"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Monday, July 14, 2008

Open Letter To Heidi

The last two posts and comments from Heidi BEG for a public response.

Before I begin I want to say something to another blogger who I love dearly, love to read every day and whose feelings and thoughts are near and dear to my heart. When she comes to my blog, even though we might disagree she says it with respect and kindness. Sometimes she makes me think a little or even inspires a challenge in me to try to write from a different POV or just write what I want to say from a different angle. It's a healthy debate. And sometimes, shock of shocks we agree! What a day that is! She's not only one of my favorite bloggers she is one of my favorite Canadians....with that said I must address another person who just happens to be from the same country. But oh so proves that just because you are from the same country you will not necessarily think and behave alike.

My last two posts were my opinions about the current presidential candidates and my decision for whom I will be voting for and I also wrote about a story covered on Yahoo about a recent poll NOT DONE BY ME NOR AN AMERICAN COMPANY and I told an ancedote about a chance meeting with some very nice French people and what THEY had to say about Parisians. The study was done "for the French travel website Expedia.fr"

Unfortunately it's not the first time Heidi has come to MY blog to write nasty things about Americans and America. I've called her on it before.

That's what you do Heidi, you rant and show your ugly.

You obviously have some other issues that have nothing to do with me, since you are very new to reading my blog, yet choose to come here and be abusive with your comments.

At no point did I say a nasty word about Canadians whatsoever. NONE. ZERO! At no point did I say a nasty thing about the French, although I certainly could. But if I did I wouldn't just pull the opinions out of my ass, like you did. I'd back up my thoughts and feelings with facts that supported why I feel they are rude nasty hate-filled people. Which is more than I can say for your UGLY UGLY angry words.

"It is the 'stereotypical' Mc'Donalds seeking, crass comment filled, hurling on the sidewalks Americans that ruffle the most feathers here. " and " but the only tourists that draw my attention and make my blood boil over here seem to be American for some reason. Perhaps, that is why the smart ones travel Europe with Canadian flags on their packs?! "

But hey you're dating an American so you couldn't be a BIGOT! Hey I know, I bet he's Jewish too! Some of your best friends are, right?

"I ran a US business for 7 years, but got out near the peak of GW's rule as he slammed the dollar so badly it was no longer profitable for this Canadian to work for the US. "

Work FOR the US. I didn't know you worked for us? Hmmm.

Heidi, the president of the U.S. doesn't run the economy. Nor does the Congress. So your anger is very very displaced. I really do not know much about the Canadian government, so perhaps I am wrong in stating you have a socialist system which does affect your financial status. Here we live in a capitalist and democratic nation that believes strongly in the individual. There are no guarentees that if you have a business it will thrive or fail. But if it does it is totally up to you. If you couldn't make a buck here in the U.S. perhaps it is because A) you suck at what you did here b) your product sucked c) you just don't have a good business sense.

When I don't do well in my business it's my fault. I have to figure out how my pitches are going, and why they work or don't. It's my fault! It's that simple.

However to some degree our laws do affect our economy BUT those laws are made by our Congress which has seen a Democratic majority for the last two years. So it seems you got out during the Democratic "rule" which had such an effect on your business that you had to shut down.

Not sure about Canada but here our leaders are elected. They don't RULE. You see way way back we had this war called the Revolutionary War where we kicked the shit out of the King and sent his army packing! No more rulers. Many loyalists to the king fled, thousands actually and started a huge colony up in Novia Scotia (I believe that is where they ended up, but I'll have to check on that to be sure) one of them being Benedict Arnold, which would explain your very anti-american rants.

"And McCain is FULL of hate towards one and all. "

This is just offensive and pretty much amounts to slander. I have never heard a hate-filled word from this man. You may not like his opinions but they are not hate-filled. However, you have heard many hate-filled words from preachers that Obama sat and willingly listened to for 20 years, racists hate-filled sermons in the name of g-d, no less. And the fact that he sat there for 20 years is pretty much the worst thing which should have been damning enough to make him become a non-issue and let Hillary win the nomination of her party BECAUSE it was a choice he made and continued to make. It said I agree with this person and this church's ideas and beliefs.

Unfortunately though, there are too many ignorant non-thinkers like yourself who 1)can't read an article and pull out the simpliest FACTS of who conducted a poll and 2)therefore don't have a clue of understanding context who 3)displace their anger by blaming others for all their problems and faults and make angry angry rude ugly blanket statements.

So Heidi, here's the deal. You're welcome to come here and comment. You're welcome to come here and disagree with me. You're NOT welcome to come here and be nasty, ugly and write opinionated rants that have no basis in fact. You're NOT welcome to come here and write anti-american things. Because THAT is offensive, bigoted, rude and is the problem with the world today.

You could not possibly realize that your actions show that you don't have a clue what your supposed ideals really are, but are the direct antithisis of those espoused ideals.

Gypsy-- Loved your comments. Real real real! Honest and kind. I personally have ALWAYS found the nicest people are always from Australia and Ireland. Over and over and over. And yes that comes with my American bias based on my American Values.

The other day Karyne came and commented about similar issues and said that in (I believe) Norway the people there could never get over the fact that she didn't stick around to hear how people were doing after saying hello, how are you. A bias of Americans and Canadian culture. It's not that we are rude, it's that their society is very different, that's all.

Lee and Jessica, yes the point is to try to see people as individuals, that's true, but stereotyping comes from a sociological standpoint of protecting ourselves and sometimes is necessary.

Shelle - I of course love that you love my opinions. I do too. HAHA! While I do not hate McCain by any means, I too am choosing the MUCH MUCH lesser of two evils. And I agree with much of the rest of your comments too!

