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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sad News About Sadie

Sadie has been spiking fevers. On Tuesday night I returned home to a cat that wouldn't greet me at the door as normal and didn't want to eat. I took her temperature and it was almost 104. The Vet suggested testing for FIV and Leukemia.

This morning I got the news that Sadie tested positive for FIV which is the feline version of HIV.

There's good news in this too. I have been reading some literature and found out that although many Vet's really don't know much because they have only known about this disease in cats for the last 15 years that owners of other FIV positive cats know that most live normal life spans with few issues until they are older, much like any other cat.

Also, the risk of transmission is very low, even for playful cats. It takes a deep bite to have transmission and it cannot be transmitted to humans. It's just not the same virus. Years of studies prove this.

Just as with humans, kissing and fluids from the mouth or excretions cannot transmit this virus.

I immediately joined a yahoo support group and they sent me this article which really helped me calm down. I am obviously concerned for Leo and KC. But the people here write about having multi-cat households with some FIV + and some FIV - cats for years and never had a cat that was negative become positive. "Bentley continues to be the most mellow and affectionate cat. Kids love him. So do other cats. Men admire his macho good looks, and with his paternal instincts, he has helped Karen foster 12 kittens in the past five years. All of them tested negative for FIV, of course."

"Dr. Susan Cotter, professor of hematology and oncology at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, is one of those who have helped dissolve these old fears. "I wouldn't advise getting rid of a cat that tests positive for FIV," she says. "If the cat is young and healthy, it could be years before anything changes."

Since I am a holistic practitioner and energy worker I turned to friends to ask for energy therapy to be sent to Sadie. Additionally, I am looking for an herbal regime to put her on now before things have a chance to progress. And now I am making a public plea for help.

I'm just a single gal with a very limited income. To be blunt I am just tapped tapped out. There's no money to pull from. With Leo on mood medicine twice a day costing $30 a month, the organic foods I already have them on and now must have Sadie on for best results and the Vet bills for almost weekly visits because well, we didn't know what was wrong with her I am broke. Truly broke.

If you know of any organization that will sponsor us financially - provide holistic meds, or you wish to personally help us with the financial aspects of this situation I would be most grateful.

That's my plea. No matter what just having your emotional support will be helpful.


Da Old Man said...

Have you ever thought about putting adsense on your blog? No, it's not big bucks, but it's been known to bring in a few dollars to help out. I know I try to click on some of my favorite blog's ads at times if I see something I'm interested in. I wish I knew anything else.

Mike said...

Adsense is one, but you have to have like hundreds of hits a day to make anything.

I had a website once that was raking in a buck a day with several hundred visitors. Yippee dooo da.

What you can do is go to www.paypal.com. Register an account, and then get the "donate" code. This will have a donate button up on your blog, and people can donate using online interac, credit cards, or transfers from their own pay pal account.

Then go on blog cataloge and other social networking and blog networking sites and make your plea. I would also visit cat related sites as well.

Follow it up with posts about the progress of your cat. This is very important if people are donating money. Perhaps include pictures and what not. Tug on those heart strings.

One last piece of advice.

Holistic therapies and energy thingies and naturopathic stuff are important to you, but that's something I'd leave out in your subsequent posts. Many people think it's snake oil (including myself), and would be offended that their money is going to pay for unrecognized treatments. That, however, is up to you.

Good luck.

Lauren said...

Hi Mike, thanks for that advice. Have to see if i can even expend that energy in that direction. OY! As far as energy therapy being snake oil I am a bit taken a back although not shocked. It is something I have heard before. If you read up on Pamela Miles you'll see how much medicine is working with Reiki. It's used in so many hospitals etc...scientist are catching up :-) It's helped me, my mother and countless other people in my personal life and is how I earn (or maybe not earn haha) a living. But the paypal idea is a good one, can't hurt and maybe will generate some cash for her meds. Conventional has shitola for her now so says the Vet and he is very open to the other stuff. I found something I think is perfect called New Zealand Colustrum and has a lot of scientific data backup. Colustrum in newborns boosts their immunne systems and since I also work in that industry I feel confident about this product. However the Vet is now reading the materials and we shall see.

D.O.M. - I never started this blog to earn a buck. I have severe reservations because I share so much personal stuff. But I guess you do what you gotta do when your "kids" need something.

Jessica said...

I feel for you...but I know you will find a way. I think Mike's idea is a good one...maybe start a separate blog?

Drowsey Monkey said...

I'm sorry to hear about Sadie, poor little thing.

I'm afaid I don't have any suggestoins for financial assistance, altho a lot of what mike says seems like a good idea.

leezee52 said...

Oh nooo baby Sadie! I know she is in good hands with you! Paypal and a blog just about her is a great idea! Give her a kiss for me!

Gypsy said...

So sorry to hear about Sadie. It hurts when our fur babies get sick. I wish I could be more helpful.

Lauren said...

Jess, Drowsey, Lee,Gypsy, Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers. I am praying that this is just antibodies and that it goes away in a year as can happen. I am reading that they sometimes show up in kittens from the mom before they are 6 months and that when tested again never show another sign. I probably will start another blog just for her and write about my daily doses and Vet visits and her fun behaviors. Hopefully there won't be much to write but fun things but I will put a paypal donate button on it and maybe some people will send some financial assistance that will help with the Vet bills I have incurred to date bringing her in for all kinds of situations and then this latest and the tests that need to be run and vaccinations she must have to stay healthy etc...If not I lost nothing anyway in the try. Perhaps you can publicize the site when I get it up?

Da Old Man said...

I know what you mean about not trying to make money from your blog. I've had a blog since 2004, and just started putting the ads on. It's definately not a huge money maker, but then, my blog isn't covered with ads, either.

The idea of a seperate blog isn't bad at all.

I will have a button for an affiliate program in a few days, but it's as much to help out a friend as to make any cash.

Lauren said...

Hi DOM again! I think I am going to start the new site this weekend. I'll let all of you know. Anyone willing to promote it, of course I am grateful for. I will do the paypal and the affiliate stuff. It's a crap shoot that might end up producing nothing. But it's a shot. And I will put up good information on the disease. So no harm no foul.

Thanks for all the good ideas and support.