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Friday, July 11, 2008

"Three Things My Husband Doesn't Know About Me" -Sans Drowsey

In Drowsey's comment section she sorta tagged me to play this meme game What my husband doesn't know about me.

Since neither she nor I are married it's a little bizarre...so I figured WTF go for it. I'm hormonally challenged the last few days, going from bowl of bitchy to feeling frisky. I'll bite!

Let's see what my husband doesn't know about me:


2- I am a 37 year old virgin and all the amazing sexual tricks I happen to know are gifts from the heavens just for him. [barf]

3- I never fart in bed...it's always the cats, always.


Drowsey Monkey said...


The best part is ... #2 is TRUE! ;)


Lauren said...

Drowsey, You're the only one who found this post today :-( HAHA! Doesn't every man want to THINK this is true?

Da Old Man said...

# 2.

Yes... yes, we do.

By the way, it a big internet, with dozens of sites. I just found your blog today, and found this post just now.

Quite interesting.

Lauren said...

Hey Old Man, wow I can't believe I can write that and it is ok! HA! Glad to have you here reading my ecclectic rants. It's fun to know some who is 108. WAY WAY COOL!

Hope to see you again soon!