromides

CNN Reporter Badgers Protester at Tea Party Today

The MSM has proven my point that they are just the biggest collective blow job givers.
Listen to this "reporter" ask her question and then badger the guy when he answers.
She obviously doesn't understand what it means to be objective and then she states this isn't family worthy.

Hey CNN, journalism 101 --ask the question and let the person answer the question. If you don't like the answer then consider it that the answerEE is going to dig themselves in by their own words and SHUT UP!

You're not the PR wing of Obama. Or are you?
She cuts the guy off and says, "Do you realize you are eligible for a $400 credit?"

Susan Rosen get your head OUT OF YOUR ASS! If you wanted to be a Press Release writer why did you waste your entire life in journalism school and then waifing away to fit in your skinny on air clothes to hold a mic and ask questions?

Do us all a favor Ms. Rosen and leave television journalism and go work for Obama and write his press releases OR perform the duties of your job and ask impartial questions and let the person you asked answer.

Reporters are supposed to be UNBIASED but clearly you went with a bias as your studio host also confirms at the end of this clip.

And I'm really curious as to why the Pro Obama rallies before the election that were so Anti-Bush weren't EVER considered Anti-government. YET this "reporter" labels the Tea Party protesters Anti- Government. Hmmmm?



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bow To Me Baby!

Hat Tip Powerline Blog

"Ben Smith ran an item on Politico with the White House denying the bow. "It wasn't a bow. He grasped his hand with two hands, and he's taller than King Abdullah," said an Obama aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity."

Well, I'm five feet even folks! Well that is until I start shrinking like my momma. LOL. So I guess if I ever find myself face to face with O he'll bow to me too...because he's taller than I am. RIGHT?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tea Anyone?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter To My Christian Friends

Happy Bunny Day to my Christian friends.
Have a piece of matzoh on me. It will counter act the effects of all the chocolate you'll be eating ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009

I Can't Resist Posting This Comment

I know I'm being baited (pun intended) when this comment came in. Of course it was done to test if I would post it and then of course you could have followed the links to the person yadda yadda. So instead I just copied and pasted it to it's own post.

It just makes me laugh incredibly. It's just too wildly funny. Well at least this anti-circ writer was funny. The rest were just not worth more than the few words I did write in my own comments section.

BTW it's very easy to use a search engine and find any of these anti-circ groups and their insane lies...and that is what they are. They are insane and lies. Therefore and amongst other reasons I see no need to give them a platform here.

Are there pros and cons to circumcision. YES! As with ANY medical procedure there are risks. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

My objection has been the tactics and methods of the people who oppose the procedure.

FredR wrote:
It will not be possible for any of us to prevent the desire to seacrifice the prepuce of infant boys by some mothers. When I was 5 I saw an intact 2 year old and when older experienced the pleasure of being with an intact man. I am mad that I did not get the choise to keep mine. So mad that I began to commit Cabala witch curses in 2001, on my mother and the US for allowing it. Now I am satisfied knowing that all the suicide /murders in the US and world wide and all the money frauds and the amthrax letters and future dirty bombings are and will be committed by men who have been circumcised as infants, and that female circumcision is another one of the long term over generations negative side effects from sexually traumatising male infants as a sacrifice. I can't wait for the nuclear holocaust commited by the nations that promote infant sexual terrorism so I can say chop low on you wicked witch bitches for doing this to me.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Follow Up Facts and Statements

Not surprisingly I received a few comments (which have been rejected of course) from anti-circumcision propagandists regarding the facts. As if facts are refutable. PUHLEASE.

Let me start out saying that I hold in high regard the credentials of:

What I provided was a list of data...research results and attributions. It doesn't take a doctor to confirm for me or you what is clear. And I can tell you with 100% certainty that many doctors do not practice evidenced based medicine and instead follow hospitial policy which puts you at risk every day.

It isn't necessary for a Harvard bullshit artist to come and spout his manipulative opinions either or any other such nonsense. And furthermore there are serious HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS happening right now in the world toward women, mostly in MUSLIM countries right at this moment. Girls being "honor killed" and women being flogged or hung because they spoke to a man outside of their family or because they were raped by thugs. So please spare me the human rights cockamame argument about less than an inch of skin that is done to increase the health and well-being of little boys as well as grown men.

