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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cat House On The Kings


Drowsey Monkey said...

Wow...thanks for sharing that. That's always been my dream if I every win the lotto, lol. It's true, I've always said that.

I love how the dogs are rolling around, perfectly happy. And the cats are all so happy and clean. It's wonderful!

Lauren said...

Drowsey, I hope your dreams come true. Dad sent me that video last night. What an awesome person she seems to be!!!!

Gypsy said...

Imagine your mum if you started a place like that. She was worried about you getting two kittens instead of one. Yikes!

She certainly does seem like a wonderful lady to do that and all the cats look so happy and content.

Lauren said...

Gypsy, I suppose if I had the property and monies mom wouldn't give a rats ass what I did. HA!