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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And Life Goes On

Not much to write about today. It's freaking cold out. Been having trouble sleeping for a few weeks and so I am a little sleep deprived. I had a fantastic New Years Eve. The people I spent the evening with were fantastically fun! Tried Jack Daniels for the first time. Yum!

Even in the frigid weather I kicked my big ole butt out the apartment door and went to my colorist to cover the gray. Why? Why you ask did I brave this bitter weather? Well, I arranged an amazing feat for myself by generating not one, but two dates for myself for this coming weekend, through Jdate. Keeping an open mind. You never know what will transpire. I am going to resign my membership for a couple of months in about a week and half. The shelf-life of these personals is short. After a period of time it is the same bunch checking out the same bunch, ignoring the same bunch. If I am still not dating exclusively in that time period I will try again in March.

I signed up for a one night seminar at the 92nd Street Y called Deeper Dating. And yes, I am keeping the content clean on that name. Sometimes it just kills me how things can be named what they are. Anyway this shindig is run by a "relationship expert" who lectures on how men and women communicate differently and teaches you skills on how to say things etc...then you are paired up and you practice what you learned with someone of the opposite sex. This class is for single people in their 30's and 40's. Hot damn I finally fit the criteria. Lately I had been seeing 35 and under and 40 and over and I thought WTF about me? So well, this class is not taking place for me this month. I will update you after I take it and give you all the gory details.

So help a sista out! What the heck should I wear on Saturday night for the first of my two dates?


DrowseyMonkey said...

Deeper dating...that actually sounds interesting...can't wait to hear how it goes! Can't help you with the what to wear portion tho...I'm sooooo not fashionable.

Lauren said...

Hey Drowsey, a saucy friend of mine emailed me off site and told me to wear NOTHING. How's that for being unfashionable?

I will certainly tell all about this seminar as soon as I can.