"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Karaoke And A Back Story

Saturday night I had a blast at a friend's karaoke party they threw in their home. I have known these people for years. They run the best karaoke in all of NYC. They take it seriously and have the best sound system and run their events like a show. Each year they throw a couple of karaoke bashes out of their home for their die-hard attendees. Last night was one of these times.

I brought my friend Sarah, who although makes claims to shyness, got up to the mic without hesitation or fuss. Big kudos to her! She actually went up twice! You go!

At some point in the evening I mentioned to another party-goer that I have known as an acquaintence through the karaoke events, that I would be posting the photos on my blog. I never told her previously about my blog, or blogging activities and to this day she doesn't have the address unless the party-givers sent it to her without my knowledge.

The FIRST thing out of this person's mouth was "I will not be happy to have my photo on your blog if your blog is pro-McCain, because I have a bag full of Obama support literature right now in the closet, I will be extremely angry."

Now said person's name won't be shared because of her request, although it's a little hard for me since we SHARE THE SAME NAME!!!! :-p

Stunned I was. Just stunned. Not shocked. Because time and time again, through other blogs, yahoo stories, NYTIMES bias and YouTube first person accounts I have seen this ideology angrily thwarted upon people like myself. This angry aggressive way of thinking, talking and behaving does not mesh with my value system. And I just stared at her. STARED.

SHIT...I am at a party to have fun. WTF!

Even more angrily I was then accosted with what were the most dirty words she could imagine: "ARE YOU A REPUBLICAN!" With eyes bulging out of her head and anger seeping through her eye sockets, ears and nose hairs.

My reply, in a sarcastic tone, "YES, sometimes!"

Then a brief exchange of what she feels about Republicans and Obama, to which I cut her off and said, "I think Obama is a lying idiot, however I am here for a party and not for this. To answer your question, this post will be about the karaoke and yes I do write about my support for McCain because my blog is considered a mixed bag and I write about a lot of things."

She went on to grumble more gripes about how I better not write "go McCain" in the same post as her photos.

MY LOYAL READERS...please note the self-restraint I am putting forth at this point to NOT do that just to piss her off...and something I would never have dared to even think of had she not come at me with any of this in the first place.

So while I had NO intention of making this another political post, her out of the box, where did THAT come from response to my "I'm going to post these photos on my blog" fueled me to tell the story.

Unfortunately there seems to be this ideology from this very leftish takeover of the Democratic party, to be angry, to squash opposing views, to shout you down and tell you that YOU are irrational, that you cannot say this or that to stop open discussion. THIS IS SCARY beyond belief.

I have noticed this for many years. With it being worse this last year.

Politics are dirty. They always have been and always will be. THIS is worse than all that talk that all politicians lie and the government is always in our business crap. THIS IS FAR WORSE. This is the kind of thing that happened around the Cuban revolution and those similar around the globe.

My country is NOT perfect. And it NEVER will be.

I think our founding fathers were brilliant. They set up a system that allows changes to be made all the time. Unfortunately, out of complete ignorance many young people do not even know how our government already offers this to us. They have never studied our own political system and they are being swayed by politicians who are greedy power-hungry, do anything, switch stances, say anything, globe trotting Pied Pipers taking advantage of their lack of knowledge that they as ordinary citizens already have this power to change that which they don't like and don't need some g-d foresaken savior of a person to be voted in to somehow miraculously make their lives better.

So well, "girlfriend" who will remain nameless...thank you for inspiring this post.



Drowsey Monkey said...

Sounds like a fun night, except for the political nonsense, LOL.

I disagree with most people on politics, I never get angry about it tho...and vice versa. Most of them govern down the middle once they're in anyway, so ... why get mad about it. I can't be bothered.

Lauren said...

Drowsey, It was fun, minus the political attack. Good 'tude!

Bryan said...

I'm curious to hear what you sang up there. Do tell.

Lauren said...

Bryan, I had a duet prepared but no partner in crime. So I sang some standards. I sang "One Moment in Time" and "Last Dance".

LiteralDan said...

I don't agree with everything you said, or all your choices, opinions, or voting preferences, but I agree completely with your attitude and spirit.

I feel like quoting Rodney King.

Da Old Man said...

Isn't it funny how those who consider themselves the most tolerant, the most inclusive, and the most free thinking are often none of those?
And even the slightest attempt to call them on their nonsense will cause them to go even more crazy.
Go figure.

Lauren said...

Literal Dan, Now you're understanding me and my ideas! We don't have to agree on all the issues, but the way we think and act we MUST agree upon. Make sense?

D.O.M. -OMG can you PLEASE clone another you for me to marry!!!!????

leezee52 said...

Check out my blog tomorrow, I have something for you!
Lee :)

Lauren said...

Lee, OKIE. And good to see you back. But my dear I need something from you to help you. Stop making me ask.;-0

Jessica said...

I hope she didn't ruin your party too much! I've never tried Karaoke, but I want to! :)