"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ignorance About Israel Breeds Hateful Support of Terrorist "Palestinian" Supporters in the USA

This ignorance: (see the 1st video)

allows for this Hate to spread: (see video below)

Take Back Zionism is Humanitarianism

Multiculturalism Is Causing Shariah to Spread

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Monday, March 28, 2011

NYU @ Washington Square Park With Artists For Israel Bomb Shelter Day

I went to support the students of NYU in their valiant attempt to educate the public about what is happening in Israel. Unfortunately I found a very meek group that wanted - hoped, they could just hand out flyers and not sing, dance, chant or even hold an Israeli flag to get their message across.

I was wondering how they thought this would be possible with the Palestinian terrorists supporters that showed up, completely out-voicing the Jewish students. Screaming their propaganda, antagonizing and shouting outright lies and it was going unchallenged. At least when I showed up around 2:30PM.

I mentioned to some of the people handing out flyers that they should be speaking up and not letting their event get literally drowned out by the screaming chants of the terrorists supporters protesting information dissemination by Jews about bomb shelters.

<--- At some point a group of brave young Jewish men started to sing songs about Israel and I held up my Israeli flag with a young woman that was there, in support of the young men singing to finally drown out the terrorist supporters. (They're holding my flag.)

Here's my frustration however. There seems to be this deep need from most in the Jewish community to be quiet, so as to be viewed as nice and liked. And what doesn't seem to be sinking into any of their heads is that it doesn't matter! They aren't liked. WE aren't liked and whether we are docile or loud it will not change the hearts and minds of most grown people.  That is the sad fact.

Listen as they chant openly in NYC "From the River to the Sea"

Case in point. A British couple "on holiday" took a flyer and sat down and the terrorists supporters started chanting "from the river to the sea" and this didn't seem to bother this "lovely" British couple. Since I had been sitting near them I moved over and began to converse with this "refined" couple from Britain and asked them if they knew what that chant meant.

Well, you'd think I was a total idiot for the reaction they gave me. "No it's not!" Was there answer, when I explained that "from the river to the sea" means to drive the Jews from all of Israel out into the sea. The husband started to bring up the terrorism in Northern Ireland, I think in some way showing a little more openness to the situation and I was glad for this because I happen to know that Geri Adams collaborated with the Palestinians early on and I brought this up. Well, this incensed the wife.  Her husband and she started to say that the thing that helped in Northern Ireland was that they were able to dialogue and said the problem is that Israel won't do this. To which I said "That's certainly not true." And she insisted she was correct continuing to rudely cut me off. I explained that they have this problem in England too and she was emphatic that she did not have problems with Muslims protesting in the streets. [ignorance is bliss]

So I asked her if she knew about the Fogels. And both said no. And as I started to tell her about the Fogels and started to tell them both about the ages of the children and how simply for being Jews living in "The West Bank" they were murdered, one being a 3 month old with his throat slit and stabbed in the heart. Her answer to me was " YOU DO IT TOO!"

At that point I was rudely again cut off and told that I simply want to talk and would talk for a half hour and will not give her the chance to talk and she made her husband get up and move his seat to another bench.

So much for DIALOGUE from the "Lovely British Couple". How ironic that the couple accusing me and Israel of not allowing communication was indeed the one cutting me off, insisting I was wrong and walking away.

That was her response. Not horror. Not sadness. Not remorse for a three month old baby brutally murdered in it's crib in it's home. NOPE! "You do it too!" Justification!

I wish I had their pictures but I don't. And some asshat old dude sitting next to them accused me of being aggressive with this couple. Hmmm Kind of proves my point. It doesn't matter if we dialogue, if we shout, if we play nice or not. When we speak up for ourselves, when we try to tell them what is being done to us, we will be accused of being aggressive. But not the group that shouted us down, surrounded half of our event, chanted lies and aggressively screamed in my face. Ah, that's right I didn't write about that yet. See below.

So be it. Then I wear that label with pride.

<----- [he thought he was being funny when he saw me snap a photo after he what you're about to read]
Earlier on I was involved in a conversation with an Iranian, who I have to say looked very familiar to me, and I suspect he is paid to come to these events, and with some young Jewish male students from NYU. And sadly I noticed that they were allowing the "debate" to be dictated by this Iranian man and they weren't turning the questions back on him. They are young and they do not understand how to do this yet. So I stepped in as he kept telling them but calling it a question that Israel is an occupier and asked him, "Who occupied Gaza before 1967?" [And by the way I'm not even sure why these students didn't come back with pointing out that Gaza is completely JUDEN FREE and has been for many years under their own HAMAS rule.] Well this man was of course not happy with my intrusion and wasn't expecting someone who is more skilled at this kind of thing.  And he wasn't going to answer my question. And so I just kept repeating it. And he kept raising his voice to get me to admit to some bogus claim of Israeli occupation. And I kept repeating my question just a little louder since he kept raising his voice.

And then he started another theatrical tactic. He raised his voice and said, "Stop shouting at me." And I said I'll say anything I want, in the very same tone I had been using all along, not shouting. And then he unleashed what I call "Abusive Boyfriend Syndrome."

On the top of his lungs and I mean in a rage you only see or have seen if you've ever been in an abusive relationship, he took a step closer to me (with many witnesses including a NYC Cop) and got in my face and raged and threw his body around, "SHUT UP AND ANSWER MY QUESTION LET ME TALK!!!!"

I just laughed. Some women around me were afraid for me and wanted me to walk away. I was not afraid at all. Even with his spit on my face from screaming at me so close to my face, I was not afraid. I only wish I had my camera rolling to play this for you. I'm hoping someone else did and it will be posted somewhere.

<-- Well the Cop did see everything and he came over in support of me and told him that he had to be civil and I told the Cop I was fine and was only asking my question to him over and over and over.

If doing this makes me an agitator or aggressive then I guess that is what I am and I'm not going to change this about me either.

Here you will see another time I stepped in and took control of the "debate" to attempt to show the young men how to do this. It's NOT ok to let them continue to hijack the debate on Israel.  Please pay close attention to the very first thing this man said. I'm a little upset with myself for not addressing this very statement. The young men sort of did. But hear what he is really saying. I'll write below this video what I think. You listen first.

So again - JUSTIFICATION- this old man thinks that the Jews were stupid and got what they deserved because the Nazi's told us what they were going to do when they made us wear stars on our clothing. It's our fault. Too bad. SICK SON OF A BITCH.

I had a lot of fun holding up my Israeli flag. Many people took pictures of me as I sat with it wrapped around me like a blanket sitting on a bench. I will always support Israel. I will always challenge the true aggressors and suppressors and I only hope that soon the young Jews of America learn how to properly OUT VOICE the protesters at their own events. But I must say KUDOS to them for even doing this. It's a first and I'm proud of them.

The point of the event was sadly overshadowed by militant protesters who do what they do, bully and harass. Only this time they did this to shout out a group of Jews who simply wanted to let the world know what it's like in Israel when a missle is being sent from GAZA [Hamas controlled GAZA into Israel] And here is a video of Seth trying to illustrate through a song what it's like:

And here are some photos of the Bomb Shelter. I went in it. It's a real replica. It's small, dark and I don't know if I could endure it in real life.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

From the Hamas Charter/Hamen Was From Persia

NEVER forget that the Hamas Charter reads:

"Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims."
Children should be taught: "I indeed wish to go to war for the sake of Allah! I will assault and kill, assault and kill, assault and kill."

See more at this interesting blog and read about Purim, Persia/Iran and the modern day Hamen: http://torahtweets.blogspot.com/

Sunday, March 6, 2011