"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Like A Guy To Make This More Complicated Than Needs To Be

Today my new blog friend Bryan and I had a little flirting action. He offered to pony up some of his single friends for me to date. I suspect that Karyne will appreciate this post the most of all my loyal readers.

Between my post to Gypsy and my post about Trader Joe's this transpired:

Bryan said...
i've never polled them on political positions. our conversations are typically about sports, beer and chicken wings. We will be in Chicago over Labor Day weekend. I'll see what I can come up with for you.

- Single (also assuming not separated, no live in gf's, no restraining orders)
- Republican
- Male
- NYC area
- drug free (up to you but I suggest it) Any other screening that needs to be done or does that cover it?
July 23, 2008 10:04 AM

Lauren said...
Bryan,Single (also assuming not separated, no live in gf's, no restraining orders)

*YES, and really single, no attachments, no "f" buddies either.
- Republican*OR moderate Democrats, that refuse to vote for Obama.
- Male * OH YEAH...I wasn't clear enough with my entire blog? :-)
- NYC area
- drug free (up to you but I suggest it)
* Of course. I'd be the only drug they'd want! ;-)-- I smell a new post!!
July 23, 2008 10:08 AM

Bryan said...
* minor clarifications needed *#1 - when you say no fwb do you mean NO fwb or just no fwb that you would find out about?#2 - does nyc area include 973 area code?#3 - i'm assuming you mean a new blog for you since this is far too serious of a subject for me to weigh in on.

Bryan and all other still single male readers, LISTEN to our words. Here, I actually wrote them. I am always detailed and clear in my writing.

Did I write "f" buddies I wouldn't find out about?
Did I write a new blog?


No guys that are entangled with "f" buddies. PERIOD!
No new blog...new blog post.
And viola, here it is. TeeHEE!

973 is New Jersey. Been there done that for 20 years...NYC: 718, 516, 631, 212, 917.

OH and photos are totally required. Must be good-looking on the inside and out! Made that mistake with the momma once. NEVER ever again. This girl if nothing else learns from her mistakes.
P.S. and totally off topic -- well sorta off topic. I just got the funniest SPAM in my email. Headline reads: Obama to change name to Yo Mama!


Gypsy said...

What fun...I love it when there is gentle sparring between blog owner and commenter.

I once went to a blog where there was a full on fight going on between a male and a female commenter who had been intimately involved at one time. They had a slanging match right there in the comment box. Best entertainment I've had in years which makes me sound very sad and pathetic but Pfftt....

Bryan said...

Lauren - ouch!

Gypsy - did you just fart?

Da Old Man said...

Just an FYI. On my blog today, I am taking questions from women that will be answered in a post in the future with all answers right from the "Man's Handbook."
Not trying to get traffic, just trying to be helpful.

Bryan said...

wow. thats a shameless attempt to get traffic.

Hey ladies, on my blog today I am collecting phone numbers. Not so I can give them to me drunken friends to call in the middle of the night but so I can ... hmmm .. ummm ... well whatever the reason is it's NOT what I said a second ago.

Lauren said...

Bryan, Just like a leftie to pretend he can read my mind and tell it back to me as if it were my thought and intent! Typical.

First, there's nothing wrong with wanting more traffic to my blog...you say that as if it's a bad thing and I should somehow feel ashamed...no sireebob!

Second, I do this for myself and because I am myself I have blog readers who come back and comment and we share. We have a friendship and we like it.

You like me you come back. you don't see ya!

I'm having fun playing with you. But big boys don't cry. BOOHOO!

Bryan said...

I should have been more clear - My comment was in response to 'da old man' because he said 'not trying to get traffic'

Lauren said...

D.O.M. and Bryan, play nice. First DOM has a lot of years experience pleasing a woman and well Bryan has...oh that's right NONE, he won't even talk to one at his gym class. Hmmm?!

Missy said...

Came by way of Bryan's blogroll...

I got that same spam line. Laughed my behind off for at least a full minute.

Did you also get "Nazi Toddlers Ruined My Birthday?"

Lauren said...

Missy, I made Bryan's blogroll? Hmmm -- hey that's a step in the right direction for him. PUN INTENDED in two ways...
Right politics and right for sort of stepping toward a woman which he obviously won't approach..hahaha!

I almost never read the headlines of the spam. That one caught my eye and just had me in stitched. Good thing i didn't have to pee.

Go McCain!