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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

Do you remember those silly commercials a few years back? Well, I thought I should be giving you guys some fun, silly, stupid posts along with my heavy opinionated ones...just a little treat for ya. After all, you've been so good, reading and listening to my opinions you ought to get a little treat thrown at ya now and then. I mean seriously, even my kitties get treats for good attention.
So what would I do for a klondike bar? Hmmm let's see...that depends. Do I have my period? Am I PMSing?
On a non-hormonal day I'd probably stare you in the face until you hand it over or decide not to.
On a PMSing day you'd better move your hand fast enough not to lose your fingers.
And on a day when I have my period, you had better learn to duck and cover cause I'll rip it from your hands and lob it at ya!
What would you do for/with a klondike bar?

(Apparently there's some new contest with this company. When I wrote this post a few days ago I had no idea. So go visit their site I guess. )


Bryan said...

Klondike's never did it for me. Now a chipwich on the other hand ....

Christie said...

Klondike bar...hmmm...depends on how hungry I am. I'd probably get my behind off the couch.
Found you on Candid Carries! Fun blog you've got here!