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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Mature 31 Guy

OK I am totally in deep ___! Why? Because I like this fella & he seems to really like me too. (So if it doesn't work out my heart is risking a bruisin.)We have talked not once but twice on the phone. Our conversations are easy and fun and I am laughing all the time.

I originally scheduled a call from him for Tuesday night, but he emailed me Monday, asking if we could talk Monday or Wed. instead because he was going to spend time with friends. I sent him a text to his phone asking,"Do you want to talk now?" Within 30 seconds my phone rang. HOLY CRAP! I wasn't expecting that. :-)

There have been fun emails every day back and forth and we are meeting tomorrow night face to face. So I was completely shocked when around 9PM tonight my phone rang and it was MM31G.

I cannot remember the last time THAT has happened to me. :-)

He says the cutest things which let me know he likes me. I will share ONE of them with you. He told me, "I probably shouldn't say this but I am going to go out on a limb and hope I do not jinx tomorrow but our conversations are going too well...which means we will probably have a terrible date." He's nervous and I find that adorable!

I have been asking friends what to do about the age issue, being that I lied about it online. So far everyone says I should tell him. I agree.

So tomorrow after we have met and feel comfortable, as the conversation unfolds, when I see an opening, without making it a big issue I will tell him the truth about my age. I see a lot of potential with this man and this is the first time in years I can truly say this. I do not want to start out with lies.

We are meeting at 6:30PM Thursday. Wish me luck! All prayers are welcome.

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Perplexio said...

Telling him in person is a very good idea.