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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Zero To Sixty In...

Well it seems that I have gone from the cacooned hermit and catapulted straight into a heavy social calendar.

My entire life everyone has always commented about me that I am fast, fast learning, quick changes, fast worker... and that they have never ever seen anyone turn around as quickly as I have the ability to do. For me this is normal. I know no other way. Is it a good thing? Dunno. It is what it is.

I only know that I really needed the last two years to get my head together, to walk my spiritual path, to study and build a career that isn't completely conventional without a partner being unsupportive and knocking me off my chosen path. Now that I feel confident that I have a good foundation in that part of my life I made the decision that it was time to make new friends, and be more social...be fun and show others how much fun I am!

Some of you may know of the site Meetup.com . I went on this week and signed up for a slew of groups. One of them is for people to get together and watch a movie at the theater and then go to dinner and discuss it. Next Sunday this is where I will be. We are going to that new Woody Harrelson movie. 75 people signed up for this. It is supposed to be for singles, or singles preferred. My new friend from dinner this week signed up for the group and will be attending too.

We went to Zanzibar last night. Don't know what it is but I never got a look.

Even at my night job I got hit on by one of the Cast. My fellow male co-workers are always sweet to me and do little things for me because they think I am pretty. It's cute in a non-threatening way. And believe you me, I know the difference. Not so long ago I was heavier and had short dark hair. I know the transformation I made physically and I see the difference in other people's responses to me. Am I a different person? Well, in some ways I am, but in others I am the same Lauren. I know this treatment is due to my appearance. But for some damn reason in a bar or online I just don't fare well at all. In other situation I do great. Go figure!

I am going to another meetup group this Monday night. It is a free event and has a mixed panel with the discussion topic being : Understanding the Opposite Sex. It's probably all stuff we all know but a good excuse to mingle...I HOPE!

Tuesday is a tentatively planned night out with a co-worker for Ladies Night drinks.

Friday I have another dinner with another meetup group.

There is a big Health Expo in the city on Saturday and I am going to meet friends there. That same night Brian, who wrote the Wedding Meal Blessing Post is filming four bands at the Baggot Inn, in the West Village. I will be there to watch and mingle. If you are in New York City and read my blog, stop by and say hello to me and Brian!

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