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Friday, March 7, 2008

Pizza Cop

Shortest date I can remember. Pleasant enough. Could tell this guy was probably fun but not in the way of dating...more of amusing because he is so politically incorrect. And I really don't always agree with PC crapola but there is a thing called decency and well...pizza cop doesn't have too much of it.

Look, this one's a nice person but not for me. We met at a local place that has really good...you guessed it, PIZZA. He had to work tonight. We met at 9 and we were done 40 minutes later.

He said some off color remarks and I laughed. I am sure he didn't realize why I was laughing. And that just doesn't mesh with my values.

At the end of the night he gave me that longing look but made no moves or asked for anything else from me. I said "thanks and take care."

If things aren't going to work out at all, this is the way the date should be. Sweet, easy simple, obvious.

I honestly do not know how much more my sadness my heart can handle. It's one thing when you are younger but as the years roll along and you have lost track of the amount of men you have had to meet, some you invested feelings in and then you just no longer have anything to do with, it takes it's toll. While I did sign up for Jdate for one more month I honestly feel I am just giving up on all this. I did it more out of desperation than anything else. It is something to do with another person of the opposite sex for one night for one hour, meeting for coffee or pizza or a drink. Shits and giggles to occupy my time here and there.

I am not waiting around for a phone call or to be picked. I feel a bit like Kate Monster. Enjoy. Sorry it is censored a bit but you can figure it out. (There is a weird interview section after the song. Sorry about that. It's the best version on youtube.)

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Julie said...

I am just sooo glad that I am not in the dating world anymore......Just keep looking, though....You'll find the right guy!