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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Want THIS Car

The manufacturer will be taking orders starting mid 2009. The cost of this car is expected around $17,000. Still a bit high for my budget but in reality pretty average. The car can get equivilant of 108 miles per gallon. It does take gas but basically it would cost $2 to fill the entire tank.

How can that be? It runs on compressed AIR!!!

This thing seems awesome. So if any of you want to pool your cash and get me this fantastic car for my 40th birthday...that's just under 3 years away! HURRAY!

It's set to hold 6 people by the time they start taking orders. So this model isn't the exact one I want...just in case you are placing that order for my birthday, I thought I should let you know the model I'd like.


Drowsey Monkey said...

Well isn't that the cutest little thing. Kinda looks like the head of one of those power rangers or something, lol.

It also kinda looks like it's backwards. But it's still darn cute.

Drowsey Monkey said...

what are you doing posting at 5:58 am anyway? tell me that's on some kinda auto thingy.

Doula Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Drowsey, I am actually up and reset it so I could see it post. My client just kicked into early labor about an hour ago, so I might be running off within the next few hours.

Another post is coming in a minute or two.

This car is tiny now but they are going to make it a little larger...which is the one all of you can pitch in and buy me for my 40th b-day :-)

LadyBanana said...

That's a neat looking car...and obviously good for the environment.

I think I want one as well... better hurry up and learn to drive!!

Jessica said...

It's cute, but in an accident it may not be safe!

Da Old Man said...

We were all set to chip in and get you one, but now it won't be a surprise. :(

Lauren said...

Diana Banana, I'll give you lessons if you chip in for my 40th gift -- TEEHEE!

Jessica, the manufacturer claims to be making it to very tough safety standards. I think much like the bug is one of the safest cars in a crash. I had the same question when I was told about it. All remains to be seen.

D.O.M., I am SOOOO ok with it NOT being a surprise! LOL