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Friday, August 8, 2008

My Walk Around NYC

The view from the 35th floor at 44 Street and Third Avenue facing West.
Click on the above foto for a larger view and you'll get to see the window washers at the top of one of the buildings. NEAT!

Lexington Avenue in the 30's.
Some guy at Madison Square Park at the corner of 23rd Street and Park Avenue South.

To his credit he did clean up.
Parks Dept. electric carts.
A NYC Pedicab. Corner of Park Avenue South and 23rd Street.

Under the sidewalk, below the street -- construction at 20th Street and Fifth Avenue.

One of many good reasons to immediately wash your hands when you get off the train.


Heidi said...

Just blog hopping this morning and cam across yours! I like it! I especially like your video creation!! Great joy and perfect song! You go girl!

Jessica said...

Aw, NYC-dogs pooping, weirdos on the street, and dirty feet! :) jk-thanks for the picture tour. I miss NYC(dirty feet and all!)-the skyline is so great!

Jennifer said...

I heart NYC--even w/ the weirdos and dog-doo.

careysue said...

I love NY as well...great shots!

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

awesome pics. I especially like the view of that man meat! :) and I can't believe you got the poop mid-drop! too funny! gotta love NYC!

Da Old Man said...

Your pictures perfectly explain why I live in NJ. NYC is like our amusement park. :)

Lex the mom said...

Those are awesome pics - did that guy see you stalking? & the dog pooping - too funny!

My hub hates NYC, but I think I'd love it. It's a big city & I expect it to be what it is.

EmBee said...

I LOVE NYC... Thanks for letting me visit again.

Lauren said...

Heidi, Thanks.

Jess, HAHAHA! YOU GOT IT! The skyline is fantastic ain't it?

Jennifer, Yeah he was strange but there's no place in the world like NYC. People feel rather free to just be themselves and no one thinks much of it, which is something I adore about my city. And we are one of the most gentle cities too. Movies are hype. We are kind. Whenever there are problems in other cities you never see it happen here.

Careysue, THANKS! :-)

Sandy, HAHA! Girl after my own heart!!! Man meat. ICK! LMAO. Yeah that poop shot was great to catch. I was hysterical as I took it. I think the owner was watching me but what could he do. HEY I MADE A PUN!

D.O.M., I grew up in NJ. I know the REAL reason you live there. BRUUUUHHHHAAAAHHHHH!

Lex, nope he didn't see me. I was pretty far away. Cool telephoto lens huh? I suspect he would have loved knowing. He was a real exhibitionist.

Sorry you hub doesn't like NY. Can't imagine why though. The pedicab photo was taken right outside that park. NY is so interesting and full of so much at every angle.

Embee, glad you had a good visit. Come on back soon, YA HEAR!

I'll be visiting all your blogs this weekend. Right now I need some sleep. The kitties have a habit of waking me at 4am each day for kisses and cuddles. :-)

Drowsey Monkey said...

Okay, I'd love to see more NY photos ... but no more of that man you seem to be obsessed with, LOL...he needs a sandwich!

And definitely NO MORE POOPING PHOTOS! At least give a girl some warning! lol

Lauren said...

Drowsey, who's drowsy now? UGH neighbor across the street blasting heavy bases music AGAIN at 5 am so I saw your comment.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! GOTCHA! I was very proud of those catches. NYC can be a really fun visual place for so many reasons. Yes that guy needs a sandwich! ME TOO! HEEHEE.