"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free Spirit

I am a free spirit. It pisses many people off. It's hard to define me by other's definitions and boxed in one-size fits all need to generalize. To some I am a conservative. To others I am liberal. It's really about the other person's POV.

I live by the issues. For the most part I will find myself able to agree with people on certain issues while completely disagreeing with them on others and not have any moral problems with that. Obviously I won't stand by a hater even if they have one or two values that seem to match mine.

Here's one example to explain the above...as if I need to somehow justify this to the general public! On the issue of race and the current political situation/presidential race I find myself sharing the values and thoughts of Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson. However I do have to say that upon skimming his other articles I completely disagree with his views on women and and their roles in religion. But a hater I do not think he is.

I choose by the issues! I don't choose who I stand by and with based upon the color of their skin or their religion. It's that simple.

When I meet people who don't know me that well it's always a little shocking for them to learn certain things about me. Usually people start bonding over a certain issue. And then even though we barely know each other we think we know more about that person based on that one issue.

When they learn for example that I am a Zionist it's hard for them to believe that I am not 100% conservative in my views and that I believe in holistic healthcare and spirituality and do not really follow religion.

Or for that matter when they read about my views on speaking English they can't believe I love energy therapies and natural childbirth.

What they don't seem to get is that I am a centrist and realist and a complete free spirit. I never really fit in with any one group. I fall within issues, not affiliations. I seek logic but many things in life are not logical. And yet with all my need for logic I 100% believe in that which I cannot see or measure: spirit, universal energy.

Today my free spirited ways took me to Sea Cliff, NY to Dreams East. One of my favorite places to go. It's surrounded by the town of Glenn Cove. It's about a half hour drive from where I live.

They were doing Aura photos again today. And of course I love having my aura photo taken.

It's so interesting to see the outer body layers caught on camera and see what energy is coming in and being sent out. The colors I saw today completely matched with what I am doing in and with my life at this time.

I walked around Sea Cliff and gave myself an energy treatment, connecting to spirit before I went to the store for my photo. I spoke to spirit and asked for my purples to still be in my aura at this time. And then I found myself saying, "OK a little rose or pink is ok too." in a very light-hearted manner, sort of when and if you have ever answered someone's question before it was asked. And as I said this I felt as though I were speaking with my grandmother. Her name was Rose.

I've never seen this box of cone incents in the store before. But today after my photo was taken I scanned the store for things I wanted and bent way way down and there was this box. Usually I don't like the scent that these manufacturers try to pass off as Rose. But I just knew I had to have this and that this was a little sign of her saying hello. I couldn't wait to burn one when I returned home and the smell was fantastic.

Here are more photos of my experience in in Sea Cliff.

This guy drives around the villiage of Sea Cliff, ringing his bell. It was such a throw back to another error I had to take a photo.

This is Connie. If you ever take the trip to Dreams East ask for her. She is always super helpful and fun.

I have wanted a sarong like this for a LONG time. Each previous trip I have never been able to find the colors and pattern that I felt pulled to purchasing. So I waited, and waited and waited.

Behind the sarong is my bookshelf with all my spiritual books and childbirth books etc... and Sadie has a habit of getting in there. I thought it would be good to get something to cover the opening to distract her from venturing in all the time.

Today this particular sarong was hanging on the store window. I had to have it. It feels so good in my home. The energy in it is amazing. And what makes this purchase even more fantastic is that it was given to me at a discount because it had a tiny tear in a place I couldn't care less about AND the store was having a sale today with all items being 10% off.


swile67 said...

I am glad you had such a lovely day ( it looks like a lovely quaint town) and have come to this stage in your journey of life! It is freeing isn't it! Love the sarong too:) You go girl!
PS What do you have for me? hehehe! You have me curious!

Jessica said...

Seems like a peaceful place. I would love to visit. :)

leezee52 said...

It's just like the 60's in Laguna Beach!

Da Old Man said...

This post was so jam-packed, most would have done it in 3 entries. Wow.
The pictures were beautiful, I felt like I was there. Reminded me of NJ from many years ago.

As for the political stance, I applaud you. Too many simply adhere to the party line.
One of my best buddies is all over the political spectrum. I respect that, it shows thinking, rather than some well intentioned ideological Stepford-like game of follow the leader.

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

what an awesome day! the bumper stickers are a hoot, the sarong is beautiful and your free spirit is inspiring! :)

Marvin the Martian said...

I vote by my issues too! And I have a lot of issues. LOL! Actually, just two. No, three. Well, four. Hmm.

Nice photos! Aura photography, very cool.

Lauren said...

I'm Back!

Karyne, It was fantastic. I guess I needed something good before the bad that came so soon after :-(

I THINK I gave you an award. Did you see it yet?

Jessica, It's one of my favorite places to go.

Lee, hmm you should post some photos of that. Yes it's a little hippy dippy but I love it anyway. TEEHEE.

D.O.M., Is that a hint for next time. Glad you liked the photos. Some places in Jersey are still pretty nice too. I did grow up there. Thanks for the applause. Sadly I have no choice. This is just who I am, like it or lump it eh?

Sandy, Aren't those stickers great. That's the clergy guy who also does pyschic readings. He's a little kooky but nice.

Marvin, Lots and LOTS of issues. HEEEHEE. I am not sure how to hook up my printer or scanner yet so I can't showt he aura photo just yet.