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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Have You Ever?

There's an email circulating about a man who had his fiance followed and found out she was having an affair with his best man. The story goes on to say that he marries her and then at the reception has every guest view the photos taped under their chairs. He then has the marriage annulled. I don't know if this story is true. What I do know is that the feelings they bring up are real and probably have been felt by just about everyone of us.

Have you ever dated someone who hurt you so badly that you purposely did something mean and nasty, possibly something that crossed the line, to them to exact revenge/hurt them back?

If so what? And were you able to ever patch things up with that person again?


Dawn said...

That kind of revenge is well beyond my capabilities!

Michael said...

I can say that I wouldn't be that vengeful, or creative. i just don't see the point it even going through with it after finding out.

Drowsey Monkey said...

No. I mean I've been cheated on but revenge is not healthy. I did think about it. Thinking about it is healthy but following thru is just damaging yourself I think ... and perhaps a tad psychopathic, lol.

Lauren said...

Dawn, ok THAT kind of revenge...but have you never done something that was mean to anyone to hurt them back?

Michael, Not THAT vengeful or creative. That's kind of funny! OK I'll bite...how vengeful or creative have you been.

Drowsey - BULL! I have seen your How Evil Am I quizes and you ALWAYS score higher than I do. Hmmmm Me thinks you doth protest too much. DIVULGE! HEEHEE

Here's one I will admit to -- not nearly as evil and a LONG LONG time ago as a teen. I went with two other girlfriends to where my then Ex worked for the summer. We snuck up to his car and let the air out of his front tires.

candace said...

Oh my gosh no.

I think people who would do such a thing are simply less evolved. I would run far away from ANYONE who behaved in such a way!

Talk about bad karma. Even THINKING this way is extremely unhealthy and will create problems for the person with the thoughts. I really believe this.

That story is terrible, true or not. Lets say it IS true. How do you think the groom felt 10 minutes later, one day later? Do you think he felt happy or at peace? Wow. He made the problem bigger is all and made himself look like an immature twit.

Drowsey Monkey said...

heehee ... I do enjoy venting that's for sure ;)

Dawn said...

Not that I can recall... I'm a complete pushover in some ways. But I'm working on fixing that!!!!

Lauren said...

Dawn, Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I think there must be a happy medium between being a complete pushover and full of revenge. Well at least I hope there is.

Candace, WOW I can see this really touched a nerve. Thank you for your passionate perspective.

And just to be clear, way way back in HS we did not slash his tires. We just let the air out. Harmless and good fun for three teenage girls in the burbs. :-)