Now to go a little further let's take these weak arguments and show the truth as told by Just Mommies forums:
1) The AAP doesn't recommend circumcision: This is actually a convenient interpretation (or rather misinterpretation) of the AAP's actual policy which states: "Existing scientific evidence demonstrates potential medical benefits of newborn male circumcision; however, these data are not sufficient to recommend routine neonatal circumcision. In the case of circumcision, in which there are potential benefits and risks, yet the procedure is not essential to the child's current well-being, parents should determine what is in the best interest of the child. To make an informed choice, parents of all male infants should be given accurate and unbiased information and be provided the opportunity to discuss this decision. It is legitimate for parents to take into account cultural, religious, and ethnic traditions, in addition to the medical factors, when making this decision."http://aappolicy.aappublications.org/cgi/c...trics;103/3/686So the AAP doesn't recommend routine infant circumcision, which means that all baby boys would be circumcised. However, that's a far cry from not recommending it all. What the AAP actually recommends is that parents make an informed decision based on the pros and cons of the procedure. Simple.

2) No organization in the world recommends circumcision: Technically true (although again, no organization recommended routine circumcision, all positions are basically the same). However, that changed just today. Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UNAIDS) have recommended circumcision as a preventative measure against AIDS. Here are some links:http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releas...0/en/index.htmlhttp://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=...line-news_rss20http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070328/ap_on_...ds_circumcisionThe American Urological Association (AUA) also came out of a more positive position on circumcision stating that "circumcision should be presented as an option for health benefits".http://www.auanet.org/about/policy/services.cfm#circumcision

3) Circumcision is a human rights violation:Not true. I agree there are some people that think that circumcision should be a human rights violation and they have every right to feel that way. Still, that doesn't make it a reality. We have accepted organizations that deal with these issues and decide- based on many factors- which activities are acceptable and which violate basic human rights. These organizations have agreed that circumcision IS NOT a human rights violations because of it's a very safe procedure and it carries some medical benefits. This myth usually goes hand in hand with a comparison of male circumcision and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). However, the two practices are completely different in every single aspect: physical, psychological, emotional, social and religious. They're not comparable in the slightest, but since they're both done is the same general area, and because FGM is a degrading practice and an accepted human rights violation, anti-circumcision activists usually use it to try to put circumcision in a more negative light. Sadly, it does the opposite. By comparing something as traumatic, damaging, dangerous and degrading as FGM with a simple, safe and beneficial procedure demeans the impact of FGM. It's a poor way of treating the women that have been victims of FGM and a way to demean their pain.Finally, Amnesty International has directly declined to accept male circumcision as a human rights violation 3 times.Here are some links:An article from the New England Journal of Medicine http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/3...pe2=tf_ipsecsha (WARNING! Link contains explicit pictures!) Here are the responses to this article, including a commentary by the author: http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/332/3/188 "I use the term ``female circumcision'' to acknowledge its cultural importance, the positive perception of this procedure on the part of those who practice it. These characteristics constitute the main similarity of female circumcision to male circumcision. The difference is that, unlike male circumcision, the most commonly described types of female circumcision are anatomically and functionally mutilating.""From the perspective of public health, female circumcision is much more damaging than male circumcision. The mildest form, clitoridectomy, is anatomically equivalent to amputation of the penis." "[i]In my extensive clinical experience as a physician in Sudan, and after a careful review of the literature of the past 15 years, I have not found a single case of female circumcision in which only the skin surrounding the clitoris is removed, without damage to the clitoris itself." http://www.euro.who.int/document/e60522.pdf "According to Dr. T Turman of WHO headquarters, there is a technical difference between male and female genital mutilation. The removal of the clitoral prepuce (female circumcision) is equivalent to male circumcision and constitutes less than 1% of all female genital mutilations. In young girls this procedure is extremely difficult to perform. In over 95% of cases, the clitoris, the labia minora and (in some cases) the labia majora are excised and the vulva sewn up. The biological equivalent in the male would be partial to almost two-thirds removal of the male sexual organ, including in some cases removal of tissue from the scrotum followed by stitching the remaining tissue." The WHO in their recent statement (2008) changed the classification of FGM type I and subdivided it in types a and b. Type Ia being the removal of the clitoral hood alone (the only one comparable to male circumcision) and this is what they had to say about it:"The reason for this change is the common tendency to describe Type I as removal of the prepuce, whereas this has not been documented as a traditional form of female genital mutilation. However, in some countries, medicalized female genital mutilation can include removal of the prepuce only (Type Ia) (Thabet & Thabet, 2003), but this form appears to be relatively rare (Satt et al, 2006). Almost all known forms of female genital mutilation that remove tissue from the clitoris also cut all or part of the clitoral glans itself."They also explain the terminology of "female genital mutilation" as opposed to "female circumcision" saying that: "This term, [female circumcision] however, draws a parallel with male circumcision and, as a result, creates confusion between these two distinct practices" "In contrast to female genital mutilation, male circumcision has significant health benefits that outweigh the very low risk of complications when performed by adequately-equipped and well-trained providers in hygienic settings"http://www.who.int/reproductive-health/pub...tement_2008.pdf

