"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Monday, July 14, 2008

This Life-Long Democrat Is Voting For McCain

"From the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United State Senator, to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee, he logged 143 days of experience in the Senate. That's how many days the Senate was actually in session and working. After 143 days of work experience, Obama believed he was ready to be Commander In Chief, Leader of the Free World, and fill the shoes of Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Ronald Reagan. 143 days. I keep leftovers in my refrigerator longer than that."
Columnist…Cheri Jacobus


CupidsReviews Heidi said...

Now let me get berated for my views on US politics! Personally, even a teen would do a better job than any republican could at this very moment. Obama, Hilary, anybody should oust the republicans before we are trading to your dollar like we do against pesos. I ran a US business for 7 years, but got out near the peak of GW's rule as he slammed the dollar so badly it was no longer profitable for this Canadian to work for the US. That aside, I am just an extreme lefty, even write with that hand! And McCain is FULL of hate towards one and all. May as well be voting for Lou Dobbs in my opinion. What say you Lauren?

Shelle said...

I agree with you...although I feel I am picking the lesser of two evils...I will vote for McCain...not because he is a Republican per say, but because I trust more in his experience then in Obama's going back and forth on what he believes and says! He's not fooling me...but he looks like he is fooling a lot of people!

It scares me that people are willing to vote for someone that honestly doesn't truly believe in America nor have any pride in America...he wants us to become as Europe...we wouldn't be the nation we are if we did as the OTHERS do!

Thanks! I love you opinions...

leezee52 said...

I think my Mom would roll over in her grave if I voted republican. It would be like committing a sin...lol

Da Old Man said...

The last President I voted for was Reagan. Every election since then, I voted for the person I thought was the lesser of 2 evils. Can that really be considered given choices?

Bryan said...

Describing his experience as 143 days is flat out unfair. He has a lifetime of experiences, both successes and failures that prepare him for the position.

Dick Cheyney had alot of experience. Would you vote for him?

For the record, the only elected office Lincoln held prior to running for president was 2 years in Congress. That was 12 years before becoming president.

Lauren said...

Bryan, Actually giving the FACTS are completely fair but your answer that it isn't is a typical left-wing tactic to try to shut me up or down so to speak. It's not going to intimidate me.

Would I vote for someone solely on the fact that he has more experience than someone else, nope. Would I use that as a basis for decision YEP. YESIREE.

Let's see I have 365 days experience in my current position so I think I deserve to run the entire association now as president. Totally jack crap.

Comparrison's to Lincoln are just intellectually dishonest. I won't even justify it with a further response.

Obama doesn't have any experience as you try to claim to warrent him not only the highest office in our nation but the world. It's not there. Furthermore his lack of good character and total position change from someone with such short experience should be a stark reason not to vote for him.

There's plenty more reasons but that one is a big one.