"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Thursday, August 7, 2008

China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek

It's time to boycott this Olympics!

We have no place being there with all this going on. This is outrageous.

Any talk of a boycott is an Olympic error in judgment
By Edwin Moses

With all due respect to Mr. Moses he is VERY VERY WRONG. In fact not only should the United States boycott this Olympics, all nations should do so. THAT would send a clear message to the Chinese. If all the atheletes are not allowed to compete due to their political beliefs that they are voicing abroad, then none should go. I am not saying those who have used violence should not be barred...I don't go that far. I am not even advocating they should be allowed to protest in China at this time. But we all know what is happening in Darfur is genocide and speaking out to help people not be slaughtered is not an offense it is our duty as human beings. Being barred from the games because of this should not be tolerated especially when China agreed not to do so in order to be awarded this honor, not right, but a privilage.

By all decent nations boycotting this Olympics, it would send an economic message and force change if for only this one small period of time. China would be embarrased and have no choice but to relent.

This boycott doesn't even have to come from the nations themselves but only from the teammates who decide on their own they will not compete. Are these atheletes TRULY STRONG ENOUGH to put principle ahead of their own desires for a gold medal and olympic experience?


swile67 said...

this will be an interesting olympics for sure...hey thanks for the compliment!

Jessica said...

Man, what the Chinese government does never ceases to amaze me!

Da Old Man said...

This Olympics has already, or at least should have already shown, the world just how bad things are in China.

You point out the political and human rights aspects. Just as important are the environmental destruction of our planet, all in the name of money.

Look at the air over there. Those people have been and will be suffering tremendously, so we can buy cheap crap at Walmart.

Our athletes wore masks, and had to apologize for it. WTH?

The Olympics honor a government that is, more or less, evil. We should boycott.

Doula Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Karyne, You're welcome. It's well deserved.

Jess, represive societies will never stop and always try to spin it the other way on us.

D.O.M., I was thinking the same thing about the mask issue. Asian culture is very big on "politeness and saving face" but this goes too far.