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Thursday, March 20, 2008

So My Saturday Night Plans Are Already Sacked (Or Maybe Not)

This has been my dilemma for a while. I meet some new person to hang out with and for whatever reason they flake. I simply don't get it. The dinner on Tuesday night was a blast. I enjoyed just about everyone at the table. And they all seemed to enjoy me too. I met up with people I hadn't seen in a long time. I got a lot of positive feedback, unasked for, about my hair, which is very different than the last time I spent time with these folks, as well as my weight loss and over all change. Everyone made a point to say goodbye to me at the end of the night. One man even stuck around a little longer to tell me he hopes I meet someone great soon. It's true, my energy has changed.

I spent the previous year cocooned. I really needed the time alone. I really needed to not be dating. I wanted the freedom of pursuing what I have come to realize is my path in life, as far as my career is concerned, without a man around pressuring me to be different, and to have a more corporate 9-5 job. I needed to get that part of my life going strongly enough so that when I did meet someone it would not be such a problem.

This year however I feel that I need to get out and make new friends. People who want to be happy and social. This doesn't mean I am looking to spend a lot of money or to be with those who can spend a lot to do this. In fact I am looking for free or low-cost events and social gatherings to do this. I had thought this new friend I met who asked me if I was free this weekend, not the other way around, would be the start to this fun time for me. HAHA. Jokes on me!

I looked into some places to go after I work late on Saturday night. I told this new friend I had to work until 10:30PM but that I would be working in the neighborhood she lives in. She said perfect. Well, I sent email to her today with a few places to choose from. What did I get back? A pathetic email telling me that one of the places looked good for happy hour which is 5-9. ARE YOU SERIOUS? On a Saturday night you write me back saying this and saying you thought 10ish was a bit too late anyway. COME ON GIRLFRIEND. Money is just as tight for me but you go out and buy one drink and you smile and you chat with others and hopefully a nice gentleman buys you a drink and you don't worry about money.

What is even more perplexing is that this same woman bitched all night to me about how she is tired of her gay male friends and how it gets her no where and she has to start doing things social that are for her own gain. But she will be home on Saturday night. I will be working until 10:30PM and I may or may not go home after.

This situation set off my hot button. I decided NO DAMN MORE! Enough. I am a fun great person. It's my year and my time. NOW OR NEVER. I signed up for a few social groups on meetup.com Most of them are related to dinner for singles to mingle. A couple do dinner and a movie or movie and then dinner so we can talk about it together. They are all for people within my age range. The first event is tomorrow night at 6:30. I invited a new friend from work to go with me. He's single too.

Before you ask...no there is not going to be anything there. He is a fun guy that I know I can have a good time doing singles events with. For many reasons this is not a potential match further. But even if those things didn't exist, I live by the idea that "I don't shit where I eat."

The co-worker and I are going to go to a place called Lea on Tuesday night after work. Starting at 8PM it is Ladies night. Drinks are free. This is a little hidden place near where I am working right now. It is billed as a weekday only place and the supposed newest hotspot for after work in the area. Since momma's kind of broke right now, this fits the bill. And since it is ladies night he will have a chance to meet a lot of single gals for himself. Win/Win!

I also signed up for a free event on Monday night about understanding the opposite sex. Seems like a lot of people signed up as well. It's FREE. Can't hurt and maybe I will meet someone interesting to talk with when I am there.

Who knows. It all remains to be seen. But if I sit at home I am going to grow old alone.
Update: Finally received email stating ok to getting together after work Saturday night. I learned the hesitation was that she was mugged a few years ago walking alone at night. Let's see if this happens or not.

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