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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sometimes Age DOES Matter

And the proof is in the very immature communication I received this morning from the immature 31 year-old. Thank you all for the wonderful comments about how I looked. I have been much heavier previously and obviously concerned with my age a lot lately.

So I am going to really open the wound and show you the email I got this morning. Although I was PROMISED a phone call on Sunday THIS is what I got instead:

so I DID mention you in an email to my friend, we shall see what he says. Hopefully you found your way back with out any problems, otherwise you are still unfortunately lost and I am wasting my time writing. I am still surprised that you like/liked me, I just don't get it. I too think you are a great person. The thing I can't get past, though I have tried to be open about it, honestly is the age issue ( I know I am an agist, the HR centers of the world are gonna start pounding on my doors). I know you didn't change the age to scam anyone, but it is an issue for me. I pushed it aside when we spoke, but I guess that's what makes me slow to react (I let things filter for a while before reacting). It didn't bother me much when we met, but I have spent two fairly sleepless nights thinking of things, and I just didn't want to BS you, when this is something that has been bothering me and I can't seem to get by it. You deserve someone who is not going to waver back and forth, you are a really great person and I hope that you find what you are seeking.
I do honestly wish you the best of luck in finding what you want and deserve.

I spent the day upset...needless to say. I just was NOT expecting anything so hurtful and childish. A good friend of mine babysat me today. And as I arrived back in my neighborhood a very young black gentleman of the age of 25 nicely commented to me as he smiled. Normally I would just smile back and walk away. Tonight I did not. I stopped and talked. That is how I learned his age. He told me I was really beautiful. I laughed and told him how I was just dumped because of my age. He said, "NO WAY!" He said he thought I was 32. I told him very briefly I was dumped via email because I am 36. He said "That man is stupid. You are gorgeous." We talked a little more. He is new to the neighborhood. I am too. I asked him if he wanted to go and hang out tonight and have a drink in our neighborhood since I don't know too many people who live near me.

And so tonight I will be out having fun with a young, hot 25 year old man!

Hey Jake, KISS MY 36 YEAR-OLD ASS! See your bald head around in 10 years when I am married with kids and you are STILL SINGLE and need VIAGRA!


Brian said...

Honestly, Lauren, I see nothing in his words that could be intended as hurtful. He's obviously childish and needs to get over things more easily yes, but what about it did you consider to be hurtful?

Lauren said...

The fact of an email rather than a call as promised. The spirit of his actions I find hurtful. The many comments he made to me that crossed the line as our date ended. All hurtful and childish.

TheRagtreeCompany said...

This isn't any of my business but I ran across your blog so here goes:

You are a very attractive, smart woman who is obviously putting too much value into what others think of you. As a woman who has been through many relationship ups and downs I think I have found the secret: I am happy with myself. So happy with myself, in fact, that it really doesn't matter to me what anyone else thinks. I don't seek approval, I don't need someone to tell me I'm hot or pretty or smart. I KNOW I'm hot and pretty and smart.

I suggest you take a really deep look at who you are inside so you can become less affected by the opinions of others. You'll never be able to judge yourself on what other people think (especially men...sorry men) because everyone is going to look at you and have a different opinion. It is only the opinion that you have of yourself that matters.

Anyway, like I said it is none of my business but I hate to see a woman who seems so tortured over what some man says.

Renee :)

Lauren said...

Hi Renee, THANK YOU SISTA! I think you hit the nail damn smack on the head. I am sure that is what I am giving off...but just didn't realize it. A good friend of mine emailed me something similar this morning. It must be true and I am going to give it a lot of thought. I even wrote about it on my latest post, before I caught your comment. :-) You are a smart woman and I am glad you stopped by. Come back soon!