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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Around Manhattan

I had to go into the city today for two appointments. I took my Flip Video camera with me, my new toy I got for Chanukah (thanks MOM!!!) I am still learning how to use the software to edit the videos together and apparently there is a way to make stills from the videos taken, but I haven't figured out how to use either feature. So here are the individual videos for your viewing pleasure.

I thought many of you would get a kick out of watching little clips of what it looks like in Manhattan. Today I was on the East side near 42nd Street. So here is a little bit of what the Famous New York Public Libary looks like. It's been in many Hollywood movies. And now it is in my itty bitty blog movie. You can hear the sounds as well as see the sights.

Just down the block on my way to the subway I realized I had better find a public bathroom before getting on the train or I would be in BIG trouble. I walked into this foofie bakery and made a mad dash for the potty before they could tell me it was only for patrons. I felt guilty and plus I was really hungry since it was almost 3PM and I had not eaten anything the entire day, so I bought the Belgian Brownie. It was NOT worth the price. It tasted like any old brownie to me. At least the presentation was nice.

And then I was off to the subway to make my way home. I took this video to show you what I call condomn heads. It is short because the train was coming and people were suspicious of what I was doing with the camera. Check out the hoodie on his head. CONDOM HEAD! By the way I caught him checking me out numerous times. I walked away from him and he found his way over to me, doing that I'm not looking, look you do when you want to check someone out. I caught his eye a couple of times. He got bashful. Oh well!

And then I was on my way home to Queens. The trip takes about 40 minutes and I wasn't going to bore you with that. But here is one stop. Enjoy the trip. There is no more grafitti on the trains. They have had some kind of chemical that prevents the paint from sticking for many years now. What you are seeing on the windows is called scratching. You don't see that too much anymore, but luckily I found JUST the one train for you to view this.

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