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Thursday, August 14, 2008

May The Designer of The Computer Virus Antivirus XP 2008 LOSE HIS BALLS

I swear I hope an elephant finds and smothers the bastard and that he first chews the balls of the person who designed that virus and spread it around and makes him eat it first.

Perhaps they are just lonely little geeks who cannot get laid and are angry at women and therefore they create these virus'??? Because it is single women like me who get screwed the most. We don't have many geek friends to help and our incomes are usually less than men and certainly less than those in couples. So when something like this happens it's harder to manage and fix.

The end result is that Geek Squad told me the hard drive is dead. They refunded some money and are trying to back up data for me in the next few days so that I don't lose all my files. Hopefully that can be done. I have to buy a new computer. And all I can say about that is thank g-d for mom and dad lending me the cash.

I have a busy next few days with some clients who hired me and running from one job to the other which won't allow me time to get to the library during their hours for checking the blog. I will try to be back online by Sunday evening. Hope you will continue to come around and wait from my comments back.

Thanks for ALL your support. It really does help!


Drowsey Monkey said...

Ugh...hackers, spammers, virus developers & senders....pooey.

Computer Aid said...


(sorry in advance, about the long rambling comment)

There are some parts of what you write that seem unusual to me.

First of all:

From my experience, the virus world has moved on from "geeks enjoying some randon vandalism".

Its now more like "Russian mafia employs a room full of professional programmers, to write virus/spyware, which will give them passwords to your internet banking / ebay accounts"

So the first thing to do is change passwords on any internet accounts that involves money.

Secondly: a virus / spyware infection should only destroy windows (at most).

So, your computer should be physically "ok"... it just needs a wipe, and windows re-installed. (which should be much cheaper than getting a new PC).

A backup of all your data should cost a bit more.

The expense can start to mount if you want all your data and applications backed up and restored, as there is a real risk of restoring the infection.

I've also heard some unsettling stories about some computer repair companies. So be careful there also.

Finally: make sure your PC has antivirus and antispyware software. You can take a look at my blog, as I mention some free alternatives that work just as well as "norton" and "trend"

Da Old Man said...

While the world of hacking has become more sophisticated since the Melissa virus of a few years ago, I'm in agreement that hackers especially those spreading a destructive virus should be drawn and quartered, elephant stomped, or at the very least, treated as malicious felons.
It's difficult to do anything to international ones, but when we get some local dork, hurt him.

Lauren said...

Drowsey, I concur!

Computer Aid, NOPE the hard drive was dead. I spoke with one of the geeks, a girl geek, can you believe that one and I asked her a million questions and I felt she was honest. The computer was about 6 years old I think. The only thing worth doing was paying for file recovery which they tell me they are doing at this moment. THANK G-D that is possible.

This new computer seems easier to use so far and is so much faster. So you know in the scheme of things maybe it's just better to accept this fate and move forward. The way it was brought about sucks and I still would pay good money to see the elephant do her work for me!!

I never use online banking etc...I go to sites I know and never download. I don't care about music files like most people. So what can I say? I will be even more vigilant this time around.

D.O.M., You left out having their balls cut off and eaten. THE most important part of the punishment!

On your earlier comment about the geeks...OH BOY you had me LOL in the library. I doubt they realized who I looked like. They are too young and geeky to even watch tv.

Sandi said...

I had a computer techie friend who was convinced that most viruses were created by the anti-virus software companies to keep them in business! The only bright side is that it's always fun to get a brand new computer.

leezee52 said...

Lauren...please read your email!

Also try this for a virus checker it's free and I use it!


Lauren said...

Sandi, OH sure it's always fun to spend your parents money that you have to pay back. UGH! :-)

Lee, I saw your email. Please see mine too :-)