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Friday, March 7, 2008

And They're Off!

I decided to rejoin Jdate as a paid member. I logged on and I was barraged with IM requests. At 31 same photo as at 36 I get contacted. At 36 NADA! Go figure. Tough on them. I am not telling another guy my age when I meet him. Screw them. They like me, they can date me and then I tell them and not a moment before. Because it should be about me not the number!

Three guys chatted with me in a half hour period. One was disgusting. It never fails that since my screename is such that it is they make remarks and do not understand it is marketing, smart marketing if you ask me! It's tantamount to a woman wearing a very nice dress and men whistling and cat calling out on the street saying she asked for it. STUPIDITY!

Of the other two one seems a bit interesting. I go in with ZERO wants or expectations other than an hour at coffee. Which was my mistake last night when I let it become more than one hour and more than coffee. He has my cell number and said he will call me Sunday to talk about meeting for coffee during the week.

My weekend is packed. I asked the universe to keep me busy and it provided. I am meeting with a good friend on Saturday who is going to keep me busy so I can't spend time alone thinking about all this crap. Sunday I am working during the day in Manhattan. I will be working a 9-5 gig for a few weeks which will keep me rather busy as well and I have some events planned for myself in other career areas with colleagues throughout this month and next.

Lauren sits around and waits for NOONE!

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