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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good Friends

This post is for those two great guy friends of mine who sheparded me through a rough day recently. We all have them. Those days where for whatever reason, this time I will blame mine on hormones fluxuating, we just feel completely down, lost, sad, and regretful. It is in those moments when we could turn and run, run and hide, or act out, except for our good friends who protect us from ourselves and in some way, either literally or figuratively, hold our hands for as long as we need until the feelings and moments pass and we return to our more whole self.

Thank you for holding my hand and wiping away my tears.


Lily said...

Its always nice to know you have friends you can count on in good times & in bad who will hold your hand & wipe your tears they sould like 2 great people

Lauren said...

Hi Lily, Yes they are!