4)Babies don't cry during circumcision because they "pass out" from the pain. This is probably just an attempt at creating an emotional response. The idea of a baby that's in so much pain he passes out is repulsive to anyone. But in regards to circumcision, it's a completely false image. It's another common anti-circ tactic when normal conditions fail to create outrage: Exaggerate. And the more exaggerated, the better. The best way to end this disgusting lie is to encourage parents to be with their sons during the procedure. This way they can see for themselves that the baby isn't "passed out". Any mother that has fed her child after his circumcision will tell you that her baby wasn't passed out. Furthermore, here are some studies on newborn pain that show that even simple measures like close contact, rocking, sucking and oral sucrose can significnatly reduce the pain in newborns. Add those to proper pain relief and you really have no "passed out" babies.http://pediatriconcall.org/fordoctor/pharmaupdates/sucrose_ana.asphttp://journals.cambridge.org/download.php?file=%2FDMC%2FDMC43_01%2FS0012162201000056a.pdf&code=385dd103aefe335e0e528452fc6608c7Finally, pain-induced shock isn't as simple as they like us to believe. It's a serious life-threatening condition. A newborn baby wouldn't simply pass out from shock and be awake and alert 10 minutes later without any measures. And considering that's how most mothers receive their sons after their circumcisions, it's very unlikely that the baby went into any kind of shock during the procedure.

For more myth busting facts please visit Just Mommies Forum.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Facts As Promised

Here are my attributions:




Brian J. Morris has an impressive resume and runs the first site listed above.
He was born in 1950 in Adelaide, South Australia, graduated from University of Adelaide and obtained his PhD in Melbourne in 1975, before doing 3 years of postdoctoral research in the USA at University of California, School of Medicine, San Francisco and University of Missouri, Columbia.
He was appointed as an academic at The University of Sydney in 1978, won the Edgeworth David Medal (state award for science) in 1985, was awarded a DSc in 1993, and was appointed to a Chair in the School of Medical Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine from 1999.

And he states on his site: What I do care about is that professionals and the public alike be provided with reliable, well-researched information. I see this as part of my academic duty in the interests of education. It is then up to each person to apply this knowledge when making decisions in their own best interest or in the best interests of their children or patients. Please therefore note that this website is a review of the literature. It is not my personal opinion.

Mr. Morris goes on to say the he is offended by the anti-circ groups propaganda and misinformation.

I'm going to list some facts. But first I want to explain what you probably have heard about it being easier to clean. This statement often gets distorted. Seriously, how many grown men can pull back foreskin and clean themselves right?

This statement is about infant males and cleaning. And it is MUCH harder to keep this area clean in infant babies for various reason and therefore leads to: a higher risk of death in the first year of life (from complications of urinary tract infections: viz. kidney failure, meningitis and infection of bone marrow).

The benefits are clear.

• Improved hygiene.
• Much lower risk of urinary tract infections.
• Much lower chance of acquiring AIDS heterosexually.
• Virtually complete elimination of the risk of invasive penile cancer.
• More favourable hygiene for the man’s sexual partner.
• Much lower risk of cervical cancer and Chlamydia (and thus infertility and other problems) in the female sexual partner.
• More favorable sexual function and no reduction in sensation during arousal or in the sensitivity of the flaccid penis.

Lack of circumcision:

• Is responsible for a 12-fold higher risk of urinary tract infections in infancy. Risk = 1 in 20. Higher risk of UTI at older ages as well.

• Confers a higher risk of death in the first year of life (from complications of urinary tract infections: viz. kidney failure, meningitis and infection of bone marrow).

