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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You're Fired! Sorta

OK here's something I hate about temping.

Can someone please tell me why there is always ONE person who is a total asshole and has to give you shit at each corporation? Seriously?!

Is it a power trip to do this to the temp? Seriously folks, does this person not know her own staff she works with each day and that I am not part of that staff and don't know all the ins and outs of each persons wishes like the person I am filling in for, and so it is some damn power trip to come out and yell at me in front of people for NOT PAGING THEM and instead leaving them voice mail? Or is this person really that daft that she doesn't realize I am not the regular person, and then if that is the case what does that say about her and paying attention to her support staff?

Yes this really happened to me today. I have been doing reception temp work for many months now. People love me and ask for me back. Now I am not going to claim that everyone always loves me or that every job ever has but most do and most ask for me again.

Today however, even though I showed up early, never asked for a legally required break of 15 minutes twice and followed the directions as I was given, never being told to page someone unless the caller asked me to do so, here I was being scolded, given the dirtiest of looks and then receive a call from my agency asking what happened that they cancelled the job which was to go on until tomorrow.

So here's what I'd REALLY like to know. Hey MS. BIG ASS BITCH making tons of money and prestige: is your life so damn empty that you need to beat on some lowly little hourly temp trying to scrape by while she builds her business just to make yourself feel better? Can you not be happy with the success you have and the position you have brought yourself too? Geeze!

Some people's lives are so empty!

Oh well. Hope this streak stops here. As little as the pay is I need this right now.

Sorry I just needed to vent.


leezee52 said...

I get where you are coming from at least you are just temping and it's not a permanent job...just don't go back there, no one should take that abuse!!!

Lauren said...

Yep except that when the agency rep. says, Geeze that's weird cause they are one of our easier clients....you know you're up shits creek even if you were a sitting duck!

Jessica said...

Man, I hate it when companies think they can do whatever they want to temps. Sucks. I hate corporate crap.

We had a temp at work...she was so nice, and did a good job too. My boss was on a power trip one day and basically fired her for no reason.

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

So Lauren, did you come back to the angency rep. with the fact that you're one of their most reliable temps?

That part would piss me off even more that the bitch yelling.

And feel free to vent. We all need to sometimes and it sounds like you had good reason to!

Lauren said...

Jessica, thanks for sharing that info with me. I wish I could pass that onto my agency but I fear saying more is just putting it back in their face. Better to let it go, see if they give me more work and just do my best to stay out of crapasses way if possible.

Jane, you know, I didn't say that. It's a weakness of mine not to respond well in these types of situations. You make a very valid point that I should have said something like that, rather than just give the details of the situation. I am one of their most reliable temps.

I can tell you that I worked another assignment for them and was already asked back for the end of June leading up to July 4. I asked my counselor if the job was still mine. She said yes and that I impressed "M" and she is really hard to please.

Honestly I think Jessica is on to something. This was a fashion company and this woman who yelled at me was pacing back and forth as much as possible past me watching me all morning and giving me odd looks. I think I just didn't fit what she wanted me to look like, as in not trendy enough, for her reception desk. She just sized me up and didn't like me.

All this can be 100% true but I still as the temp and a new one for this particular agency will still come out on the bottom end because I get paid, not pay them.

I did say to the agency on the phone last night that I hope they understand that since I will be temping for a while, there are going to be more places this happens just as a numbers game, because I cannot please everyone all the time, it's not possible. Some will like me and some won't and I hope she understands that. She said oh yes she knows. So well let's see how it goes.

Thanks for your support everyone!!!

Carrie said...

Lauren, Vent 'em if you got 'em. It is youg blog, blow off steam here! You are amongst friends. No matter how you tell us things go down, we are on your side and it will be the other persons fault.

(How do you like me know) and (does your mother know about this yet)?

Lauren said...

Carrie, you know Mom's philosophy was never to defend us if she felt we were wrong, and she would do that in public. Does that explain things to ya? So it's nice to read what you said!!!

Nope didn't tell her this cause it isn't worth it. It was a two-day gig at best. Hoping I get two other jobs re: my real work. Up for two in August.

Gypsy said...

You know Lauren I have worked in offices for most of my life and I can tell you there is no environment better for breeding first class bitches. I could tell you stories for hours about some of the bitches I've come across.

Yes....some people have such sad and empty lives that to be a cow to the temp is the highlight of their day. I hope it doesn't have a detrimental effect on your rep but it shouldn't. It sounds like you're good at your job and well liked so really it will probably reflect more on the bitch than you.

Lauren said...

I only wish I knew how to get around the person or situation, because as you said it is a breeding ground which means it is bound to happen again and again and I can't afford to have my agency hear the same things in a negative way too many times. If I end up working for them for a year but they hear crap 3 times in that entire year no big deal. If this kind of bitch rears her ugly head in too many places, even though I have done nothing wrong, the appearance will be that it is me and I will be toast. How did you survive? I could use some really good straight-forward tips.