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Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'd Rather They Didn't Sell Them In 12 Packs

This idea comes from the above logo. You can click on the logo and be sent to the land of Kidzarama for some fabulous fun creative posts. She lives in the land down under with her Wonder Hubby and two kids, Wren and Bump.

So I am pondering the title of the post which comes from her idea. Truly the only thing that comes to mind are condoms.
Too intimidating. Usually when something is sold in that amount of quantity they label them family packs.
In this case they ought to call them No More Family Pack.

Think about it! I am single, not dating and well 12 is such a big number to achieve and puts way too much pressure on this woman. Right now I'd settle for a nice bloke who treats me well, with respect and loving kindness, and we buy them in 3packs for a while until I feel confident that we can make it to 12!


Candid Carrie said...

I think you should stop thinking about it being family size and perhaps consider it as a Value Pack and it will be an easier purchase.

Great post!

Lauren said...

Carrie, nice to see you back commenting on my blog!

As far is a value pack, it's rather hard to see the value in something that I have no use for at this time :-( In my personal case it would be more of the You're Not Getting Any Pack.

leezee52 said...

Oh Lauren you crack me up...lol

Lauren said...

Lee, Awesome!

Drowsey Monkey said...

LOL ... you crack me up. Oh shoot, leeze just said that. Oh well, it's true.

I know what you mean. 12! Such pressure. And a constant reminder of not gettin' any when you open your drawer and see 11 sitting there...expiring.

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

You know, I was wondering if anyone would come up with this type of 12 pack.

I should have known you'd be the one. ;)

Lauren said...


I had a feeling you would be the one reader of mine that would understand my POV. Let's just say the last time I bought any I didn't buy that quantity and there are still the remaining left in my drawer! SAD SAD SAD! ;-)

Jane, HAHA, NA NA! Not sure what they sell in 12 packs in Australia but honestly I couldn't think of another thing here in that quantity that's obvious. Besides it IS funny! TeeHee!

jen721 said...

It should be called the anti-family pack. I bet more guys would buy them! Don't go to places like SAMS club, I have seen 3 of those 12 packs wrapped together in celophane for sale. If I was the sales girl in that checkout lane I don't think I could keep a straight face.

Lauren said...

Jen, I would burst out laughing too!