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Saturday, August 2, 2008


Today is Drowsey Monkey's one-year blogaversary. YES SIREEEBOB!

That wacky Canuck ["The term Canuck is first recorded about 1835 as an Americanism, originally referring specifically to a French Canadian. This was probably the original meaning, though in Canada and other countries, "Canuck" refers to any Canadian." ]has been polluting, achem... I mean gracing our world with her wacky humourous {see I can write Canadian...see see Americans are too bilingual!} stories of her car breaking down, almost killing her mother on her paper route or her spiteful cats for ONE GLORIOUS YEAR.

WOW I didn't know that about the term Canuck...yet again proving you really live in the 51st State...HAHAHAHAHA!

OH yeah...back to honouring {there's me writing Canadian again} Drowsey...
If you're lucky you can tune to her blog and hear her sultry voice as a talking flower. But watch out for those penguins on crack she has going on the right side of her blog.

All ribbing aside, congratulations on running such a fun and successful blog. I love reading your stories every day and would be going through serious withdrawal without it each day.

Please join me in a big hearty congratulations by visiting her blog today and telling her yourself.


Drowsey Monkey said...

Wow :) Thank you so much. I'm so surprised by all of this! lol

I do appreciating you speaking in my language tho...makes it so much easier to understand! LOL

Babs (Beetle) said...

I bet it's difficult to speak Canadian. Did it take long to learn?

Drowsey certainly is a great lady with a great blog!

Lauren said...

Drowsey, Well I am a firm believer that when you visit another country or go to live there you do your best to speak the native tongue.

Babs, It did take some effort and I think I have gotten rid of most of the lisp. It was a bit harder than learning British, but I studied often in the loo.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Woo-Hoo! Great post!!! Thanks for helping make Drowsey's day special!

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

americans--bilingual--lol! :) it's great meeting nice peeps thru the blogaversary party! I'll be adding you to my reading list! :)

Da Old Man said...

It is a Drowseypaloouza. In honour of her, I have been throwing random extra "U"s in most of my wourds.

I wish I was bilingual like Lauren.

I tried to learn Canadian, but I got lost somewhere between loonies and toonies.

Hey, how come they didn't sneak extra "U"s in them?

leezee52 said...

My Daughter is filming in Toronto right now...wow small world!

swile67 said...

hey i can get on the blogs now so i don't think it was sitemeter...just prob. some other glitch between IE and blogger...so you use mozilla firefox? m aybe i will try that too...guess i have to download it...do you know i didn't know canuck was first referred to french canadians..thanks for the info...

Lauren said...

Sandy, I added you to my daily list as well. Now I have a cohort in bitching sista!

D.O.M., Yeah what is with the loonie and toonie thing? I forgot all about that. Must study more.

Lee, Well tell your daughter to bring me back a piece o cake...because my ass isn't big enough!

Karyne, I didn't know that either. Wikipedia, is super cool. Thanks for the 411 on the IE thing. I thought it was my old computer and kept shutting down and rebooting. ARRRRR!

leezee52 said...

Ok...sorry I forgot N J B nice jewish boy.