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Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Olivia

For the past few days I have watched my almost 17 year-old baby girl, Olivia stop eating and get very weak. At first I thought she was just being picky about her food. Today I rushed her to the Vet and found out she is suffering from kidney failure.

I had tests run and IV fluids, B vitamin shots, antibiotics and an X-ray given to her. She is home with me now and rather listless. She can barely walk, but wants to. She refuses to eat. The Vet said it could take a few days for her to start eating again.

I will be giving her IV fluids each day and praying she will find the will to fight and live. Her X-rays didn't show too much damage but her temperature was below normal and her outward signs are not good.

I am not sure where this leaves me as far as a social life for a while. But I will try to keep up with something interesting to tell you during the week.

Whether you are a pet person or not, I hope you will send your prayers and good wishes for Olivia. I am not sure where her journey is going to lead. I do know that I am not going to let her linger and suffer. I promised her that I would do better than I did when her sister Emily got sick. Emily past away last January after 6 weeks of fighting for her life. She was 15 years old.

Those who have never had a pet won't understand my grief right now. That's ok with me. This is my child as far as I am concerned and watching her in this condition is very hard for me. But I hold out hope for now.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and thoughts.


Drowsey Monkey said...

I'm sending good thoughts your way. My cat was 18 when diagnosed with the same thing. It's always hard because they really are a part of you and such a big part of your life. Olivia is in good hands...you're a good Momma.

Mark said...

Had a similar situation late last year with my cat. Not eating, suddenly very quiet, etc. I actually left him a couple of days to see if he would improve - really, really wish I could go back in time to change that decision - but eventually took him to the vet. Initial diagnosis was probable feline leukaemia and kidney failure with a recommendation to have him put to sleep but I asked for the full range of tests to make sure. Bloody glad I did. Turned out to be a massive crash through diabetes. Took a week at the vet's (don't mention the bill) and some training in injecting before I could get him back. Now I have to give him insulin twice a day but he's never been or looked better. I hope your Olivia has a similar recovery.

As you say: my cat is my child. I think having a sick pet can be so much worse than having a sick child: from a certain age, at least, the child can talk back and tell you what's wrong.

Dawn said...

More good thoughts...
I have a 13 year old dog who's going blind, has gone deaf and suffering with arthritis. It's hard. Our pets are part of our families.

Lauren said...

Drowsey, Thank you so very much! You're a good Momma too!

Mark, I also left Olivia alone for a few days thinking she had a cold and would get better. Stupid stupid me. But I am doing my best to get her all her meds in her. She absolutely is in kidney failure. Hopefully the meds can reverse this enough that she will want to eat. Force feeding and shoving pills down her in the meantime. Vet say she can survive for a few weeks like this even if she doesn't eat. I won't let her linger like that. I am going to give her a week on these meds. If she doesn't want to eat by then she doesn't want to be in body any longer. I will put her down after that.

Dawn, Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope the quality of your dog's life can be good until the end.

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