"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Opinions From The Paper Today That I Agree With

I voiced similar thoughts/opinions in my post, Why I Am Not A True Conservative Even Though My Friend Brian Thinks I Am, that Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News said in Sunday's paper.

Drowsey doesn't care much for labels of left or right. OK I smell a challenge to my writing style [written with a smirck and wink], and so I'll dance around that issue and say this. It's time to think and analyze why we are making our choices for whom we like or not in this election. Forget about the term left or right and look at the facts and character of the person. THINK!

Here's what Michael Goodwin has to say and I agree with his thoughts.

"Someone who can shift positions so quickly on so many important issues that will face the next President comes off as a man who doesn't have fixed convictions. Pragmatism has to be guided by principles. A man who believes in everything believes in nothing, and that's a formula for chaos in the White House. "

"Like him or not, we think we know who John McCain is. It's a belief that doesn't depend exclusively on specific positions. As long as his policy shifts are few and explainable, the sense of who he is remains intact. It's something to trust. "

I hear a lot of screaming that we're in Iraq because of oil and other angry sentiments against being there. And those sentiments are usually angry arguments against Republicans. I am sure those same people are very much for conservation and environmentally friendly energy policies. So where is the outrage about this:

"An effort here in 1990 to lift the fuel standard to 40 mpg for cars aroused furious opposition led by Democrats from automaking states. Had that bill been passed, we would be using 3 million fewer barrels a day."

Again back go Drowsey's comments about not liking the terms left or right in politics here's a place I can agree with her. When the facts are clear we can see it is a bi-partisan effort to screw us!

Now I am no scientist, grant you BUT wouldn't using 3 million fewer barrels of oil a day reduce carbon emmissions and global warming? Isn't that suppose to be a big big big issue that the democrats are screaming bloody murder about. And by the way something I truly am concerned about myself.


Da Old Man said...

By the way, love your blog.

As far as labels, Bush and company are the latest to totally screw things up. He calls his government compassionate conservatives. That is no more true than if I were to call my home a mansion. It's not much more than a van down by the river, and Bush and his crew are little more than spend-happy opportunists.
But what politicians aren't?

leezee52 said...

I love your video!!!

Tell me about the Baby statues?

Me :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

Well, maybe I need to expand on my statement ... it wasn't in reaction to what you wrote, just my thoughts on politics as a whole.

I think the political parties want us to define ourselves as either left or right ... as does the media. It suits their purposes. They're just trying to package or sell a product, so as the 'consumer' we have to look beyond all the sales pitch.

Maybe it's not so in the States, but here in Canada ... left & right are pretty blurred. I mean I mostly vote for the so-called "left" parties (we have more than just 2 to chose from) but I have also voted for what is considered the "right" side of the spectrum. I made my decisions based on the issues at the time and also based on the message coming from the party.

So my point was, get to know what the parties are standing for, and then decide. Don't vote solely on how they or the media defines them. And don't vote for one party because you define yourself at liberal or conservative. In this complex world those labels don't really jibe with reality

But I absolutely agree that the most important thing is to vote. I don't really care who votes for who ... what gets me all hot and bothered is when people don't vote. Now that's frustrating.

Lauren said...

Lee- THANKS! You're my biggest cheering squad for sure. I think I should hire you to build my biz!!!

You know I wish I knew what those baby statues were all about. I didn't see a plaque anywhere. It was an exhibit at Governor's Island a couple of weeks ago.

Drowsey, I think we are pretty much in agreement! The only thing I now disagree with is the just vote statement. I used to feel strongly in favor of that sentiment. But nowadays with so many who don't give it the kind of thought you obviously do, I fear for what that kind of "just voting" will bring.

While I am a registered Democrat I am truly an Independent. But I won't register myself that way as is locks me out of primaries.

Thanks for your very thoughtful and well-written comment!!!!!

Lauren said...

OH almost forgot to say hello again to da old man! Yes, they are the latest. No one is going to not screw up. I think we really have created a very emotionally unrealistic society. But well that in and of itself would be such a long and heavy post. :-)

Thanks for your kind remarks about my blog.

Jessica said...

I'm so disenchanted with politics right now. I feel like politicians all say things that don't mean just to get elected...I'm so freaking tired of it. Power is the only thing that appeals to these people, and until that changes we are left with no one with true character to choose from.