"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Saturday, June 30, 2012

What ARE You Waiting For?

I made a new friend through FB, please check him out. His name is Erik Rush. Trust me you will like this man. He seems to get it.

So, after a long hiatus (again) I'm writing here. Not that it will matter, or maybe someday after I'm long dead and gone, someone will find this (ha, who am I kidding, the O administration will wipe all records of this blog and all those with like-minded views from record because that's what ideologue dictators do along with murdering those who dissent) and see someone who spoke the truth and tried to get people to see it before it was too late.

To those who end up here who are liberals, label themselves as such, or did at one point, still do, who cares....

You are lost!

To those who woke up, like myself, and realized that what once was the Democratic party no longer exists and it has been slowly taken over, over the last 20 years (give or take) by thugs, call them what you want: progressives, communists, liberals: THUGS...

What ARE you waiting for? 

There is no more time for "let's wait and see"...that's the frog in the pot syndrome. (google it)

Now, even Chief Justice Roberts has sold out for some personal glory (if I want to be generous) or perhaps as I truly believe, to save his skin as he sees a dictatorship take over impending, and allowed a tax to be justification for forcing Americans, whether they work or do not work to purchase a product simply for being born.

And THIS is the issue! Not poor people. Not the uninsured. Not the sick. Not the elderly!

TAXING every person regardless of their income or lack there of.

Now even that SMELLOSI plastic psycho biotch is attacking the poor and calling them greedy for not wanting to pay this to help others.

Attack attack attack! That's all the LEFT and their lemmings know how to do.

Now here is something NO ONE is talking about yet. I wonder if they will give proper attribution to it when they do since I am sure I am the first to say and write this:

If Justice Roberts can decide, and yes it rested on his and only his vote, one man, right or wrong, that the government can tax anyone for not making a purchase then this law and this ruling also says that every single person MUST work.

Oh yes it does!

How can you pay for this insurance you are federally required to purchase or be forced to pay a tax in lieu of this purchase if you do not have any income?

What about the disabled? What about stay at home moms? What about children? Children can't work, so their parents must work to pay this...as if they already aren't busting their hump trying to make a living to scrape by with unemployment past 8%.

The implication that SMELLOSI has made is that these people just have chosen not to care about their children and not buy insurance in the past and purposely used the ER to be freeloaders.

Hmmmm former Speaker SMELLOSI...that smells just like the Right's argument about illegals and the use of our healthcare system and our ER's. But hey let's protect your real constituents you are fighting for and turn on the poor and working poor and make them the villains here.

Yes Ms. SMELLOSI you stink. Your plastic cheeks have melted and it stinks to high heaven.

Some are speculating that Chief Roberts was trying to send a message.

FIRST, if anyone is making that argument then they MUST realize the implications of that statement!

If he was trying to send any message, that means that he was POLITICIZING his vote, and not doing his job!

But let's run with it ....hang on. (Here's number 2...and oh yeah it is really SHIT...)

IF he was saying that it's not his job to save us from the laws our elected officials impose upon us that says:

That the SCOTUS is invalid as a branch of government.  PERIOD!

IF the SCOTUS is not there to save us from bad laws (checks and balances) what is their purpose?

Who cares if ruling the OBAMASCARE unconsitutional gave the microphone to O to say mean things about the GOP!


The SCOTUS is not supposed to care about that!

They are supposed to save us from the other branches of government should they over step their powers. They are not supposed to rule in favor or against simply to fire up a base of people. They are supposed to protect us - all of us - from the other branches of government.

Had Roberts done his job properly, we would not be in this mess we are about to be in and EVEN if O gets another term, with the SCOTUS doing their job, that administration could not rule carte blanc.

So again I ask you: What are you waiting for? We have a SCOTUS in name only now. The government has been handed the right BY ONE MAN, to tax us anyway to Sunday if we do not do what our government says we must.

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died on June 28, 2012.