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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cool Day At Governor's Island

I have lived in NYC for 17 years. Take that to all you people who said I had no stayin' power!

But until yesterday I never ventured out to Governor's Island. About five years ago it became a National Park and open to the public. Yesterday while the Gay Pride Parade was going on in Greenwich Village, an organization called Figment ran an all day event for artists and healthcare workers. I participated with a holistic healthcare group and had a blast with my friends Jae and Sarah. When we were done we ventured around to see the performers.

Here are some video snippets of the kinds of "alternative" events that were available yesterday:

This is a dance troop that does planetary drumming dances. I wanted to partake but didn't have the nerve. Some day I'll stop caring what others might say and just be free and jump in too.

The next one is of a little girl who I found while we made our way back to the ferry to leave the island. She was a bit tired and couldn't get her gear on properly but she gave it the old college try.

I have one more interesting video to show you but I'll save it for tomorrow. ;-)


leezee52 said...

Wow the little girl is so brave to be on stilts. About Governor's Island they filmed a movie there that I saw and I have read about this place that it used to apts. I think next time I come to NYC I'll go there and also The Plaza I want to see how it looks today!!!!

Lauren said...

Lee, I bet she doesn't even think she is brave. She just does it, you know? Kids waddatheyknow!? :-)

Drowsey Monkey said...

omg ... that little girl was making me nervous!

Looks like a fun day :) 17 years! Wow... I'm impressed.