Old Man - Love writing that BTW! Yes it is being given a choice. I think we have really gotten our panties in such a twist to think that all things in life are supposed to be easy choices with no negative sides to them. Not only are our expectations really really messed up it's rather narcissistic to think there would be a candidate that is going to be this great wonderful amazing person who will do all that WE think he or she should and never compromise politically on things. It'd be nice to live in that utopia, I agree but that's not life and NEVER has been. But hey you should know that seeing as you have been around for 108 years! :-)

Heidi- BTW if the French Canadians feel much as you say you do, then please by all means, stop coming to South Florida every winter and running around with us "'stereotypical' Mc'Donalds seeking, crass comment filled, hurling on the sidewalks Americans ". Quite frankly my parents, especially my mother doesn't need the nasty energy that you all give out about us when you come for half a year to escape the cold.


Stephanie said...

Very much enjoyed this!

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Hmmm, the sad reality is that for many Canucks a smug, stupid, and non-reality based anti-americanism is core to their identity. Please do not think Heidi is representative of all Canadians however.

Have a good day.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

BY the way I am a Canuck;)

Lauren said...

Stephanie, Thanks!!!

Cat Fur, that is very sad. Good to know you do not share in that entitled attitude. Perhaps you'll be one of the strong ones that change that and make it a better place for all of us! :-) I love that you wanted to make sure another POV was represented!!

Blazing Cat Fur said...

We are in a huge battle for Freedom of Speech up here. Bloggers carried the fight until the mainstream press picked it up. We have a very dangerous law called Section 13 (1) in our Human Rights Code which has grants extraordinary powers to these Kangaroo courts. Believe it or not Truth is not a defense under this law. People like Heidi seem all to willing to allow unelected agenda driven bureaucrats to police their thoughts.

Lauren said...

Blazing cat fur, I'd LOVE to understand this more. Would you be willing to be a guest poster on that subject?

Drowsey Monkey said...

I obviously missed all that stuff, LOL. I don't really know all the details of the disagreement, but I do remember travelling to Israel in 95 and having 2 American's ask me & my mom if they could have our Canadian flag pins so they could wear them ... lol, read into that what ya will.

As for the English/French thing in Canada, it's complicated, much like race issues are in the US.

There are certainly lots of Canadians, myself included, who were totally against the war which is why we did not vote to support it nor did we support Bush's war. I have no respect for Bush or his co-horts ... but that doesn't mean I dislike Americans. There is a difference and anyone who can't see that is well, short sighted.

As for the current political race, I really don't care who gets in, mostly because I'm Canadian. And I care about as much as who gets into power in Australia or Britain, or wherever ... but I'd hate to see another conservative government again, but that's only because so far, in my personal opinion, it's been disastrous on many levels, one of which is America's profile in the world. That's just a reality. Right or wrong ... most people just don't like him or the way he's handled world affairs.

Lauren said...

Drowsey, There was no disagreement. That's the thing. I wrote as I stated I did and I got very ugly hate-filled rants in return that had nothing to do with my post or any comments I made in my post. It's that simple. It's rude, bigoted and wrong and well you read the rest.

As far as you saying Bush's war...let's just clear it up because I hate when people say that as it is just wrong. Bush is our president and leads my country and it isn't HIS war. You may not agree and that is fine but this was OUR response to being attacked by MUSLIM ZEALOTS who took 4 planes full of living people and flew them into buildings full of living people to kill them because they don't agree with the way we live here. To start to say Bush's war, while I don't think is your particular intent is starting on a slipperly slope of ideology similar to those nutcases and needs to be rethought.

Mostly because the UN backed up every piece of intelligence that Bush used to push for what we did with Iraq. But even if that were not the case, Bush cannot do this alone. There are three branches of government that must agree to make these things happen. They worked together along with international intelligence.

So please stop using the phrase Bush's war.

Or from another standpoint let's be more honest and say the Muslims war against us and our response, which was my initial thought. (I'm tired!)

You're entitled to your opinions about our standing in the world...but I guess what I have to say is that it's not our concern what you think of us but it is our concern that we live. And we were attacked and this didn't start with us and didn't start in 2001 either. It's a hotbed and has been going on for a long long time. We had no choice but to react. This was only one part of that reaction.

Many people here feel that the execution of the war in Iraq was disastrous and I would agree. But as far as our standing, so much of the world said crappy things before, will say it after this and who cares! As long as we are safe, hard decisions must be made. Freedom isn't free.

And well this could be an entire other post but I am really exhausted and can't continue on this stretch now. I've said my piece.

I respect yours and respectfully disagree with those parts of your comment.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Well, lots of people disagree, I don't get too fussed about it all to be honest, altho I know many do. But just to clarify, I called it Bush's war because he didn't attack the people who attacked the world trade centre. The main person who planned that is still out there, and most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. At least that's how I understand the news as I read and hear it. I do believe he took advantage of a bad situation and the intelligence they had was wrong, and they've since said so ... so that's why I called it that.

But ultimately now it's about moving forward. Hopefully whoever gets elected will do that with great care.

Lauren said...

Drowsey, "I called it Bush's war because he didn't attack the people who attacked the world trade centre." Not true, but understand that is the common misperception. I'll have to address this another time in other posts, here and there. Stay tuned.

CupidsReviews heidi said...

Hey Lauren;

I apologize if my comments were taken too seriously. I have nothing against you or your country. Just trying to spark some debate here.

have a great day,


Lauren said...

Heidi, That's a real ugly and bizarre way to spark debate.

The truth is that your actions are very abusive. You hurl and then you purr and then you hurl again. Just like a beater.