"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Dear Gypsy Calls Me Out

Oh I love you Ms. Gypsy. You make me think. But I already know what you say has some truth to it...that some battles are better left alone. I know this. I do I do!

Here's the truth though. Most of us battle way more than I do, they just don't make it public knowledge. Sometimes I don't even know why I do, but it helps me to get it out and post it. So be it.

I can't do this for others. I can only hope that those who come here are enjoying ME. The sometimes crazy side of me, angry side of me, funny side of me, stupid side of me. But me! And that goes for who I am in life as well. Because I spent just about 36.5 years trying to do whatever in literally every circumstance to please the person I was with, or people and it can't be done. Someone is always pissed off. You please one you piss of the other etc... I've learned that people have to accept you, all of you, the good, bad and ugly and that they can do that and will stick around if they really are your friends.

I am blessed to have learned just how supported I am with all my ridiculous faults and opinionated ways.

In regard to the Yahoo stupidity. Could I have just not said anything? YES MA'AM! Would it have been easier. YOU BETCHA! But I ate a bowl of bitchy that day.

I am however allowed to give myself a break. Everyone does this to some degree all the time. I forgive me.

Now please go read her blog 'cause she is one fantastic person to read!


Gypsy said...

Now honey you know I only "called you out" because it seemed like you were paying a hefty price for trying to correct a wrong. I know you understand that I was coming from a caring place.

I have always hated injustice of any kind, whether it had anything to do with me or not and just like you, I used to stand up to be counted and have my say. Now...well I've learned that sometimes you have to let some things go especially if the person you've chosen to do battle with is just not prepared to listen or they refuse to see another point of view.

No I don't like to do that but if wisdom has taught me anything it's to choose my battles wisely. We should all be prepared to stand up for those who may not be strong enough to do so themselves but we also need to weigh up the costs to ourselves. That may even sound a little selfish but I was just trying to be a friend :)

By the way If you ever want a position as my personal publicist, you're hired :)

Lauren said...

Gypsy, I humbly concur!

If the job pays...I'll take it! :-)

Bryan said...

stop flogging yourself please.

Obama 08!

Lauren said...

Bryan, Now I can say the same back to you...pushing Obama on my blog is flogging YOURSELF. BLECH! This is a McCain gal.

Lauren said...

Bryan, although in all fairness you did just admit to the emotional intellegence of a 17 year old ...but still don't flog yourself my dear!

Bryan said...

i wasn't flogging. i'm actually quite proud of it.

Lauren said...

Bryan - Now who's the masochist? Hmmmm

Bryan said...

damn catholic upbringing!!

Lauren said...

To my comment readers:

And so commences the flirting portion of this post. Now you've seen it in action and can have an itty bitty understanding of what it is like for the still singles. [sigh]

Lauren said...

...Readers, go see the comments on the Trader Joe's post which lead into these.

Candid Carrie said...

Two things:

Go McCain, and

You ate a bowl of bitchy? I invented bitchy in a bowl!

Lauren said...

Carrie! WOOHOOO! Let's spread reason together and convert Obama supporters. Stay tuned for Friday's post! You'll love it!

Bryan said...

I can hardly wait for Friday's Fair and Balanced Blog. No doubt balanced between conservative and reactionary.

You had to go and make a spectator sport of this didn't you?

Jessica said...

Hey Girl!
Hope you are feeling better. In my opinion...it's always better to speak your mind. I admire that.

Da Old Man said...

You should video those self flogging sessions. I've heard there is big money in that.

At least according to all the video stores I've passed on Canal Street.

(not that I would ever look at the wares they sell in those stores)

Lauren said...

Bryan, I thought real men don't cry!

Jessica, thanks and I agree. But it does piss the hell out of a lot of people.