• One in ~400-900 uncircumcised men will get cancer of the penis, which is over 20 times higher in uncircumcised men. A quarter of these will die from it and the rest will require complete or partial penile amputation as a result. (In contrast, invasive penile cancer never occurs or is extraordinarily rare in men circumcised at birth.) (Data from studies in the USA, Denmark and Australia, which are not to be confused with the often quoted, but misleading, annual incidence figures of 1 in 100,000).

• Is associated with 3-fold higher risk of inflammation and infection of the skin of the penis. This includes balanitis (inflammation of the glans), posthitis (inflammation of the foreskin), phimosis (inability to retract the foreskin) and paraphimosis (constriction of the penis by a tight foreskin). Up to 18% of uncircumcised boys will develop one of these by 8 years of age, whereas all are unknown in the circumcised. Risk of balanoposthitis = 1 in 6. Obstruction to urine flow = 1 in 10-50. Risk of these is even higher in diabetic men.

• Means increased risk of problems that may necessitate 1 in 10 older children and men requiring circumcision later in life, when the cost is 10 times higher the procedure is less convenient, and the cosmetic result can be not as good as when done in infancy.

• Increases by 2-4 fold the risk of thrush and sexually transmitted infections such as human papillomavirus (HPV), syphilis, chancroid and, in some studies Chlamydia.

• Is the biggest risk factor for heterosexually-acquired AIDS virus infection in men. 3 to 8-times higher risk by itself, and even higher when lesions from STIs are added in. Risk per exposure = 1 in 300.

• In the female partners of uncircumcised men is associated with a 5 fold higher incidence of cervical cancer (caused by sexually transmitted HPV), pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility from blockage of fallopian tubes, extopic pregnancy (each caused by Chlamydia), genital herpes, and other conditions.

No LIP SERVICE. References to this FACTUAL information.

More to come tomorrow.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Left Is Not Right On Circumcision

A new vistor to my blog decided to write a slam piece against circumcision on his blog. This is my response to it.

I try hard to visit all my blog commenters own blogs. In that vein I came upon this slam piece and it really made my blood boil. This topic has come up more than once in my life recently because of the work that I do. (see the sidebar on my blog if you don't already know)

Look I'm NOT going back to that man's blog. He's offended that I am offended that he is absolutely cultural insensitive to Jews when he makes his slam and lets other comments on his blog go up in same slam fashion. TOUGH SHIT! BE OFFENED MISTER because you are offensive.

It's perfectly fine to have decided not to cut the teenie itty bitty FORESKIN of your baby boys at birth. But to use false and misleading information on your blog to sway others in your direction is not OK. To keep writing and insinuating that it is medically unecessary and in some way harmful is factually incorrect and IS culturally insentitive.

I always find it ironic that this leftist type of thinking will scream from the rooftops how we must be so sensitive to other cultures to the detriment of our own on just about everything except when it comes to ANYTHING that has to do with the Jewish culture or people.

Don't like that label. TOUGH SHIT! Be Offended! The truth hurts.

A fellow twitterer described me as "forthright"! WOOT! You betcha!

And before I get into all the FACTS let me just say that if this man who wrote that slam piece on his blog isn't a left wing liberal on other subjects, he sure as hell is behaving in that manner on this one.

Let's make no mistake, for the most part I am a conservative, but my values are based on my beliefs...personal responsibility, freedom of choice, human rights for women and men with no exception because a religion deems it ok to beat the shit out of their women or worse, and most of all INFORMED CHOICE.

When I commented how culturally intolerant his entire post and comments were as well as factually incorrect the overall answer was that he didn't understand how the WHO could make the statements they made, therefore it couldn't possibly be true (LMAO) and that he was offended at my statement that he was culturally insensitive to an entire race of people who have been doing this for more than 5000 years with no adverse affects, as being that we have free speech.

Free speech! Just love it. Another ignorant point. Because free speech doesn't have anything to do with you and me arguing with each other and it doesn't give you the right to spread LIES. Free speech has to do with the individual's relationship to and with the government. Nothing more and nothing less. It means they cannot cart you away for your stupid ignorant post.

It's a common tactic: when you cannot discredit the message, try to discredit the messenger. I faced this much of my life on my hot topics. Add Circumcision to the list of my hot topics. It's extremely politicized. The information posted online in MOST places is filled with ACTIVISTS slanted data and opinions. That's not fair to parents who love their children and have now been introduced to people who use psychological fuck with their heads and hearts tactics just so they'll do what you wish they would with their kids.

