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Monday, March 10, 2008

Why Are Men SOOO Driven By Sex?


I just don't get it. This is the governor of my state. He was the Attorney General before being elected and known for being tough on crime. He is married with three kids.

Everytime I see stories like this it just kills me. It reminds me of the times Ex's have cheated and how hurt it made me feel.

Why is sex so important to men that most would risk their reputations to pay for it?


Drowsey Monkey said...

Well, it's no secret that most men like sex, lol. But ... I think when men let it rule their lives to the point of ruining their lives there's something else at work there. Especially when they buy it. It's more about control or power.

I feel bad for his wife, standing beside him at the press conference.

Perplexio said...

When it comes to sex men have a very weak willpower. So succumbing to temptation is generally expected. The difference between men that cheat and men that don't is that the men that don't cheat are smart enough to avoid temptation completely and to keep themselves out of situations in which they might be tempted to stray. Men that DO cheat are generally just plain stupid, they think they can resist the temptation and get themselves put in situations wherein it's quite difficult for them to resist temptation.

Some people are saying that this is a private matter to be resolved between Spitzer and his wife and family and comparing it to the whole Bill/Hillary situation. There's no comparison-- to my knowledge Monica Lewinsky was never PAID for her indiscretions. Clinton's crime wasn't sex it was perjury before a grand jury. Spitzer's crime is solicitation of a prostitute and transporting a prostitute across state lines. The first of which is a minor offense, the 2nd of which is a federal offense. For a former attorney general elected to uphold the law and elected as governor on a platform of reform and weeding out corruption he has violated the trust of and his "contract" with his "employers" (the residents of NY).

How this affects his private life IS a private matter between he and his family. However, when an elected public official breaks the law-- that IS a matter that belongs on the public record and should be addressed publicly.

Mee mOe said...

Most men have their penis in their brain and they don't stop and think about what will happen in the end, the thrill at that moment is what they enjoy...its very sad for us women, my X- had an affair and I am now divorced...The women usually get the car, kids, bills and the house and the men get just the secretary...thanks for having my Entrecard place on your site...:)

Lauren said...

Hey Drowsey, Yes, most men like sex whether they are good at it or not...haha!

Darrin, Thank you for sharing the male perspective with us. Well said!

Mee Moe, Thanks for stopping by. Hope you will come back often. Yes, we end up divorcing and leaving them. But maybe if they end up with the secretary while we get all the responsibilities and none of the fun, then staying with the guy is the best punishment for him ;-)

Your entrecard is welcome anytime!