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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I just wanted to share that I got kissed tonight... A LOT!

I met up after work with "J" who I bumped into at one of my assignments about a week and a half ago. I knew him in college but nothing ever happened between us way way back then.

I found him attractive then and now still. Both of us have had many travels since the 1990's but apparently we both found each other kissable. And oh so kissable at that. And well as this blog really started as my stories about dating and men, I thought I should share this with you all.

I have no idea if I will get a call, meet up again or even get another chance at a kiss with him but it was oh so delicious. And was a great end to a nice day.

Here's his photo and yes he knows I am posting it...he just doesn't know where...HAHA!


Drowsey Monkey said...

Oh, you sound like you really enjoyed that! LOL Bragger!

Actually, I'm happy to hear this ... hope there's more in your future :)

Lauren said...

Drowsey, I did enjoy it. I'd like more as he seems like the cuddly type but I dunno. I never heard any I'll call you tomorrow type words out of his mouth nor was a call or text sent to me to see if I got home ok. So maybe it was just a kiss. Men are famous for this kind of BS.

Jessica said...

Aw, he does look cuddly! lol
I hope he calls, that is if you want him to! :)

swile67 said...

love the smile..thanks for letting us live vicariously through you!!:)

Da Old Man said...

Men are famous for this kind of BS.

Hey, I resemble that remark.

OOOPS. Resent. That was supposed to say resent.

Candid Carrie said...


Lauren said...

Jess and Karyn, He's totally a cuddler...handsy but in a nice way. But well as I said, men do these things with no intention of anything else...for them the lighting could have been right and he thought shit she's into me let's see what I can get. Hmmm?

D.O.M.- LMAO. HYSTERICAL! I sent you a question for your men post.

Carrie, yes it was sweet. Now I need this to progress. HAHAHA! ;=p

Lauren said...

To all: Sign of the times, I got a text last night. But I asked for a call sometime today. Got back, OK call you tomorrow.

So let's see.

SabrinaT said...

Maybe you should call him, set up a kissing session. Ya know for practice?