GET A CLUE MOTHER FUCKERS...THEY AREN'T YOUR CHILDREN. (sorry mum me for the language)

Just as I do not want "The State" to tell me what I can or cannot do with MY child, I also do not want activist groups shaping the policies of what I can or cannot do concerning the health of my child. PERIOD!

Whether we like it or not the truth is that most people make decisions based on MOB RULE! We want to be accepted. We go along to get along. It's hard to stand strong against the tide of cultural relativism in our own backyard. The group/mob will ostracize you if they are into whatever the flavor of the month is for them.

" liberals have themselves become fascist-totalitarians who oppose and mock all thought, every fact, that does not support their politically correct analysis and conclusions."

The mommy groups you'll go to so you can have other moms to bond with, as many single girlfriends won't have time for you anymore, will be so filled with this agenda-filled activist mentality --PICK A SUBJECT -- It Doesn't Matter Which, that it will be hard to find a group of friends if you don't go along with the garbage you hear that is NOT fact based.

I said this before: I have lost friends and allies over my truth-telling and support of Israel, America, and of free and independent thought.

I'm going to post the FACTS about circumcision tomorrow. And I am going to tell you now that I am not pro or anti circumcision. For me it will be done if I have a little boy. It's my faith/religion and I am ok with it.

What's important to me is that every parent is able to make this decision based on informed choice and nothing more.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

So Much And So Little

It's going to be a busy weekend for me. I have a few items on my mind to blog about. Did you expect less?? LOL But those topics require a bit of time to write up my thoughts. So in the meantime please go check out all the great blogs I follow and read each day listed on my sidebar.

I'll be back Monday for sure!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Sweet Olivia

This day last year I had to let my Olivia go. The medical truth may be different from the reality as it presented, but for us it was a very quick decline and I had to make a decision to let her go within a few days.

Olivia had kidney problems and although I was having her tested almost every three months, the Vet I used at the time (fired since) kept saying she didn't need medicine YET. She didn't even put her on sub q. I kept telling the Vet she is having trouble walking now and I bought her the doggie steps. Since she didn't say otherwise I chalked it up to old age.

Hind sight being 20/20 I realize now it was her veins collapsing. By the time I rushed her to my other Vet she was really too far gone. Her kidneys shut down. She could not get comfortable and kept moving around and crying. I felt horrible for her. Within three days she could barely move and I could not bear to watch her that way. I could feel with every fiber in me she was suffering and that there was nothing they could do to make her kidneys start to work.

I just wanted them to put her to sleep. I made a big mistake 14 months prior with Emily. I kept her around longer than I should have and I wasn't strong enough to be with her at the time they put her down. I promised Emily, Olivia and myself I would never make any of those mistakes again.

I kept my promise. I made them come as early as they could. I had an interfaith minister come who specializes in pets. I even blogged about his Pet Blessings book. The Vet tech came and she was on my bed. She really had left us already. Only her body was hanging on. It was quick and she was out of her misery.

She was 2 months shy of 17. She was my first cat on my own and I loved her dearly. She was sweet and kind and smart and clean. Being clean was so important to her. She probably thought she got a bum deal when it came to living with me on the clean thing. It's not that I'm dirty I'm just messy. Heck I am a single mommy to my cats. I work a lot and I have to do everything and it's tiring sometime ya know? :)

Olivia had a habit of cleaning the floor after she ate. You would see her sweep with her paw even if nothing was there.

She LOVED to get really flat and play with things. For that reason I called her smooshy mooshy. And she was just so silly at times I called her goosey girl.

She was my protector above all. I loved her.

Olivia I love and miss you very much. I hope you are happy up in heaven with Emily and my Grandma.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Should We Play Caption This?

Look closely at the book. He has a pink bookbag filled with other similar books. I watched this the entire subway ride home this weekend. Click the image to see a better view.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday And That's No Joke!

Holy shitbags Batman it's Da Old Man's birthday!

Well he says he can't remember his age. So I am wondering if this can pick him up a little, add a little spice to Da Old Man's life and spark his memory.

Oh wait, I forget (as it's been so damn long for me...OY) that men lose all the blood to their brains when they are excited. So whatever memory he has left, well ...

Now since he's so frickin' old I thought I'd show you all a good image/warning of what happens when you put too many hot candles on a cake. I'd hate to see this happen to my good friend Joe.