"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Guilty Pleasures

Now get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about television shows.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels. I never liked KISS and was way too young to understand them and as I got older I made fun of people who had obsessions about that band well past the band's hey days. But this show is funny.

My next guilty pleasure is watching Tori and Dean. I admit I liked watching 90210 but always figured Tori got her job due to daddy. I figured she was just a snotty little rich girl. It's rather addictive to watch her be so normal yet obviously live such a different life than the rest of us.

I also LOVE Jon and Kate plus eight. I don't feel guilty about this one at all. But since I am telling you about the other reality shows I do feel guilty about liking, I'll let you know about this one too. This couple had fertility problems and used modern medicine to have twins. In trying this method again they ended up with 6 more kids.

Other non-television guilty pleasures:
  1. chocolate ice cream and Lays potato chips
  2. Ben & Jerry's Coffee Health Bar Crunch - the entire pint in one sitting
  3. flirting with men I have no plans on taking it further with
  4. chuleta frita
  5. walking around in my undies -- shit, come on people I live alone, who will see me! NEVER EVER NAKED. BLECH!
  6. eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's Coffee Health Bar Crunch in my undies in one sitting


Bryan said...

Never saw Gene Simmons and I dont know what the Jon and Kate thing even is. I loved 90210 back in the day but not now. I will admit I find Tori attractive in some strange way. The same way I find Hilary Swank and Jewel attractive too. My tv guilty pleasures would start with Survivor and The Amazing Race.

I'm more of a mint chip fan myself. My fave guilty pleasure is antaganizing Bush/ McCain fans.

Lauren said...

Bryan, A&E you can watch Gene on Sunday evenings. Jon and Kate on TLC. You like strange looking woman. Hmmm. Guess I am out, too stunning for you. :-D
Mint chip is ok. Taunt away if you want to try...stick around for tomorrow when I factually taunt your stupidity, ooops I mean choice.

Bryan said...

They seem like they have such good personalities. Inner beauty is really what matters most (at least I can type that with a straight face).

I have zero interest in Gene though. I've always found him to be a self serving gasbag. Now the Two Coreys is great TV.

I can hardly wait. I should go on record before you post that I am registered as an Independent and do not vote by party lines.

Lauren said...

Bryan, That's what makes Gene so funny and interesting to watch...especially watching what he kids say and do in response. Give it a go. Who knows maybe Carrie and I will show you the err of your ways and you'll get off the Obama con man wagon soon!

Jessica said...

I like KISS, but not Family Jewels. lol

I love Jon, and Kate plus eight too! :)It seems like that show is always on. I hope they are making some good extra money from it to help take care of all of those kids.

Rhonda said...

Hey Lauren. I just wanted you to know that I posted an award for you on my blog. Stop by and collect it, okay?

Lauren said...

Jessica, yeah they have Jon & Kate on alot. I'm fascinated with them. Hope they are making good dough too!

Rhonda--OK will zoom over there asap. Thanks!

Da Old Man said...

Family Jewels is great. Jon and Kate annoy me, and I've never seen Tori.
I really like the Roloffs. Forgot the name of the show.

Have you ever had Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia or Phish Food?

Lauren said...

D.O.M. - Little people big world. Love that one too. Love peaking in I guess!

Phish food yummy.

Will check out your blog. Who cares if you're doing it for more traffic. Screw people who egg you on that way. I'll be around soon. First need sleep! :-)

Drowsey Monkey said...

gene simmons? really? The guy makes me wanna hurl. Always did.

Haven't seen any of the other shows, I guess we don't get them here. I saw about 10 minutes of family jewels and that was it. They keep running it non stop, so I'm guessing they're not getting the viewership they wanted.

Go naked! Scare the cats! LOL LOL

Lauren said...

Drowsey, Actually i think they run it a lot because it is cable and they have a good following and get good ad dollars. I think he is a pig too. It's the family in relationship to him I find funny. And sometimes you see him in a way you wouldn't expect, the mask comes down. It's quite interesting if you give it a chance...

Might scare the cats but make me cry.

Kandace said...

OMG! Family Jewels...AMAZING television really. No, really. I tivo the shit out of it.

Tori & Dean...I haven't seen Still Inn Love but man I guess I need to tivo that because I liked the 1st season.

Oh! And Jon & Kate + 8. I just saw this last week and was intrigued.

My new favorite ice cream is American Birthday Cake from B&R!

Lauren said...

Kandace,Is that Baskin? Sounds good. Will have to try it. Wow we like the same tv. Hmmm?